Norfolk: Ormesby St Michael


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

ORMESBY ST. MICHAEL, or Little Ormesby, is a small village and parish, lying west of Great Ormesby, and six miles N.N.W. of Yarmouth, containing 278 inhabitants, and 900 acres of land, of which 400 acres were enclosed in 1842, and more than 100 acres are in the extensive, but shallow lake, called Ormesby Broad.

The principal freeholders are Sir E.H.K. Lacon, and Rd. Glasspoole, Esq., who have handsome mansions here; and in Capt. Glasspoole's is a fine collection of India and Chinese productions, purchased by the owner when in the East India Company's service.

The Church is a small edifice, with several monuments of the Upcher and Manning families. The perpetual curacy, as already stated [in the entry for Ormesby St Margaret], is consolidated with Ormesby St. Margaret and Scratby. The Revs. G. and C. Lucas are lords of the manor, and B. Caldicot, Esq., has an estate here.

The Land left for repairing the Church and relieving the poor, comprises 16A. 2R. 20P., let for £32. 15s. a year, which is partly distributed in coals and blankets.

The principal inhabitants are

         Glasspoole Richard, Esq.
         Lacon      Sir Edmund Henry
                      Knowles, Bart.  Ormesby House
            yeomen                       farmers
         Addy       John              Beck       Benj.
         Bullimore  Joseph            Chapman    Geo.
         Pollard    John              Flaxman    Robt.
                                      Newman     John
                                      Teasdell   Lancelot

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