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Voting Registers - Polls 1761

An alphabetical draught of the polls for 2 members of Parliament for the City of Norwich taken the 27th Day of March 1761.

This election was between Harbord Harbord Esq. (H-d.), Edward Bacon Esq. (B.), Robert Harvey Esq. (H-y.), and Nockold Tompson Esq. (T.) Each candidate is followed by the abbreviation used in the Poll Book to indicate their votes.

Layout of the Poll Book

  • Section 1 contains a Description of the Poll Book on Page 3 followed by an Index to the Parishes on Page 4 (see transcription below)
  • Section 2 contains all those who voted (each ward is a separate page).
    • Voters in each of the four Wards (Conisford, Mancroft, Wymer and Northern [or "The Ward beyond the Water"]) of Norwich are first. Each Ward is split into constituent Parishes and places &c.
      • Each Parish &c. contains an alphabetical list. All the surnames starting with A are grouped together followed by those beginning with B, C...
    • These are followed by the voters living in the other Parishes and Hamlets in the City boundary and in "The Cathedral Close" (see note 4).
    • These are followed by the "Country" voters living outside the City Boundary.
  • Section 3 contains ERRATA and is listed at the end of this page.

Next is the first of 2 tables. This lists the pages chronologically and the second (further down this page) lists the "Index to the Parishes" alphabetically. Either can be used to go to the list of voters or the other Sections as just described. Alternatively use the search detailed later.

Norwich Parishes &c. and places outside the City boundary

The book contains the following :-

Parish etc.Page(s)Ward
St. Peter Southgate  5CON
St Etheldred  5CON
St. Julian  6CON
St. Peter Parmountergate  7,8CON
St. John Sepulchre  9,10CON
St. Michael at Thorn  10,11,12CON
St. John Timberhill  12,13CON
All Saints  13,14CON
St. Stephen  14,15,16,17MAN
St. Peter Mancroft  17,18,19,20,21MAN
St Giles  21,22,23MAN
St Benedict  23,24WYMER
St. Swithen  24,25WYMER
St. Margaret  25,26WYMER
St. Lawrence  26,27,28WYMER
St. Gregory  28,29WYMER
St. John Maddermarket  30,31WYMER
St Andrew  31,32WYMER
St. Michael at Plea  32,33WYMER
St. Peter Hungate  33,34WYMER
St. Simon and St. Jude  34,35WYMER
St George Tombland  35,36WYMER
St. Martin at Palace  36,37,38WYMER
St. Helen  38,39WYMER
St. Michael of Coslany  39,40OVER
St. Mary (at Coslany)  40,41,42OVER
St. Martin at Oak  42,43OVER
St Augustine  43,44,45OVER
St George Colegate  45,46,47OVER
St Clement  47,48OVER
St Edmund  48,49OVER
St. Saviour  49,50OVER
St. Paul  51,52OVER
St. James  52,53OVER
Pockthorpe  53,54OVER
Heigham  54 
Trowse, Carrow and
  Bracondale Hamlets
Lakenham, Earlham and Eaton  55 
The Cathedral Close  56 
Country Voters
  [Norfolk, Suffolk etc.]
List of names in Parishes
  Different from their Residences
    Errata  60 


In the above table the abbreviations for the Wards are as follows:-
CON = Conisford, OVER = "Ward Beyond the Water" or "Northern Ward", MAN = Mancroft, WYMER = Wymer.

Transcription of the Poll Book

The first few pages contain:-



Alphabetical Draught





for the CITY of


Taken the 27th. of March. 1761.






N  O  R  W  I  C  H:

[Price One Shilling]


[Page 3]

[Description of the Poll Book]

As a formal Preface to a Book of this Nature is not to be expected, it may be sufficient to say, that the greatest Care has been taken in the Examination of this with the Originall Poll, and we believe there are no material Errors, but what are taken Notice of in the Errata.

The Numbers upon the Declaration were, for Mr. Harbord 1729, Mr. Bacon 1507, Mr Harvey 501, Mr. Tompson 715 ; but on a second casting up, Mr. Tompson was found to have 718, and Mr Harvey 499.

There will indeed be found many Electors in Parishes different from their Residence; but as they were entered in the Original Books, (occasioned by the Noise and Hurry always attending Elections) it was thought proper to print them as they stand in the Poll ; and we have added at the End a List of such as have come to our Knowledge.

[Page 4]

INDEX to the Parishes, &c. with the Number of Voters in each.

