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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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SALHOUSE, or Sallowes, is a large but straggling village and parish, 6 miles N.E. of Norwich, comprising 642 inhabitants, and 2060 acres of land, lying within Sigismund Trafford, Esq.'s manor of Wroxham with Salhouse, but the soil belongs to a number of freeholders and copyholders, the latter of whom are subject to arbitrary fines.

The Hall, with a large estate around it, came to the Ward family in 1712, by the marriage of Robt. Ward, Esq., with the daughter of William Holt, Esq., of which family was Lord Chief Justice Holt. The Hall is now the seat and property of Richard Ward, Esq. It stands in a well-wooded lawn, and is richly embellished with paintings and works of art and virtu.

The Church (All Saints,) is an ancient structure, which has of late years been much embellished by Mr. Ward. Among its ancient relics are the sancte-bell, a hour-glass and stand, and the coffin of a Knight Templar. The living is a discharged vicarage, consolidated with that of Wroxham, which see. The glebe is 12A., and the vicarial tithes were commuted in 1843 for £187. 10s. per annum.

The Poor's Allotment, awarded at the enclosure, in 1802, comprises 19A. 2R. 21P. which is let, together with 4A. 1R. 21P., received at the same time, in exchange for the old poor's land. The rent, £25 a year, is distributed in blankets, coals, &c., but some years ago, it was improperly carried to the poor-rates. The poor have also a yearly rent charge of 50s. left by Edward Metyers; 5s. a year from Topcliffe's charity, (see Wroxham,) and 10s. a year from an acre of land, on Mousehold Heath, pursuant to the plantation act of the 29th of Geo. II.

           Brown      Benj.          baker    [see note below]
           Brown      Richard        tailor & vict. Bell
           Brown      Samuel         schoolmr. & grocer
           Brown      Thos.          saddler  [see note below]
           Bussey     Charles        blacksmith
           Cooper     Henry          bricklayer
           Farman     Mr Samuel
           Holsworth  John & Jph.    bricklayers
           Jimson     James          port butcher
           Littlewood Sampson        corn miller
           Ward       Richard, Esq.  Salhouse Hall
           Wright     John           gardener
           Allen      Robert
           Farman     Wm.
           Rice       Thaxter
           Riches     Richard
                          (* are Owners.)
           Brooks     Samuel         Leeder     Wm.
           Bubbings   Edwd.          List       William
           Bussey     Robert         Newman     Mrs
         * Campling   John           Stuart     John
           Farman     Henry S.     * Sutton     Robert
           Hargrave   Wm.            Watts      Robert
           Hubbard    Wm.

Note: in the original this is
     Brown Benj. baker; & Thos. saddler

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