Norfolk: Langley


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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LANGLEY, a village 10 miles S.E. of Norwich, and 1 mile N. of Loddon. The parish comprises 2700 acres, and contained in 1841, 323 inhabitants; its present residents are:-

         Bedingfield Edward                   farm bailiff
         Cumby       Charles                  blacksmith
         Dains       Isaac                    wheelwright
         Hall        John                     'Wherry'
         Hardyman    William                  coal merchant
         Harvey      William                  shoemaker
         Hubbard     Robert                   shopkeeper
         Proctor     Rear Admiral Sir William
                       Beauchamp, Bart.       Hall
         Proctor     Thomas William Bograve
                       Beauchamp, Esq.        Hall
         Burton      Thomas                   Grange
         Cossey      John
         Hargrave    Thomas
         Read        John
         Spence      James
         Spence      Robert
         Whaites     Edward

Letters through Loddon office

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