[Note that only the starting page is given]


Parish etc.PageH-d.B.H-y.T.
All Saints  13  15  14    8    9
St Andrew  31  55  52  13  20
St Augustine  43  54  51  19  21
St Benedict  23  29  21  11  19
St Clement  47  30  26  12  10
Earlham, Eaton, and Lakenham  55  16  12    9  11
St Edmund  48  16  12    9  11
St Etheldred    5  10    8    6    8
St George Colegate  45  62  65  18  23
St George Tombland  35  50  40  16  22
St Giles  21  73  67  10  14
St. Gregory  28  66  64    8  12
Heigham  54  22  18  12  14
St. Helen  38  23  21    5    7
St. James  52  35  32  10  13
St. John Maddermarket  30  40  35    7    9
St. John Sepulchre    9  45  41  27  42
St. John Timberhill  12  40  35  13  21
St. Julian    6  28  26  15  19
St. Laurence [St. Lawrence]  26  48  47  18  26
St. Margaret  25  32  32  12  16
St. Martin at Oak  42  48  40  21  29
St. Martin at Palace  36  46  39  20  25
St. Mary (at Coslany)  40  54  38  17  21
St. Michael of Coslany  39  40  34  24  24
St. Michael at Plea  32  25  23    6    9
St. Michael at Thorn  10  44  32  26  38
St. Paul  50  47  35  18  23
St. Peter Hungate  33  17  16    7    6
St. Peter Mancroft  17146121  16  36
St. Peter Permountergate    7  61  42  26  49
St. Peter Southgate    5  15  13    6    8
Pockthorp(e)  53  27  19    6  12
St. Saviour  49  57  54    5    8
St. Simon and St. Jude  34  27  23    8  12
St. Stephen  14108  95  22  37
St. Swithen [St. Swithin]  24  28  19    7  13
Trowse, Carrow &
  55    9    9    5    7
Close [The Cathedral Close]  56  20  17    1    4
  ie. Norfolk (exc. Norwich Wards/Close etc.),
  & Other Places (eg. London, Suffolk etc.)
  56131125    9    2
  Total [Number of Votes] --  --17291507  499  718

[The Poll Book continues with Page 5 containing the Parish of St Peter Southgate in Conisford Ward through to Page 59 (follow links in above table)]

This is followed by :-


( 60 )

List of names in Parishes different from their Residences


6  Stewardson Nathaniel, lives in St. James.
7  Earl William--in St. Peter Mancroft.
10  Riches Thomas--in St. Michael Thorn.
12  Ward George--in St. John Sepulchre.
21  Trull Henry--in St. Stephen.
22  Miller Isaac--in St. Peter Mancroft.
 Molden George, Clerk--in St. Laurence.
30  Harrison John--in St. Peter Mancroft.
31  Colombine Francis--in St. Simon.
 Hunter John--in St. Michael at Plea.
33  Meen Abel--in St. George Tombland.
35  Willement Richard--in St. Peter Hungate.
43  Middleton John--in St. Martin at Palace.
48  Minns Nicholas--in St. Simon.
50  Penson John--in St. Augustine.
 Vincent James--in St. Martin at Palace.
51  Humphry William--in St. James.
 Lefever James--in Pockthorp.
52  Hawkins John--in Pockthorp.
 Holland John--in Pockthorp.
53  Lown John--in Pockthorp.
 Paston William--in Pockthorp.
57  Dunn Francis--in Pockthorp.






7,Line 23, for Carpenter read Carter
8,Line 29, for Robert read Richard
14,Line 22, Annison Dennis, Taylor for Harbord only was
  Harbord and Tompson
16,Line 22, for Jonathan read John.
 Line 38, Row Adam, for Harbord and Bacon, read Harbord and Tompson.
17,In the Number of St. Stephen's Votes, read Bacon 95, Tompson 37.


F I N I S.

[End of Poll Book]


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the parishes/places.
  • 2. The following alternative spellings for parish names should be noted :- St. Augustine/St. Augustin, St. George Colgate/St. George Colegate, St. Laurence/St. Lawrence, St. Peter Permountergate (Parmentergate)/St. Peter-per-Mountergate, St. Swithin/St. Swithen
  • 3. The hamlet of Pockthorpe is in St. James's parish but is listed separately in this Poll Book.
  • 4. Voters were either Freemen of the City of Norwich or those who held land/property. For more information see the vote history page.
    • Freehold's within the City boundary include those in :- Eaton, Heigham, Lakenham, Pockthorpe, Norwich Thorpe (Thorpe Hamlet) and Trowse Milgate (Trowse Millgate) all giving the right to vote.
  • 5. Approximately 2280 people voted in this election.

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