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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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NORTHWOLD is a long village, with a few neat houses, and the shaft of an ancient cross, on the Thetford turnpike, near the river Wissey, 3 miles S.E. by E. of Stoke Ferry, and 7 miles N. by W. of Brandon. Its parish has 1140 inhabitants, and 5234 acres, of which 4893 are assessable.

A fair for toys, pedlery, &c., is held Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st, at Northwold; and about 2 miles to the N.W., near Stoke Ferry, is the hamlet of WHITTINGTON, in this parish, where there are 178 inhabitants, and where Messrs. Whitbread and Co., the great London brewers, have an extensive malthouse, with five cisterns capable of steeping 1700 bushels of barley at one time.

The parish is in the manors of Northwold, Hovells, and Dagneys, of which H.S. Partridge, Esq., is lord. The other principal landowners are, Mrs. Harvey, J.B.S. Bradfield, Esq., and the Rev. Dr. Thackeray.

The CHURCH (St. Andrew) is a large handsome fabric, with a nave, aisles, chancel, and lofty tower, (built in 1473,) containing six bells and a good clock. It has recently been thoroughly repaired, and the chancel partly rebuilt. The roof of the nave is of oak, painted and gilt, and ornamented with spread eagles, &c. Against the north wall of the chancel is a lofty pile of chalk-stone; the upper part is of curiously wrought spire work, with arched canopies and niches, in which small images have stood on pedestals; and in the lower compartment, there are three effigies of men in armour, separated by three trees, and supposed to represent the guards of the holy sepulchre.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £29. 14s. 9½d., and in 1831, at £740, is in the gift of the Bishop of Ely, and now enjoyed by the Rev. C.M.R. Norman, with 66A. of glebe. The tithes were commuted, in 1837, for £896 per annum.

The Wesleyans built a neat chapel at Whittington, in 1843, at the cost of £600, and their old one is now occupied by the Primitive Methodists.

The "CHURCH LANDS," consisting of 108A. 39P., let for £112 a year, were bequeathed in 1479 and 1501, by the Rev. Richd. Powley, and John Peyrs, for the reparation of the church and highways, the payment of tenths, fifteenths, and other burthens; and for "other good deeds of charity that should be thought most necessary." The rents are applied in defraying all the expenses of the church, and if there is any surplus, it is generally applied in putting out apprentices.

The CAUSEWAY LAND, about 5A., left by Richard Constable, towards repairing the causeway extending to Stoke Ferry and Whittington, is now held by the trustees of the turnpike, made under an act passed in 1770.

An Allotment of 118A., awarded at the enclosure in 1796, is appropriated to the occupiers of the ancient cottages, who cut turf upon it, under the direction of the fen reeves. Three ALMSHOUSES, with a small garden, were built by the parish in 1742, and are occupied by four poor families, rent-free. The poor of Northwold have about £20 every fifth year from Atmere's Charity. (See Foulden.)

They have also the following yearly doles, viz., 40s., paid by the rector, as charged on part of the glebe called Hill-pits; £5. 10s., as the rent of 3A., called Novels, given by Henry Partridge, in 1706; and 50s., as the interest of £50 left by the Rev. Richard Oram, in 1774.

Bridget Holder, in 1736, left 5A. of land at Wretton, and directed the rent to be applied in teaching poor children to read, and in supplying them with Bibles and prayer books. It is let for £12 a year, which is paid to a schoolmaster for twelve free scholars, and he has also the free use of a cottage left by the Rev. H. Waddington, D.D., in 1814. For teaching 10 or 12 poor girls, a schoolmistress has the dividends of £200 three per cent. consols, left by John Carter, in 1782.

In the following Directory, those marked 1 are at WHITTINGTON, and the rest at NORTHWOLD:-

           Armstrong  Edward        saddler
           Barham     James         schoolmaster
           Beales     Fras.         gent  [see note below]
           Brightwell George        tailor
           Carter     John          gent  [see note below]
           Cooper     Fredk. D.     druggist
           Dent       Edward        corn mert. & maltster
           Dent       Mr David
           Harvey     Mrs.          gentlewoman
           Joy        Wm.           surgeon
           Kemp       Wm.           baker
           Ming       Wm.           butcher
           Norman     Rev Charles   Rectory
         1 Taylor     Samuel        agent to Whitbread and Co.
                                      maltsters, &c
           Tuddenham  Wm.           plumber, &c
           Turner     Philip        basker and sieve mkr
           Upton      Coote         tailor
           Walpole    Jonas         solicitor, and agent to
                                      Norwich Union Fire Office
           Wilkinson  Henry         sheriff's officer
           Windett    Mr Jas.
         1 Richard    John          Bell
           Thompson   George        Crown
           Bennett    John          George IV
              Beerhouses.              Grocers & Drprs.
         1 Bennett    Hy.           Barham     George
           Fuller     Thos.         Griffin    John C.
           Horsley    Chas.                      (& ironmonger)
                                    Pooley     John
              Blacksmiths.             Shoemakers.
           Jacob      John          Burgess    Robert
           Johnson    Robert        Caseburn   John
           Pooley     John          Turner     James
                                    Whitmore   Thos.
              Corn Millers.            Wheelwrights.
           Barret     John          Fendick    Robt.
           Coker      Wm.           Stratton   Thos.
           Greaves    George
         1 Bennett    H.W.          Pooley     Thos.
           Cock       John          Pryor      Ambrose
           Dye        Robert        Pryor      A. jun.
           Graves     George        Russell    Thomas
           Harrod     John          Scales     John
           Noble      Wm.           Simons     Wm.
           Pearmain   John

POST to Stoke Ferry, daily

CARRIER, Wm. Crisp, to Lynn, Tue. and Sat.

Note: in the original this is:
     Beales Fras. & Carter John, gent

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