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1817 - Overseers' Payments

Oxwick with Pattesley raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 666/27 and microform MF1404/10] containing the Overseers' accounts for 1817-1838.

Note that not every item has been transcribed but most of those containing names have been extracted. More information can be found on the original where some names occur more than once.

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The Disbursements of Willm Goodwyn Overseer for the Parish of Oxwick with Pattesley from Easter 1817 to Michaelmas 1817.

WeeksWeekly Collectioners
28James Dixon 17 weeks at 7s & 11 weeks at 6/- £9.5.0
 Others receiving various amounts :- Ausley Cook, William Frith, William Tuck, Alice Burton, William Cook, Mary Cook, Thomas Banham/Barham?, Yaxley Senr ,Wm Yaxley Childn, Wm Wa_tley?, M Goodman child, Elizh Loads Child, Jno Smith


Apl 28Quarters Average (House of Industry)12/18/4
 Journey to the House (of Industry)  5/-
 Impson in need  11/-
May 1Journey to Elmham on Wm Cooks __?  5/-
May 2Journey to Lexham on W. Kendle __?  5/-
May 9Wright Kendle 30 rod on Road1/6/-
May 24Elizh Loads Child in need  3/-
June 14Thomas Basham in need  10/-
June 17Woman Woodhouse in need  10/-
 Boy Cook a pair (of) High (shoemaker) shoes  7/-
July 5Benjamin High 12 weeks allowance at 6/-3/12/-
10Woman Woodhouse in need  15/-
16Benjamin High in need  10/-
 Town Book  12/6
28Quarters Average (House of Industry)12/13/11
 Journey to the House (of Industry)  5/-
Mar 31Quarterley ___? £30003/15/-
 Paid Chief Constable 5/- Presentment 18d  6/6
 Journey 5/- Land Tax Duplicate 18d  6/6
 Signing Town Book 3/- Journey 5/-  8/-
 Paid Firth's Clek's Wages Wages up to Easter 18171/-/-
 Quarterley pa__ys? £3900 Chief Constable5/2/6
Aug 13Journey to Litcham on day of appeal  5/-
Sep 15Quarterley pays £36004/15/-
22Journey to Litcham to be sworn Collr  5/-
 Paid Z Ingleton Summon for the General  1/6
 Widow Gates 26 weeks at 2/-2/12/-
 James Dixon a pair of shoes as per bill  5/6
 Mr Coles Bill for William Cooke  10/8
 Allowed Widow Gates  1/-
 Widow Tann? 20 weeks at 2/-2/-/-
11Paid Robert Wickham for doing for James? Dixon &
Wife 26 weeks at 12d
 William Neal for Woman Cook's coffin  18/-



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  • In other rate documents the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    Firth/Frith, Impson/Empson, Kendle/Kendall

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