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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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LUDHAM, a large and well-built village, 13 miles N.E. by E. of Norwich, and N.W. of Yarmouth, gives name to a Police Division, and has in its parish 924 inhabitants, and 2977 acres of land, bounded on three sides by the Bure, the Thurne, and the stream which flows from the Broads, near Catfield.

It is in two manors, called Walton Hall and Ludham Bacon, of both [of] which the Bishop of Norwich is lord and principal owner of the soil; the whole being granted to the see by Henry VIII., (in exchange for other estates,) after the dissolution of the abbey of St.Bennet's at the Holm, to which this parish belonged. This monastery stood in the adjacent parish of Horning, but its mitred abbot had here a residence and farm called The Grange, which was afterwards used as the Bishop's Palace, but the greater part of it was burnt down in 1611; since which the domestic chapel has been converted into a granery [sic], and the remains of the palace into a farm house, now called Ludham Hall.

The Church (St. Catherine) is a large and beautiful Gothic structure, with three aisles, a chancel, a tower, and five bells. Its interior has many antique monumental inscriptions and a much-admired Gothic screen and font, enriched with carvings of lions, angels, &c. The screen was formerly richly gilt, and had the figures of the twelve Apostles painted in the lower compartments.

The living is a discharged vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £5.6s.8d., and in 1831 at £303. It is now enjoyed by the Rev. W.A. Bathurst, M.A., with 31A.1R.1P. of glebe. The Bishop of Norwich is the patron, and appropriator of the rectorial tithes. About 314 acres are tithe-free, and the rent-charge on the remainder is £943.

The Wesleyans and Baptists have each a chapel here. In Elizabeth's reign, Bishop Redmor procured a fair and market for Ludham, and the former is still held as a pleasure mart, on the Thursday and Friday after Trinity Sunday. A hiring session is held here on Old Michaelmas day. Here is a National School, built in 1841.

The three Poor's Allotments, awarded at the enclosure in 1802, comprise 124A.3R.35P. One of them (about 80A.) is a wet marsh, abounding in reeds, though let for about £70 a year. Another, containing 11A.2R.4P. is let for about £12, and the other (33A.1R.31P.) is used for cutting turves and rushes, but a few poor people are allowed to pasture cattle upon it at the charge of £1 per year per head. The rents and profits are distributed in coals, together with £12.5s a year, arising from 8A.2R.5P., awarded at the enclosure in lieu of land, left by Phillippo and Fras. Haddon in 1630, and other donors; and 50s. a year, as the interest of £50, derived from the sale of the "Town House," in 1790.

          Barry      Thomas          hair dresser
          Bathurst   Rev. Walter
                       Apsley, M.A.  vicar
          Bridgeman  Wm.             excise officer
          Clarke     John            corn and coal mert.
          Clarke     Mary            butcher
          Coustos    Hiram           boarding academy
          Dale       John            baker
          Deeker     Mr John
          England    Wm.             millwright
          Farrow     John            plumber and glazier
          Forder     Rd              farrier and cow leech
          Green      Thomas          joiner and builder
          Huke       Samuel Taylor   surgeon
          Lacey      James           sadler
          Lincoln    Richd.          National schoolmr.
          Littlewood Jas.            vict. King's Arms
          Mack       Thos.           gent.
          Mornement  Mark Daniel     gent
          Myhill     Samuel          glover
          Newton     Robert          vict. Crown
          Read       Mrs Esther
          Rust       George          solicitor
          Sadler     John            druggist and ironmgr.
          Smith      George          parish clerk
          Smith      Lewis Hiram     supt. of police
          Annison    Edm.
          Thurgate   Thos.
          Varley     Benj.
          Davey      Wm. and David
          Lincoln    Wm.
             Corn Millers.
          Grapes     Simon
          Jay        Thomas
             FARMERS. (* are owners.)
         *Bond       George           Jones      Thos. hind [sic]
         *Beasey     Charles         *Minns      John
          Clark      John            *Page       John
         *Garret     Ryal            *Page       Wm. Sherwood
          Gaul       Widow           *Pettingle  Eliz.
          Green      James           *Pigg       Wm.
         *Green      Thomas           Rice       Robert
          Greenacre  Jas.            *Slipper    Thos.
         *Hacon      Wm. (malster)   *Thaxter    Wm.
         *Heath      Thomas
             Grocers & Dprs.
          Bayles     John
          Fairhead   Clarsa.
          Fendick    Wm.
          Colman     James
          Smith      George
          Ditcham    John
          Green      John
          Rice       Robert
          Smith      George
          Annison    Edm.
          Coll       Wm.
          Fulcher    James

Wm. Fairhead to Norwich, W. & Saturday.

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