Norfolk: Poor Law after 1834 Act


Spalding Union (in Lincolnshire)

This Union borders on the west of Norfolk. To its north is Holbeach Union and south is Wisbech Union.

Union history

  • 1836 - Union created.
  • Location on Pinchbeck Road, Spalding, c. PE11 1QN, [Map reference is TF247235].
  • Also called "Pinchbeck Road Hospital" and now demolished.
Spalding Union
Elloe Wapentake
Spalding Union
Kirton Wapentake


Description of the Union - White's 1856 Lincolnshire

This comes from page 842 of this Gazetteer under the Elloe Wapentake or Hundred section in the sub-section on Spalding Parish.

SPALDING UNION comprises nine parishes, which extend over 60,652 acres of land, and had 21,290 inhabitants in 1851. The annual expenditure of the Union, for the support of the poor, was £4523 in 1838, £5358 in 1840, and £9411 in 1854 ; and £8958 in the year ending Lady-day, 1856. The average total annual expenditure of the nine parishes during the three years preceding the formation of the Union in 1836, £11,968. The Union Workhouse is a large brick built building on the Pinchbeck road, erected in 1836. It was enlarged about twelve years ago, and has now room for 430 inmates, though it had only 142 in 1841, and 395 in 1851, when the census was taken. Ashley Maples, Esq., is the union clerk and superintendent registrar; Messrs Edward Storr and Thomas Stiles, registrars of marriages; Mr George and Mrs. Catherine Craven, master and matron of the workhouse; Rev. Michael Sisson, chaplain; Edward Brackenbury and Maria Melson, school teachers; and Jonathan Wilson, porter. The RELIEVING OFFICERS are Mr. Edward Storr, for Spalding District; and Mr James Gentle, for Gosberton District. The REGISTRARS of BIRTHS and DEATHS are Messrs. John Smith, for Spalding ; Thomas Stiles for Pinchbeck ; Wm. Thomas Hudson, for Donington ; Henry James Calthrop, for Gosberton ; and Robinson Elsdale, for Moulton District.

The following enumeration of the nine parishes in Spalding Union, shews their population in 1851 :-

  1 Pinchbeck    3062   2 Surfleet      945   5 Weston      759
  2 Donington    1867   4 Cowbit      686   5 Moulton    2058
  2 Quadring      993   4 Spalding    8829
  3 Gosberton    2191 Total  21,290


Registration Districts :- Marked 1, are in Pinchbeck ; 2, Donington ; 3, Gosberton ; 4, Spalding ; and 5, in Moulton District.

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