Norfolk: Norton Subcourse


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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NORTON-SUBCOURSE (or Soupecors,) is a parish of dispersed houses, in the vale of a rivulet, 3 miles E. of Loddon. It has 356 souls, and 1849 acres of land, belonging chiefly to Sir E.B. Smyth, and Sir E. Bacon, the lords of the two manors; and partly to R. Denny, Esq., and a few smaller owners.

Sir E. Bacon is impropriator of the great tithes, and patron of the discharged vicarage, which was augmented in 1817, with a parliamentary grant of £600, and £400 given by the patron and incumbent. The Rev. James Wall is the vicar. The tithes have been commuted; the rectorial for £139, and the vicarial for £123 per annum.

The Church Land, 6A. 2R. 22P., was received at the enclosure, in exchange for the old Town Lands. At the same time, (1822,) eight perches were allotted for the site of a school; and 8A. 2R. 8P. for the poor. The latter is let for £14, which, after the payment of rates, is distributed in coals, blankets, and bread.


         Andrews   John         blacksmith
         Harrison  Jas.         vict. Swan
         Reynolds  Thomas       wheelwright
         Shardalow James        shopkeeper
         Wall      Rev. James   Vicarage
         Hall      John         Shardalow Wm.
         Playford  Wm.          Wigg      Jas.
         Rolfe     Mrs.         Woods     John
         Scarlett  Jas.

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