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Town Land - Terrier 1747/8  &  Tenants

Certain lands in Oxwick cum Pattesley, were given by various benefactors over time to the parish.

The income from town lands was used for any aspect of parish administration. In Oxwick with Pattesley it appears to have been used for the support of the poor.

They were listed in a "Terrier" of 1747/8 written in the "Town Book" which lists the size of each parcel of land and where it was located.

These various charities as they existed in 1811 were written up in the book by Zachary Clark and the acreage of land (see Note 3) from this later date matches exactly with that listed in the earlier Terrier.

There is also a document listing the tenants and income from some of the lands in the year preceding the Terrier. The churchwardens' or overseers' accounts and rate lists might also tell us who was renting this land over time.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

The two items are from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 666/21 and microform MF1404/7] called the Town Book for the parish for the period 1709-1791. It also contains the Churchwardens' and Constables' accounts for part of this period.

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Terrier & Tenants1747/8 


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1. The Terrier written in the year 1747/8 contains :-

A copy of the Town Lands taking out of the Terrier dated May 24th 1709.

Five roods in Oxwick sideing upon Huggins hurne abuting upon fox lane on the North.

Seven roods in Gt Rainham field sideing upon a piece of Glebe belonging to Oxwick, abuting upon the Handred Mejer? on the East both now in the occupation of Benj. Bradfield at Rent of one pound and two shillings per ann[um].

One Acre Whitsonset [Whissonsett] sideing upon the road to Standfield [Stanfield] now in the occupation of Jno Purdy at the Rat[e] of ten shillings per ann[um].

One Acre in Colkirk south end/and? abutting upon the Camping land sideing upon Market prate? to Fakenham now in the occupation of Samll Collison at seventeen shillings per ann[um] three shillings and four pence per ann[um] to be paid out in Collison's Closes called Dunham's Dole.

One rood in Oxwick by the Town House called Walkers, now in the use of Robt Faircloth at five shillings per ann[um].

the above taken out be Edwd Case Junr July 6 1747


[End of Terrier Document]

2. Written on the page opposite the Terrier was a list of some of the tenants and rents. These show the amounts due up to the 25th March 1747/8 which precedes the date on the Terrier (see note 4). This list contained the following :-

Tenants of the Town Lands£sd
Mr B Bradfield for a years Rent due at Michmas 1746  1  2  0
Mr Robt Faircloth Do  0  5  0
Saml Collison for a years Rent Lady Day 1747  017  0
John Purdy Do  010  0
Dunham's Dole per ann:   3  4
Chr: Selby Minist(e)r               Totl Rent  217  4


Edwd Case Junr }Church
Robert Yarham }wardens


Benj Bradfield }Overseers
Robert Yarham } 



[End of Tenants Document]


  • 1. Handred is probably "Hundred"?
  • 2. "Great Rainham field" may refer to a field in the parish of "East Raynham" according to a reference in Blomefield.
  • 3. One rood (R.) is equal to ¼ of a acre (A.).
    The Terrier details 5 R. + 7 R. + 1 R. = 13 R. = 3A. 1R. which together with the 2 separate Acres gives 5A. 1R.
    The Charity document ties in exactly with this having 1A. + 4A. 1R. = 5A. 1R.
  • 4. In the document on rents, Michaelmas is 29th Sept 1746/7 and Lady Day is the 25th March 1747/8 since the year (before 1752) started on 25th March.
  • 5. The Five roods (1¼ acre) described in the Terrier does not appear to have a tenant?

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