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Norfolk: Shipdham


This list has been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, in the Shipdham register of baptisms and burials 1805-1812.

The entries from 1301 to 1754 are very similiar to those for Shipdham in Francis Blomefield's Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Volume 10: Launditch, Loddon, Mitford, Smithdon and Taverham Hundreds, pages 243 onwards, published in 1809.

In the 1948 entry for Leonard Burleigh, Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1940, confirms "Tekenika". Tekenika is in Tierra del Fuego, and missionaries with the South American Missionary Society in the 1890s included Leonard and Nellie Burleigh.

[Transcription copyright © Brian Jones]


1301. Sepr:   Simon de Walpole, presented by The Bishop of Ely.
1337. July John de Macclesfield, presented by the King, in the Vacancy of the See.
1342. June Paul de Montefloro, presented by the Bishop.
1342. Decr: William Flamerans, by the Bishop. He was Prebendary of Hastings, in the Diocese of Chichester.
1357. Thomas de Morle.
1358. Sepr: William de Tyringtone, by the King: the Temporalities of the See of Ely being then in the King's hands. He was Chaplain to the King, and Prebendary of St Paul's.
1361. Jany: William de Tyringtone, again by the King.
1389. Novr: John de Crowton, by the Bishop of Ely.
1395. Novr: William Smithe, by the Bishop of Ely.
1406. John Wysebech.
1429. Feby: John Moresburgh, by the Bishop of Ely.
1436. Novr: John Walpole, by the King; the Temporalities being in him.
1438. Jany: William Irforth A.M., by the Vic: Gen: of the Bishop of Ely.
1469. Augt: William Townsend, by the Bishop of Ely.
1477. William Collins.
  -- Thomas Alcock, Brother to Dr. Alcock Bishop of Ely, Master of Jesus College in Cambridge, Arch-Deacon of Ely, and Chancellor to that Bishop. He died in 1523, and was buried in the Chancel of this Church; where there lies a Gravestone with a Brass Plate, "Pray for the Soul of Mr. Thomas Alkoke, "sometime Parson of this Church, who dyed Sepr. 1523, "on whose soul &c."
1523. Sepr: Walter Burnell, by the Bishop of Ely.
1557. Decr: John Parker, S.T.B. by the Bishop of Ely. He was Prebendary of Ely.
15--        Bickerdike.
1561. April. Stephen Pherne, S.T.B. by the Queen.
1562. March. William Parker, by Sir William Wodehouse.
1572. July. William Hattersley, by Sir Drue Druery and Elizabeth his Wife.
1608. March. Thomas Playfere, S.T.B. by Sir Henry Gaudy.
1608. Sepr: Henry Siday A.M. by Sir Henry Gaudy.
1614. Jany: Thomas Wythe, A.M. by Sir Henry Gaudy.
1661. April. William Castleton, by Sir John Castleton, Baronet.
1667. May. Mathew Eaton, by Sir John Castleton, Baronet.
1673. Sepr: Astius Ives, by Sir John Castleton, Baronet.
1695. May. Edmund Castleton, by Sir John Castleton, Baronet.
1696. May. John Heron, by Sir John Castleton, Baronet.
1707. June. Thomas Townshend, by Charles, Viscount Townshend. He resign'd in 1754, and died in 1764. Upon a Gravestone in the Chancel is the following Inscription: "Hic situs est Thomas Townshend A.M. Qui claro ortus loco Clariorem se virtutum ornamentis reddidit. Sacras humanasque litteras pariter callebat. Ingenii visibus et Eloquentice viguit, perspicax lucidus facundus; Maxima his aderat Modestia. Innocentiam rigidam moribus suavissimis ornavit; Pictate sancta Deum coluit; Libertatis Christiance semper amantissimus; Probis his artibus instructus ad summos honores illustrandos aptus. Privatam agere per silentium maluit; Non ideo contemptor honorum, ambitioni male autem alienus: Sacerdotali igitur manere in hac Ecclesia per annos XLVIII fidus Pastor perfunctus, atati jam infirmiori tenuique Paletudini cedens, ex Officio excessit: Reliquam Vite sapiens et bonus Deo, Amicis sibi dedit. Decimo dehinc post anno multis desiderandus obiit XXIII Die Februarii anno Salutis MDCCLXIV aetatis sue LXXXII."
1754. Octr: Colby Bullock, by Charles, Viscount Townshend. He married Elizabeth, Daughter of Thomas Townshend, the late Rector, and he died on the 19th Day of November 1804. Upon a Gravestone in the Chancel is the following Inscription: "Colby Bullock, Clerk. 51 years Rector of Shipdham, died Novr: 19th 1804. Aged 78 Years."
1804. Decr: Charles Lucas Edridge, A.M. (D.D. 1815) by George, Marquis Townshend. He was Chaplain to His Majesty, and Minister of Oxford Chapel in the Parish of St: Mary le bone, in the County of Middlesex. Died January 4th 1826 Aged 62.
1826. Feby7th Benjamin Barker A.M. by John Rickard Barker Esq. he died January 19th 1850, aged 72.
1850. March. George Curling Bailey, Curate of the Parish, by the trustees of Rev Benjamin Barker, deceased. He departed this life July 7. 1883, aged 65 years.
1883. October8th George Deans Dundas Watt, M.A. Curate of the Parish (& Nephew of the late G.C. Bailey) - presented by himself as Patron.
1884. September1 George Augustus Frederick Quentin M.A. presented by the Rev. G.D.D. Watt. He resigned on September 30. 1912.
1912. November25th George Deans Dundas Watt. M.A. presented by himself as Patron. He resigned December 30. 1916.
1917. February15th Cyril Herbert Vyvyan Eva. B.A. presented by the Reverend G.D.D. Watt.
1948. Leonard Tekenika William Burleigh.
1958. November19th Walter William PULFORD by Bishop of Norwich (Percy Mark Herbert)

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