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Voting Registers - Polls 1734-1735

An alphabetical draught of the polls for 2 members of Parliament for the City of Norwich taken May 15th, 1734/5 and also includes the poll for a member of Parliament for the City of Norwich taken February 19th 1734/5. Note that some people voted in only one of the elections.

The Poll Book contains the following information :-



Alphabetical Draught




Sir Edward Ward, Bart.
Miles Branthwayt, Esq;
Horatio Walpole, Esq;
Waller Bacon, Esq;


For Members of Parliament for the CITY of NORWICH:

Taken May the 15th, 1734.


Miles Branthwayt, Esq;
Thomas Vere, Esq;


Taken February the 19th, 1734

Incorporated in one LIST.

NORWICH: Printed and Sold by T. Goddard, 1735.

By whom such Gentlemen as please may have them bound at 6d. each, and all other
Binding Work done very reasonably.



To the Gentlemen, Citizens and Freeholders of the CITY of


We here present you with the last two POLLS for Representatives of this CITY, incorporated in one LIST; which we have found to be a Work of much greater Trouble and Difficulty than we imagin'd; but having once engag'd in it, we resolv'd to spare no Pains to give you Satisfaction, in making it as perfect as we have been able: How well we have succeeded we submit to your Candour and Judgement.

A great many of the Names of those who voted at both Elections, being taken at differently at one of them, from what they were at the other, has given us Occasion to enquire into the true Writing of a much greater Number of Names, Freeholds and Callings wrong taken, than could possibly have been come at by the Examination of any One Poll: The rectifying such Names we concieve will be of great Service both in taking and scrutinizing future Polls.

All the Christian Names and Surnames that are printed in Italick, [sic] and all the Freeholds or Callings that are printed in Roman, amounting to above 500, are such as we have ascertained by actual Enquiry, either of the Persons themselves, or of such as knew them well.

Our Desire to represent both Polls justly as they were taken, has been the Cause of one unavoidable Inconvenience : which is, that the Names of those who voted at both Elections as residing in different Parishes, etc. will be found in two Places in this LIST: according to their different Residence: And as such Names appear mark'd off in one of the Places but for one Election, a Doubt necessarily arises, whether such Persons voted at both Elections or not. To remedy this



Inconvenience, we have annexed an Alphabetical Table of all such Names as we inserted in two Places in the LIST, shewing where they are to be found; and consequently all Names there that are mark'd off but for one Election, and which are not in that Table, are such whose Names are in only one of the Polls: For Example, Bartlet Samuel, St Stephen's, All Saints, signifies that his Name is inserted in St Stephen's at the first Election, and in All Saints at the last. Again Beart Edw. All Saints, is mark'd off only for the first Election, and is not in the Table; which shews his Name is not in the Poll for the last.

We hope there are no material Errors, besides those taken Notice of in the Errata inserted at the End of the LIST, and in those at the End of the Table Removals. If Gentlemen upon perusal shall find and considerable Number of such as deserve Notice, and will be pleas'd tofavour us with their Observations, we promise to print an Account of them, which shall be deliver'd Gratis.

We expect there will be some Mistakes found relating to Residence, caused partly by the Noise and Hurry which always attends a POLL, and partly by the Abbutments of the Parishes on one another; which the Voters themselves are sometimes ignorant of: But as such Errors are of small Importance, we doubt not but our Friends will readily excuse them; and the more so, because it was impossible to rectify them without going through the whole Incorporation and Examination, before we could have printed off one Sheet; which the pressing Instances of many for a speedy Publication would by no Means admit of. And this last Excuse we beg may be accepted of, for the Errors mention'd in the Errata. We are



        Your most oblig'd and

            most humble Servants,

                  T. and W. Goddard.



A TABLE of the Number of VOTERS in each Parish, &c.

Page WardBran.Walp.BaconBran.Vere
    5ALL Saints  10  10  11  11  11  10
    6St Andrew's  86  85  62  60  75  56
  10St Augustin's  30  31  51  52  26  62
  12St Benedict's  30  31  51  52  26  62
  14St. Clement's  15    9  47  44    6  52
  15Earlham    -    -    2    1    -    3
  16Eaton    3    3    1    1    3    1
  16St. Edmund's  14  13  18  18  14  20
  17St. Etheldred's  10  10    6    6    7    6
  17St. George's of Colegate  50  41  96  90  33108
  21St. George's of Tombland  38  34  50  47  29  60
  24St. Giles's  52  52  56  55  46  55
  27St. Gregory's  51  51  57  55  50  54
  30Heigham  15  17  17  19  15  16
  31St. Helen's  12  12  25  26    9  18
  32St. James's  14  14  13  13  14  12
  33St. John's Maddermarket  42  40  29  28  44  30
  35St. John's Sepulchre  51  49  29  29  44  29
  37St. John's Timberhill  42  39  12    9  47  18
  38St. Julian's  18  17  23  24  22  22
  40Lakenham    2    2    -    -    3    2
  40St. Laurence  26  27  49  48  28  45
  42St. Margaret's  29  28  36  37  26  43
  44St. Martin's at Oak  41  40  30  29  37  35
  46St. Martin's at Palace  47  46  41  39  43  46
  48St. Mary's (at Coslany)  41  37  37  34  29  41



A TABLE of the Number of VOTERS in each Parish, &c.

