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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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OUTWELL is a long village, adjoining Upwell, 5 miles S.E. of Wisbech, and 7½ miles W. by N. of Downham, lying on both sides of the river Nene, near its junction with the Well Creek and Welney, being partly in the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire. The parish contains 3,180 acres of land, and 1,250 inhabitants, of which, 432 souls, and 430 acres are in Wisbech Hundred, Cambridgeshire, and form a separate township. (See page 609 [Note 1, below].)

The soil belongs to a number of proprietors, the largest of whom is R.G. Townley, Esq.; and the whole lies in his manor of Beaupre Hall, an ancient mansion, occupied by the Rev. W.G. Townley, and having its name from the Beaupre family, (see page 608 [Note 2, below],) of whom there are some handsome monuments in the CHURCH, (St. Clement,) which stands in Norfolk, on a tongue of land between the river and the Well Creek, and is a large ancient edifice, with a square tower and six bells. It has several figures of saints, &c., painted in its windows, and formerly had five chapels, of which three are thrown open into the church. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £16, and in 1831 at £420, is in the patronage of the Bishop of Ely, and incumbency of the Rev. John Johnson, M.A.

The Churchwardens hold a house and 10A. of land, let for £19 10s. a year, which is applied in the service of the church. The TOWN LANDS, &c., consisting of a house and 33A., is let for £116 a year, have been vested in trust, since 1628, for the benefit of the parish. The rents are applied in about the following proportions:- £40 in doles of money and bread to the poor; £18 for schooling poor children; £20 added to the poor rates; £10 to the church rates; and £28 expended in the repairs of bridges; the salaries of the clerk and sexton; the payment of drainage rates, &c.

The Town Fen Lands, held by the same trustees, comprise 10A., let for £24 a year, which is applied in aid of the poor rates, out of which are paid the expences of repairing the Norfolk Bridge. The poor parishioners have a yearly rent charge of 20s., left by a Mr. Lambert, out of land, in Elm Old Field. Those of the Norfolk side of the parish, have 9A. of land in Elm, left by Wm. Lynne, in 1616, and now let for £20, which is distributed on Christmas Eve.

Marked 1 are in Cambridgeshire.

           Brown      John               schoolmaster
           Goddard    John               wheelwright
           Gouldin    Mrs. Susan
         1 Juler      James              bricklayer
         1 Johnson    Rev. John, M.A.    Rectory
         1 Mole       Joseph             bricklayer
           Neale      William            corn miller
           Sharp      Charles            farrier
           Shepherd   Robert             butcher
           Townley    Rev. Wm. Gale      Beaupre Hall
           Trower     Mr. William
                           PUBLIC HOUSES.
           Gill       James              Bridge Inn
         1 Oakes      Edward             Crown
           Hill       John               Norfolk Hero
           Taylor     George             Red Lion
           Booth      Joseph             White Swan
              Beer Houses.                  Blacksmiths.
           Atkins     Robert           1 Hall       William
           Frusher    Michael            Taylor     George
         1 Howell     William
           Sharp      William
         1 Terrington Hy.
           Yering     William
                            * are Owners.
         1 Atkins     Leeds             *Murfet     William
           Booth      Nathan            *Reeve      William
           Cousins    J. & J.          1 Robb       John
           Gouldin    John               Tomlinson  Bird
          *Horn       Anthony            Whitaker   Henry
         1*Kisby      William          1*Wrate      Francis
           May        John & Wm.
              Grocers & Drapers.            Shoemakers.
           Copeman    Matw. B            Pearson    James
           Shearman   Wm.                Stephenson J.
           Whitaker   Henry
           Yallup     Thomas

Post & Sociable, to Wisbech and Downham, daily

Note 1: The text on page 609, which is the entry for Clackclose Hundred, is:
Upwell, Outwell, and Welney parishes, are partly in the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire; but the Norfolk parts of each, support their poor as separate townships. The churches of the two former are in Norfolk, and the latter in Cambridge. The return of the Norfolk portions included 80 strangers, employed during harvest.
It is below the table of parishes, which shows their population, annual value and acres.
Note 2: The text on page 608, which is the entry for Clackclose Hundred, is:
... the "Half Hundred," which comprises only the Norfolk parts of the parishes of Upwell, Outwell, and Welney which are partly in Cambridgeshire, and being separated from the Hundred were granted by Edward VI. to John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who conveyed them to Edmund Beaupre, Esq., of Outwell, from whom they passed, by female issue, to the families of Bell and Townley. - (vide Beaupre Hall, in Outwell.) They are held of the Crown in soccage, as part of the manor of East Greenwich.
It is above the table of parishes, which shows their population, annual value and acres.

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