Norfolk Poor Law before 1834


Bawdeswell Gilbert Union

This included the parishes of Bawdeswell, Billingford (near East Dereham), Bintry, Bylaugh, Foxley, Lyng, and Sparham

Union history

  • 1782 - Gilbert's Act allowed parishes to join together and run a workhouse. This was for the old, the sick and the infirm.
  • 1785 - Bawdeswell Gilbert Union formed containing seven parishes (see later).
    • House of Industry located at The Street, Bawdeswell, NR20 4RT, [Map reference is TG045208].
  • 1835 - Mitford and Launditch Poor Law Union formed (was previously an Incorporation).
  • Description is in Whites 1845 directory.
  • 2001 - House of Industry is now a Public House called "The Old Workhouse".

After 1834 these parishes moved as shown :-

Places 1834 Union or
Bawdeswell Mitford and Launditch
Billingford (near
  East Dereham)
Mitford and Launditch
Bintry Mitford and Launditch
Places 1834 Union or
Bylaugh Mitford and Launditch
Foxley Mitford and Launditch
Lyng Mitford and Launditch
Sparham Mitford and Launditch

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