Page WardBran.Walp.BaconBran.Vere
  50St. Michael's of Coslany  35  34  55  54  35  60
  53St. Michael's at Plea  26  24  24  22  15  30
  54St. Michael's at Thorn  30  29  39  39  30  37
  56St. Paul's  41  39  34  32  39  28
  58St. Peter's of Hungate  13  11  26  24    7  27
  60St. Peter's of Mancroft142136  72  71131  76
  65St. Peter's Permountergate  38  36  53  52  31  61
  68St. Peter's at Southgate  13  13    6    6  10  12
  69Pockthorp  17  17    9    9  17  12
  69St. Saviour  27  28  46  46  24  52
  72St. Simon & St. Jude  13  12  49  47    8  47
  73St. Stephen's105102  84  83  99  83
  78St. Swithin's  22  22  24  24  21  23
  80Thorp. Hamlet    1    1    -    -    1    -
  80Trowse, Carrow & Bracondale
    5    4    5    6    8    5
  80The CLOSE, &c.  18  18  13  13  17  17
  81LONDON  75  75137137  67  97
  87LYNN Regis    1    1  11  11    -  13
  88Wymondham    8    8  15  15  11  15
  88YARMOUTH  14  14  35  35  14  42
  Inhabitants of the CITY and Hamlets128912371347131311551422
  Inhabitants of the COUNTRY, &c.  331  331  439  439  332  398
TOTAL  162015681786175214871820





Alphabetical LIST




Sir Edward Ward, Bart.}Horatio Walpole, Esq;}
Miles Branthwayt, Esq;}Waller Bacon, Esq;}
Miles Branthwayt, Esq;andThomas Vere, Esq; 

The Poll Book continues with All Saints starting on Page 5 to voters in the Country finishing on Page 103.
Use the Links above on Pages [iii] and [iv] or use the search detailed later.

Layout of each page from 5 to 103

The Parish or area is named and under each of these are seven columns as indicated below :-

  • Column 1. Names of people who voted set out in an alphabetical Order. These include Freeholders and Freemen but they are not separately indicated.
  • Columns 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each voter had up to 2 votes. Horizontal bar(s) indicate the 1 or 2 candidates voted for if they voted on the 15th May 1734.
  • Columns 6 and 7. Waller Bacon died triggering an election. A horizontal bar indicates the candidate voted for if a vote was cast on the 19th Feb 1734-5 [1735] election.

The Poll Book continues with :-


PageFor   Make  
22Burcham Robert, sen.Walp.BaconVere  Vere
ib.Burcham Robert, jun.  VereWalp.BaconVere
40Bardwell John,WardBrant. WardBrant.Brant.
ib.Bridges John,Walp.BaconVereWalp.Bacon 
43Garrod Thomas,WardBrant. WardBrant.Brant.
ib.Girling Thomas,WardBrant.Brant.WardBrant. 
49Baldry John,   Baldy John,
52Goodwin John, jun.Walp.BaconVereWalp.Bacon 
ib.Goodwin John, TwistererWalp.Bacon Walp.BaconVere
64Scott Tho Worstead-weaver   Scott Thomas, Cordwainer
68Thirkettle John,Walp.Bacon Walp.BaconVere
ib.Tite Thomas,WardBrant.VereWardBrant. 
72Denham Charles,   Denham Charles-Denhold,

Pages 104 to 107 contain:-


A TABLE of different Residence

which is described as :-
    An Alphabetical TABLE of all such NAMES as are inserted in two Places in the foregoing LIST
ie. in the Poll Book.


For want of Room in Page 103, we were oblig'd to insert the following Errata here.

PageFor   Make  
36Matthews John,WardBrant.Brant.WardBrant.Vere
75Dix William,  Brant.  Vere
83Goodman Samuel,   Goodwin Samuel,
85Long Joseph,Walp.BaconVereWardBrant.Brant.
89Hooke William, Esq;   Hooke William, Surgeon
90World Thomas, Gent.   Warld Thomas, Gent.
98Moore John, Worst.-wea.WardBrant.VereWardBrant.Brant.


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the parishes/places.
  • 2. The following alternative spellings for parish names should be noted :- St. Augustin/St. Augustine, St. George Colgate/St. George Colegate, St. Laurence/St. Lawrence, St. Peter Permountergate (Parmentergate)/St. Peter-per-Mountergate
  • 3. The hamlet of Pockthorpe is in parish of St. James.

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