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Norfolk: Riddlesworth

Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) ref is HO/107/775/11

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page number (1, 2 or 3) in Folios 4 and 5 [the census is contained entirely in two Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Note that this enumerators spelling is very variable and much is written as it would have sounded to them - see also Notes section.

Baldry (p3)
Blake (p2)
Blomfield (p2)
Bray (p2)
Buckingham (p1)
Bulling (p1)
Chenery (p3)
Cooper (p1)
Culham (p3)
Darby (p1)
Draper (p2)
Haggar (p2)
Holmes (p2)
Kerry (p1)
Lane (p1)
Lawrence (p2)
Linge (p1)
Lovack (p3)
May (p1)
Mitchel (p1)
Pull (p1,p3)
Riches (p2)
Rogers (p1)
Rozier (p1)
Sare (p3)
Stevens (p1)
Tyler (p2)
West (p3)

The Census

  • Census place (parish, township, etc.)
    • Hundred = Forehoe
    • Supt. Registrar's District = Guiltcross
    • Registration District = Kenninghall and Harling or Western District
    • Enumeration District = 7
    • Description = Riddlesworth
  • The columns transcribed are as follows :-
    • Address (street, number, etc.)
    • Un = "Uninhabited or Building"
    • In = "Inhabited"
      • A "/" in this column indicates more than one household at the same address - although the enumerator is not always consistent.
    • Surname / Forename / Relationship to head / Marital condition
    • Age / Male or Female (rounded to nearest 5 years. Under 15 yrs is exact)
    • Occupations
    • Whether born in same County ( Y or N ).
    • Whether born in S(cotland), I(reland),or F(oreign) Parts.


F(olio) 4 - Page 1

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
Hall   1 Jenefer May   44 Housekeeper N  
      Elizabeth Mitchel   60 F. S. N  
      Ann Bulling   29 F. S. N  
      Mary Pull   20 F. S. Y  
      Jemima Cooper   40 Indept N  
      Henry May 15   M. S. N  
      William Kerry 17   M. S. N  
Garden House   1 John Rogers 40   Gardener N  
      Mary Rogers   40   N  
      William Rogers 14     N  
      Thomas do 13     N  
      Ann do   11   N  
      Martha do     9   N  
      Elizabeth do     6   N  
Rectory   1 William Darby 45   Clergyman Y  
      Elizabeth Buckingham   25 F. S. Y  
      Elizabeth Rozier   15 F. S. N  
Lodge   1 Mary Lane   32   N  
      William Lane   8     Y  
      Mary do     6   Y  
      Jane do     3   Y  
      Sarah do     1   Y  
      George do   7 Week     Y  
      Sophia Stevens   48 Nurse N  
      Emma Linge   13 F. S. N  
TOTAL in }
  Page 1     }
    4     8 17      
F(olio) 4   Page 2
Lodge   1 John Haggar 60   Gamekeeper N  
      Susanna do   62   N  
      Charles Bray 20   M. S. N  
Studd House   1 William Tyler 60   Studd Groom Y  
      Charlotte Tyler   55   N  
      Robert Blake 20   Ag Labr N  
  do   1 Eserlier? [Zachariah] Blomfield 30   Ag Labr N  
      Margaret do   30   N  
      Selina do     9   Y  
      Charlotte do     7   Y  
Cottage   1 John Draper 48   Ag Labr Y  
      Mary do   48   N  
      George do 10     Y  
  do   1 Robert Lawrence 45   Shepherd Y  
      Jane do   45   Y  
      Mary Lawrence   80 [Widow] Y  
  do   1 John Holmes 65   Ag Lab Y  
      Ann do   65   Y  
      Robert Holmes 28   Ag Lab Y  
      Harriet do   25   Y  
      Robert Holmes   2     Y  
  do   1 Robert Riches 60   Ag Lab Y  
      Elizabeth Riches   56   Y  
      Robert do 26   Ag Lab Y  
      Lyda do   12   Y  
TOTAL in }
  Page 2     }
    7   13 12      
F(olio) 5   Page 3
Cottage   1 John Pull 50   Carpenter Y  
      Sarah do   40   N  
      William do 14     Y  
      James do 12     Y  
      John do 10     Y  
      Charles do   8     Y  
      David do   5     Y  
      Mary do     3   Y  
  do   1 Robert Lovack 55   Ag Lab Y  
      Charles do 25   do Y  
      Susan do   25   Y  
      Rudd do   4     Y  
      Thomas do   3     Y  
      William do   1     Y  
Farm House   1 William Sare 60   Farm Bailiff Y  
      Elizabeth Sare   60   Y  
      Sophia Chenery   35 F. S. Y  
      Ann Baldry   16 F. S. N  
      Robert Culham 10   M. S. Y  
      Martha West   50 Indt Y  
TOTAL in }
  Page 3     }
    3   13   7      


Page No Inhabited
Building Males Females
Total on Page 1     4       8   17
Total on Page 2     7       13   12
Total on Page 3     3       13     7

Totals   14       34   36


Total of Persons 70

William Sare - Enumerator


[End of Census Document]


  • All shorthand contractions in the document have been reproduced as written. The exception is a "-" after some names indicating a "blank space" ie. "Ditto" or "Surname" was missing.
  • The text enclosed in "[]" was on the original but had been crossed out but has been included here for completeness.
  • The abbreviations are :- "Ag Lab" = "Agricultural Labourer", "Do" or "do" = "Ditto", "F. S." = "Female Servant", "Indept" = "Independent", "M. S." = "Male Servant" and "Robt" = "Robert".
  • In other documents and transcriptions the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    Blomfield/Bloomfield, Lovack/Lovick, Mitchel/Mitchell.
  • The following is from "Riddlesworth with Gasthorpe" Parish Registers:- Baptisms (entry nos in "[]")
    • [120] - 22/June/1834 - Charlotte dau. of Zachariah & Margaret BLOOMFIELD (late STEED) - Labourer [Entry 109 is for daughter Selina]
    • [158] - 25/Aug/1839 - Sarah dau. of Robert and Mary Ann (nee NOBLE) LANE - Riddlesworth - Coachman to T. THORNHILL
    • [162] - 1/Nov/1840 - Wareyn William son of William and Mary (nee WOODCOCK) DARBY - Rector (Note Mary was buried Dec/1839 aged 45years)
  • Thomas THORNHILL was absent from the Hall :- In the Baptisms are entries between 1830 and 1844 for his Coachman, Cook, Footman and Butler etc.
    • He was at his house in 49 Berkeley Square (next to Rt Hon Earl GREY at No 48).

See also the Riddlesworth parish page and the main Census page.

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