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Dinner at the House of Matthias Kerrison

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January 21 - 1819
Memorandum this day the following persons residing in Parishes of Ranworth & Panxworth Dined at the House of Matthias Kerrison of the said parish in good health & Spirits.

Years old  
Soloman Mole 88  Born in Ranh now at So Walsham a Shoemaker
Wm. Cutton 86  Pump Man
James Harvey 83  Late a Farmer in the parish
Wid. Powles 80  Labourer's Widow
Dame Russels 80  Ditto Wife
Saml. Mileham 82  Late a Farmer & now Clerk of the Parish
Robt. Thurtle 77  Labourer
James Chilvas 76  } Husband & Wife late
Dame Chilvas 78  } a Shoemaker now a Labourer
John Tulby 77  } Husband & Wife
Mrs Tulby 79  } Carpenter
Mrs Jno. Brown 77  Labourer's wife

Matthias Kerrison 51 years old & Mary his Wife 49 years old sat at the Table with the above party. Jane Kerrison their Daughter 10 years old & Charlotte Preston Daughter of John Preston Esq Comptroller of Yarmouth (sic) 13 years old Waited on the Party & most of them in turn sang a Song or told a Merry Tale & Drank their Ale in Comfort.
     Copied from The Ranworth Register by me J H H May 3 -77

The source of this document is not known. It is on page 160 (handwritten) of what could be a school register book, with columns for NUMBER, CLASS and AGE, Under. The identity of J H H is also unknown. It was not the vicar in the 1870s, who was the Rev. John William Greaves.

The Ranworth Register referred to by J H H is the Ranworth parish register of baptisms 1558-1795, marriages 1559-1765, banns 1763-1765, and burials 1559-1795. This has been examined to determine several doubtful words, such as that Wm Cutton was a Pump Man. It is also possible that the surname Tulby could be Tubby. The (sic) in the last paragraph is present in the document transcribed, but not in the original.

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