Norfolk: Pulham St Mary the Virgin


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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PULHAM ST. MARY THE VIRGIN, a village 16 miles S. of Norwich, and 3 miles N.W. of Harleston. The parish comprises an area of 2998 acres, and the population in 1841 was 924. Post-Office, at the Maid's Head. Letters delivered at 9 a.m. and despatched to Norwich and all parts, via Harleston, at 5 p.m.

         Allured    John               tailor
         Brown      Charles            saddler
         Brown      Joshua             maltster
         Brown      Misses Mary
                      and Maria
         Clarke     Daniel             blacksmith
         Cooper     Ann                school for ladies
         Crisp      Robert             butcher
         Green      Benjamin           'Maid's Head'
         Harrison   Samuel             bricklayer and stone mason
         Harvey     Mrs. Margaret
         High       John               Free school
         King       James              shoemaker
         Leigh      Rev. William, M.A.
         Lincoln    William            carrier
         Lovelace   Thomas             blacksmith
         Miles      Charles            hair dresser, glover and
                                         bird preserver
         Mills      Charles            surgeon
         Mullenger  George             wheelwright
         Oakes      James              tailor
         Pritty     James              shoemaker
         Saunders   David              grocery dealer
         Saunders   William            baker
         Stammers   Joseph             miller
         Stanton    Elizabeth          miller
         Thirkettle George             grocery dealer
         Thrower    John               blacksmith
         Vipond     Jeremiah           shoemaker
         Wake       Mr. John
         Williams   Thomas             "King's Head"
         Youell     John               carpenter
         Bentfield  Edward             Howe      Thomas
         Bond       Thomas             Mays      William
         Borrett    Michael            Nurse     John
         Burgess    James              Peak      Thomas
         Burgess    William            Pearce    Henry
         Colby      Caleb              Poppy     David
         Ebbage     John               Pratt     Simpson
         Goldsmith  Thomas             Reeve     Henry
         Gooderham  John               Reeve     John
         Groom      William            Whaites   John
         Hipperson  Thomas

CARRIER to Norwich, Lincoln, Wed. and Sat. 6 morn.

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