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Help and advice for Norfolk: Oxwick with Pattesley -

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Norfolk: Oxwick with Pattesley -

1762-1784 - Churchwardens' Payments

Oxwick with Pattesley raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 666/21 and microform MF1404/7] and these records are in the Town Book containing accounts for 1709-1791.

Note that only extracts have been transcribed but this includes most items which mention surnames. Common events eg. bread/wine, some non-specific trade bills etc. have for the most part been excluded. More information can be found on the original where some names occur more than once.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]


Town Book

Apr 14th 1762
Appoint Gregory Turner and Robert Reeve Churchwardens for the year ensuing.
[signed] Edwd Case Junr , Robt Faircloth

Disbursements of Robert Reeve Churchwarden & Constable from Michaelmas 1764 to Michaelmas 1765

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1765 July 27 Paid for Beer at Elgars? for the labourers at the ways   3/-
Oct 2 Paid Nickals for a paper     6d


Disbursements of Robert Reeve Churchwarden Easter 1766 to Michaelmas 1766

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
April 3 A Journey and Expences to Elzin? (Elsing?) to Draw the Militia   3/-


Robert Reeve Churchwarden Michaelmas 1766 to Easter 1767
Disbursements of Mr Turner for same.

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
  Widow Plowright - Rent up to St. Mich.   2/6
  A Journey to quebeck [Quebec House?] to carry the
list of the Men for the Militia [Note 1]
Apr 5 Paid Francis Hilton Collection   10/6
  Paid Mr Raven for gravel   5/-


Disbursements of Robert Reeve Constable & Churchwarden St. Michaelmas 1767 to Easter 1768

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Oct 15 Paid Mr Mason? for one years gravel   5/-


Nominate and appoint Gregory Turner and Robert Reeve Churchwarden for next year
[signed] Edwd Case , Robt Faircloth

Disbursements of Robert Reeve Constable & Churchwarden Easter 1768 to Michaelmas 1768

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Apr 22 A journey to Quebeck with a list   2/-
  Paid for a warrant for Thos Hobart   1/-
  Paid Sarjant Secker for taken the Leist [sic=List] in     6d


Robert Reeve Churchwarden St Michaelmas 1768 to Easter 1769
Robert Reeve's Disbursements Easter 1770 to Michaelmas 1770

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Apr 3 Paid Widow Frith for Nursing Mary Long   2/-
  Paid Mary Ewin [Ewen?]   2/-


Disbursements of Robert Reeve Churchwarden Michaelmas 1771 to Michaelmas 1772

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1772 Apr 3 To 2 pays left by Mr Goggs   1/7½
  To 2 Coal Grates for the poor people
Wd [weighed] 4st(one) 4lb at 5d the pound (of weight)
  paid Doctor Railsons bill for James Long   6/-
Easter 1772    
  A bill of Ankers spikens & Other Irons used at the Church   15/3
  Mr Jones bill for furr (further) stuff   13/0
  To a journey and expences to Saham (Toney) ni? _arch? after Free Emson [Empson]   8/0
  Paid for a warrant for Empson   1/-


Nominate and appoint Wm Turner and Robt Reeve Churchwarden for next year this 12 day of April 1773

Disbursements of Robert Reeve Churchwarden from Easter 1773 to Michaelmas 1774

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1773 June 29 Paid Mr Gregory   5/4
Easter 1774    
  Mr Softley bill (for work) at the Church   16/6


Disbursements of Wm Turner Churchwarden from Easter 1775 to Easter 1776

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
June 23 Paid Mr Gregory at the Visitation   5/4
  Disbursements by Robert Reeve for work done at the Church
including Glazing the Windows & Painting the Covers thats over the Bell
  Disbursed by Mr Savory for Bread & Wine   2/-


Nominate and appoint Robt Faircloth and Wm Turner Churchwardens for the year ensuing 9/Apr/1776
[signed] Edwd Case and and Henry Savory Junr

Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Churchwarden from Easter 1776 to Easter 1777

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
May 22 Paid at the general to Mr Morphew   5/-


Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Churchwarden from Easter 1779 to Easter 1781

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1780 Feb 4 Paid Dennis? Smith for Whiting the Church 1/11/6
1780 May 19 Journey to the Commissioners at Mileham for the Land & Window Taxes   2/6
1780Sept 18 Paid the Visitor fees to Mr Bird   5/6


Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Constable of Oxwick from Easter 1780 to Easter 1781

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
May 4 A Journey to the Commissioners setting at Mileham for making the
Eight Duplicates for the Land, Window and Servants Tax


Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Churchwarden from Easter 1782 to Michaelmas 1783

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1783 Apr 4 To Henry Hayletts bill for Repairing the Church Windows   2/7½
Oct 19 Allowed Mr Barnwell for a Regester Book and Stamps for the Parish   8/7


Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Constable of Oxwick from Easter 1783 to Michaelmas 1783

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
Sept 5 A Journey to Dereham to be examined concerning the Publick Houses   2/6


Disbursements of Wm Turner Constable of Oxwick from Easter 1783 to Michaelmas 1783

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
June 7 A Journey to Mileham for the J[sic] Instructions for to make the Duplicates   2/-
17 July Journey to Litcham to have the Duplicates signed   3/6


Disbursements of Robert Faircloth Churchwarden & Constable from Michaelmas 1783 to Easter 1784

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
  Numerous bills for - Lime, Sand, Hair, Pantiles, Roof Tile, Fencing, Nason, Glazing (but no names)  
  To Mr Hall for making the Terriers and Parchment 1/10/0



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  • 1. The reference to "Quebec" probably refers to "Quebec House" at East Dereham.

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