Norfolk: Poor Law after 1834 Act


Mildenhall Union (in Suffolk)

This Suffolk Poor Law Union was situated to the south and west of Thetford and was centered around Mildenhall.

Union history

  • 1835 - Mildenhall Law Union formed
  • 1836 - Church Yard (Church Walk), Mildenhall, c.IP28 7EE, [Map reference is TF709746].
  • 1895 - Kings Way, Mildenhall, c.IP28 7NL, [Map reference is TF717749] - Replaced previous workhouse. Now demolished and a Library etc. built at site.

Description of the Union - White's 1844 Suffolk

The following is extracted from page 594 of the gazetteer and is part of the section entitled "Mildenhall Parish" which is itself part of "Lackford Hundred".

MILDENHALL UNION, formed by the New Poor Law Commissioners in 1835, comprises 13 parishes, viz.,

  Mildenhall, Eriswell, Icklingham, Lakenheath, Wangford, Barton Mills, Cavenham, Elveden, Freckenham, Herringswell, Kentford, Tuddenham, and Worlington,

which comprise an area of 95 square miles and 9184 inhabitants. The average annual expenditure of these parishes, for the support of their poor, during the three years preceding the formation of the Union, was £5978; but in 1838 it amounted to only £4175; and in 1840, to £4026. 19s. The old WORKHOUSE at Mildenhell [sic] was altered and enlarged in 1836, at the expence of the union. It has room for 110 paupers, but has seldom more than from 20 to 50 inmates. The board consists of 16 guardians, four chosen for Mildenhall, and one for each of the other parishes. Geo. Gataker, Esq., is chairman; Wm. Newton, Esq., vice-chairman; W. Isaacson, Esq., union clerk and superintendant registrar; Thos. Cross, master of the Workhouse; the Rev J. H. Raven, chaplain; and Mr. Thomas Robinson, relieving officer and registrar of marriages. The latter is registrar of births and deaths for Lakenheath District; and Mr. Cawston, for Worlington District.

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