Norfolk: Runham


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

RUNHAM village stands on the north bank of the Bure, five miles W.N.W. of Yarmouth; but its parish, which contains 290 inhabitants, and about 1600 acres, includes Vauxhall Gardens, near Yarmouth Suspension bridge, and an extra-parochial house.

The Evermores formerly held this lordship by petty sergeantry; and one of them obtained a charter for a fair and market, in 1226, but both have long been obsolete. Wm. Boult, Esq., is now the principal owner and lord of the manor. R. Fellowes and S.B. Cory, Esqrs., have estates here.

The Church, dedicated to St. Peter, is a vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £4, and in 1831, at £225, having 35A. 2R. 31P. of glebe, partly purchased with £200 of Queen Anne's bounty, obtained in 1780.

The Rev. George Miller is incumbent, and the Bishop of Ely patron, and appropriator of the corn-tithes, now held on lease by J.E. Lacon, Esq. The tithes were commuted in 1840, for the yearly payment of £223. 16s. 3d., to the lessee of the rectory; £145. 5s. 10d. to the vicar of Runham, and £32. 4s. 6d. to the vicar of Gorleston.

The Poor's Allotment, 27A. 3R. 19P., was awarded at the enclosure of the marsh in 1802, and is now let for £45 a-year, which is distributed in coals. The old poor's land, 1A. 35P., is let for £3. 15s., which is distributed among poor widows.

          Boult      Wm. Esq.       Runham Hall
          Cory       Sl. Barnett    solr. (& Yarmouth)
          Dean       Wm.            shoemaker
          Franklin   John           vict. Vauxhall Gardens, near Yarmouth
          Gowen      Robert         millwright
          Gowen      Isaac          ferryman
          Morgan     Rev George
                       Fredk. M.A.  curate
          Shrimpling Nicholas       joiner
          Sparrow    John           vict. Three Horse Shoes
          Thompson   John           blacksmith
                         * are owners.
          Cobb       John           Myhill     Wm.
         *Fabb       Richard        Myhill     Wm. jun
          Green      Robert        *Palmer     Clement
          Howes      Benjamin       Read       John
          Knights    Edward
          Edwards    James
          Knights    Edward

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