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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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ROLLESBY is a large scattered village and parish, 8 miles N.W. by N. of Yarmouth, containing 589 inhabitants, 1407 acres of enclosed land, and about 200 acres of the waters, called the Broads. J.M. Ensor, Esq., now in France, owns most of the soil, and is lord of the manor. He formerly resided at the Hall, a handsome building, which was in the Elizabethan style, but was new fronted with white brick, and otherwise improved, about 18 years ago. It is now unoccupied, and delightfully situated east of the village, in the vale of the Broads, eight of which unite, and covering a long strip of 400 acres, form the largest fresh water lake in the county.

The Church (St. George) stands on an eminence, at the west end of the village, and has monuments of the Claxton, Gleane, and Mapes families. The living is a discharged rectory, valued in the King's Book at £17, and now having a clear yearly rent of £648 in lieu of tithes, by commutation in 1839. J.M. Ensor, Esq., is patron, and the Rev. E.S. Ensor, B.A., incumbent.

The Workhouse for the incorporated Hundreds of East and West Flegg, stands in this parish, on a declivity near the Broads, and is already noticed at page 293 [which is the entry for East and West Flegg Hundreds]. In 1836 it was partly destroyed by fire, (supposed to be the work of an incendiary,) and its restoration cost about £2000. A fire-engine is now kept on the premises.

The Poor's Allotment, awarded at the enclosure of Rollesby in 1816, comprises 23A. 1R. 32P., now let for about £15 a year, which is distributed in coals. In 1620 and 1669, Cphr. Amys and Leonard Mapes left to the poor parishioners 1½A. of land, now let for £4. 10s., which is applied towards the support of a Sunday School, which was opened as a daily National School, in 1844.

           Annison   Rd. Steward         wheelwright
           Annison   Rt.                 thatcher and beerhouse
           Baldry    Wm.                 shoemaker
           Boyce     Mr John
           Brown     Benj.               vict. Horse and Groom
           Day       Mr John
           Derry     Rt.                 thatcher
           Ensor     Jno. M. Esq.        Hall. (In France)
           Ensor     Rev Edmund S., B.A. Rectory
           Frosdick  Danl.               beerhs. & shopkr
           Frosdick  Dl. sen             carrier to Yarmouth
           Gaze      Richd. sen. & jun.  joiners
           Gorble    Wm.                 gardener
           Harris    George              farrier
           Laws      Jas.                parish clerk and schoolr.
           Mason     Wm.                 shopkeeper
           Mountseer John                master of the Workhouse
                                           and Superintdt. Registrar
           Norman    Rd. Briton          canvass, tarpauling, sacking,
                                           net, &c. mfr.
           Ransome   Edw.                overseer & surveyor
           Appleton  John
           Nicholls  Wm.
           Skoyles   Wm.
                              * are owners.
           Baldry    George            * Fabb      Richard
         * Chapman   Jas.                Harman    Henry
         * Christmas John                Kemp      Robert
           Clarke    Wm.                 Lincoln   James, (farm bailiff)
           Curtis    Richard             Ransome   John
         * Denham    John                Vellum    Wm.
           Durrant   Robert              Wright    Ann

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