Norfolk: Sedgeford


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

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This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

POST OFFICE at John Skerry's. Letters despatched, via Lynn, at 4 p.m.

         Binks     Thomas          broker
         Brown     James           horse breaker
         Catton    Mr. John
         Farthing  William         vict. White Horse
         Flegg     Robert          carpenter & wheelwright
         Foster    Robert          parish clerk
         Green     Sarah           mistress National School
         Howlett   James Warnes,
                     Esq.          Hall
         Hudson    John            blacksmith
         Kendall   Jas.            blacksmith & vict., Buck
         Lambert   J. & J.         grocers, &c., & Snettisham
         Neave     Mary            schoolmistress
         Ogle      Rev. Jas.
                     Ambrose, M.A. vicar and rural dean, Vicarage
         Oughton   Mr. John
         Potter    Thomas          hurdle maker
         Taylor    Thomas          basket maker
         Turner    James           tailor
         Turner    Matthew         beerhouse
         Wetherhed Miss Evelina
         Wicks     John            vict. King's Head
         Wright    William         carpenter
         Yaxley    Mr. William
         Bennett   Richard
         Chambers  Robert
         Leggett   Paul
         Brook     Leonard
         Crisp     Stpn.           Eaton
         Crisp     Wm.             Hill Hs.
         Curl      Thomas
         Platten   Robert
         Rix       Wm.             Church fm
         Spinks    John Marsters   Eaton
         Turner    William
         Wells     Rt.             East Hall
         Wicks     John
         Bullock   Edward
         Raines    George
         Rix       Benjamin
         Skerry    John
         Crisp     T.              (& butcher)
         Huggins   George
         Petingale Thomas
         Read      Thomas

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