Norfolk: Langham


Census: 1822

Langham is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This census comes from Norfolk Record Office documents [with the reference PD 569/27 and microform MF 908/12] and is at the front of the Parish Register Marriage Banns Book for 1822-1900.

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This is a list of houses and occupiers for Langham Episcopi.
The Church is taken for the Central Point.

[Street & No]House description & Occupier 
North Street 
No 1Mansion Thos Rippingale Esq
  2Cottage inhabited by Mary Carr, Widow
  3Do inhabited by Smith
  4Do inhabited by James Wood} These
  5Do inhabited by Richd Nichols} in
  6Do by Rose Nichols - wife of the above} one
  7Do by Wm Coe} Yard
  8Do by Frost Massingham
  9Do by George Johnson
10Do Benjamin Johnson} These
11Do Even?} in
12Do Samuel Gidney} one
13Do Simon Lock} Yard
14Do inhabited by Mrs Ware, & Wm Peeling the Butcher
15Do by William Bone
16Do by William Wright
17Do by Henry Claxton
18Do by Sadler? Widow
19Do by James Withers
20Do by Thomas Rice
21Do by John Newton
22Do by Thomas King
23Do by Rudd Bone
East Street 
No 1The Parsonage inhabited by G Boyce
  2Methodist Meeting House uninhabited
  3Cottage occupied by Copeman Shopkeeper
  4Cottage & Blacksmith Shop occupied by Hooke, Black & White Smith
  5Cottage & Shop - by James Hogg, Grocer & Licenced Hawker
  6House in the Plowrights Yard - occupied by Thomas Boyce
  7Cottage inhabited by Willm Wick
  8Do inhabited by William Nobbs
  9Do inhabited by Pond
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East Street continued 
No 10Cottage John Massingham - Blacksmith
11Do James Massingham - Pensioner} In
12Do Whisker} Bell
13Do John Green} Yard
14The Bell Alehouse by James Massingham, Baker & Publican
15Cottage - occupied by Thos Ward
16Do occupied by John Green Junr
17Parish Cottage - Stapleton, &c
18Do - Mary Bone - Soldiers Wife
19Cottage Wm Bastard, the Elder
20Do Barnes
21An Old Farm House, East End - occupied by Jacob
22The Same ,West End occupied by Long
23Cottage inhabited by Chambers
24Do inhabited by West
25Do inhabited by Burton
26Do inhabited by Reynolds
27Do inhabited by Hopper
28Dwelling & Shop - occupied by Nelson, Cordwainer
29Cottage - inhabited by Massingham (John) & Mark Barnes
30Dwelling &c occupied by Wm Boyce, Joiner
31Farm House, occupied by Mr John Ru__ss?
South Street 
No 1Cottage & Banking Office, occupied by H Kerrison, Baker
  2Farm House, occupied by Mr Starling
  3Cottage, &c occupied by John Boyce, Wheelwright
  4Cottage inhabited by [-blank-]
  5Do inhabited by J. Pentney
More Southward,  round the _intofen Common 
No 1Dwelling, inhabited by Mrs Gifford
  2Farm House &c occupied by M J.T.Hilling
  3Cottage inhabited by Bastard
  4Do by Barns
  5Farm House &c occupied by Beeston Wright Esq
  6Do occupied by Wm Frost?
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West Street 
No 1Cottage inhabited by Massingham
  2Do inhabited by Suggett
  4Gamekeeper's Lodges inhabited by John Withers
  5The Cottage - Alex Copland Esq
  6A Cottage - inhabited by Curle



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  • The film copy has an incorrect "PD571" Norfolk Record Office reference on it.
  • The no of entries here is 23+9+31+5+6+6= 80.
    If we take away the following 10 multiple dwellings etc.
    North St -- Yard(-3) + Yard(-3), East St Chapel(-1) & Bell Yard (-3) we get 70 dwellings of which possibly 2 ie. South St (-1) and West St (-1) are uninhabited?
    This compares very favourably with the 1821 population which has 67 inhabited and 3 uninhabited houses.
  • 12 East Street - William Whisker is a tailor in 1841 census aged 67
  • 6 West St - John Curl is a Gardener aged 75 in 1841 census
  • The followings names are given where alternative spellings have been seen:- Even/Evan, Peeling/Pealen

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