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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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LOPHAM, (SOUTH) is a village and parish, adjoining and participating in the linen trade, &c., of North Lopham. It is 4 miles S.E. by S. of East Harling, and 5 miles W. by N. of Diss, and contains 724 inhabitants, and 1932A. 2R. 27P. of land, but only 1651 acres are assessable. It is the same manor as North Lopham, and belongs mostly to the Duke of Norfolk and Edwd. Bridgman, Esq., but here are many smaller proprietors, mostly copyholders.

The CHURCH (St. Andrew) is a large antique fabric, with a fine Norman tower rising between the nave and chancel. The tower has 8 bells, and is much older than the nave and chancel, the former being rebuilt after 1479, and the latter about the year 1370. The rectory is consolidated with North Lopham, and has a good parsonage-house, with 41A. 1R. 13P. of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1845.

On the east side of the two Lophams, in the swampy grounds, called Lopham Gate, are two copious springs, which give rise to the rivers Waveney and Little Ouse, the former running eastward to Yarmouth, and the latter westward to Thetford and Lynn; and both forming the boundary of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Here were formerly two other "wonders," viz., a tree grown in the form of a stile; and the ox-foot stone - a large pebble bearing the exuvial mark of some bivalve shell, but said by tradition to be the impression of the foot of a cow that came regularly to be milked by the poor inhabitants, during a long dearth.

The TOWN LANDS, given by John Barker, in 1468, John Jessup, in 1672, and other donors, consist of a farm of 60A. 1R., in Wortham and Redgrave, let for £60; 14A., in Langmere, let for £26; 24A. in Lopham, let for £27. 14s.; and a house and 28A., occupied by the poor. The rents are applied in defraying all the expenses attending the church, and the residue is applied with the poor rates.

The FUEL ALLOTMENTS, awarded at the enclosure, in 1815, comprise 126A. 27P., on which the poor cut turf, and let the herbage for £7 or £8, which is expended in repairing the fences.

In 1815, Wm. Branch Elliott, left £400, to be invested in the funds, and the dividends applied yearly in a distribution of clothing among the poor of South Lopham. This charity now consists of £452. 8d., three per Cent. Consols.

           Ashfield  Wm.             land agent, &c.
           Barrow    Rev Jas. M.A.   Rectory
           Bircham   Samuel          wheelwright
           Boutell   James           vict. Chequers
           Bowell    George          wheelwright
           Calton    Thos.           baker and shopkeeper
           Darby     Rev Geo. Wm.,   curate
           Diggon    Durrant         glover and shopr.
           Drake     Wm.             gent.
           Eaton     John            vict. White Horse
           Garnham   James           joiner
           Huggins   Samuel          butcher
           Prentice  Wm.             blacksmith
           Sare      Mr James
           Seakens   Fredk.          schoolmaster
           Turnor    Geo.            shoemaker and shopr.
           Wallis    Robert          blacksmith
                         (* are Owners)
         * Aldridge  John            Large     Augustus
           Bowell    Eliz.         * Pratt     Stephen
           Bircham   Robert          Sare      Robert
           Burrell   Ellis         * Silveys   Thomas
           Carley    Cphr.         * Soar      Wm.
           Downing   Richd.                      Oak farm
           Finch     Edward        * Wharton   John
         * Eaton     John, sen.    * Wharton   Wm.
           Grant     Robert          Whitton   Edward
           Huggins   Samuel
                            Linen Mfrs.
           Bowell    Ephraim         Dove      John
           Buckenham Jno.            Downing   Richd.
           Buckenham Wm.

CARRIERS to London, Nor. &c., Monday & Friday

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