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Help and advice for Norfolk: Shipdham

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Norfolk: Shipdham

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

[Transcription copyright © Paddy Apling]

SHIPDHAM is an extensive village, with many neat modern houses, detached from each other, and extending upwards of a mile in length, 5 miles S. by W. of East Dereham; but the parish extends within two miles of that town, and is 5 mile slong [sic], containing 4516 acres, and having increased its population since the year 1801, from 1250 to 1861 souls.

The Bishop of Ely, who built a great hall here, obtained in the 29th of Henry III., a charter for a weekly ma[r]ket on Thursday, and a fair on St. Peter and St. Paul's day; but the former has long been obsolete, and the latter is now a stock fair, held on the 29th and 30th of June.

The Cambridge University's manor of Caston Hall, T.T. Adlington, Esq.'s manor of Massingham, and W. Brown, Esq.'s manor of Bonnetts-and-Bayleys, extend into this parish; but the principal landowners are W. Birch, Esq., T.T. Clarke, Esq., Misses Bullock, and the Rev. Benj. Barker.

The Church (All Saints) is a large, handsome fabric, with a strong embattled tower, and six bells. The interior is neatly pewed, and has several neat monuments to the Bullock, Lane, Deval, and other families. The benefice is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £27. 7s. 6d., and in 1831 at £1140, and is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Benj. Barker. The tithes were commuted in 1845.

Here are three Chapels, belonging to the Independents, and the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.

Shipdham FREE SCHOOL was built in 1749, on part of the town land, and is endowed with a farm of 46A.3R.3P., bequeathed by Thomas Bullock, Esq., in 1735, for the support of a master, to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, gratis, to the poor children of the parish. The farm is now let for £70 a year, out of which about £10 is deducted yearly for repairs, and the interest of £56, borrowed towards paying the enclosure expenses; and the remainder is paid to the master, who teaches about 100 free scholars, recommended by the Misses Bullock or the rector.

The TOWN ESTATE consists of seven tenements, a barn, a house and garden, and about 28 acres of land in this parish, and a farm of 47A. at Reymerstone, let at rents amounting to about £120 per annum, which is applied in discharging the churchwardens' accounts, except about £7, which is distributed among the poor. That part of the estate in Shipdham, was acquired by gift or purchase, during the 16th century, for the general use of the parish, but the farm at Reymerstone was purchased in 1650, for £648, of which £60 was left to the poor by the Rev. William Hattersley, and others.

The FUEL ALLOTMENTS, awarded at the enclosure, in 1809, comprise 126A. 1R. 30P., let for about £120 per annum, which is distributed in coals among the poor parishioners, who have also the yearly doles of £2.5s. from Mowting's Charity, (see East Dereham,) and £2 left by Thomas Masters, in 1716.

POST OFFICE, at West end: Miss Sarah Mendham, postmistress; Mail Cart from Thetford to East Dereham, at 8 mg; ret ¼ p 5 aft [ie 8 am and 5:15 pm].

Marked 1, are at East end; 2, Market street; 3, West end; 4, Hingham road; and 5, near the Church.

         3  Bagge       Hugh           constable, &c.
         5  Bagge       Mrs.
         5  Barker      Rev Benj.,M.A. Rectory
         5  Bird        Michl.         hair dresser & glover
         2  Bird        Rhoda          glover
         5  Bullock     Misses
                          D., C., & M.
         1  Bunn        William        poulterer
         5  Burr        Jas.           veterinary surgeon
         5  Butcher     John           gent.
         2  Clark       Thos.          poulterer
         3  Clemence    Jas.           appraiser, &c.
         2  Clouting    Tobias         gentleman
         4  Coker       Fuller         building surveyor
         4  Hall        Mrs Jane
         1  Hunt        Wm.            cattle dealer & drover
         2  Matthews    Rev. Jas.      (Independent)
         3  Mendham     Thos.          parish clerk, and agent to
                                         Norwich Union and Hail
                                         Storm Insurance Offices
         5  Morris      Saml.          gent. Den House
         4  Oldfield    Mrs Ann
         4  Payne       Mr Geo
         3  Skinner     Sarah          straw hat maker
         2  Stacey      Sarah          druggist
         3  Stacey      William        cooper
         4  Tinkler     Mr Henry
         3  Verdon      Thomas         poulterer
         5  Wenham      James          watch maker
         5  Young       Mrs Mary
            INNS AND TAVERNS.
         3  Cricket Players Mulley      Sarah 
         3  Crown           Sare        William
         5  Golden Dog Inn  Chamberlain Geo. 
            Swan            Eagling     Anthony
         3  White Horse     Rust        Robert
         1  Bloom       Thomas
         5  Lee         Francis & Elizabeth
         5  Young       Robert
         5  Young       Jane
         4  Barker      John
         3  Catton      John
         3  Grint       Alfred     corn merchant
         2  Gilding     Mary
         3  Hunter      Robert
         2  Littleproud Jas
         5  Haws        John
         2  Cannell     David
         1  Meachen     Timy
         3  Richardson  Jas
         1  Randall     Thos.
         3  Stratton    Robt.
         1  Skipper     Daniel
         3  Stagg       John
         5  Tye         Mary
         2  Tuck        Edward
         3  Barnes      Bnbs.
         2  Cannell     David
         2  Clark       John
         1  Farrow      Wm.
         3  Gill        Thomas
         2  Tuck        Edward
         2  Butcher     Wm. (and architect)
         5  Goss        John
         4  Rivett      Thos.
         5  Andrews     Wm.
         3  Bagge       Thos.
         2  Savage      Eliz.
         3  Tuck        George
         3  Tuck        Robert
         2  Bagge       James
         4  Cushing     John
         5  Meachen and
         4  Rivett      Thos.
            Corn Millers.
         1  Buckenham   Jas.
         1  Littleproud Jas.
         3  Abbott      Jonth.
         1  Bailey      John
         3  Bales       John
         1  Baxter      James
         3  Bone        Robert
         1  Bushell     David
         3  Catton      John
         1  Catton      Wm.
         3  Clark       James
         3  Cocks       Francis
         3  Copeland    Robt.
         1  Cordy       John (& cattle dealer)
         1  Cordy       Sarah
         3  Edwards     Robt.
         3  Gooch       Robert
         1  Goff        James
         3  Goring      Chas.
         1  Margeson    Abm.
         3  Maidwell    Thos. (& corn mert.)
         1  Meachen     John
         3  Nurse       Henry
            Page        James
         1  Peck        Fuller
         3  Peck        Susan
         3  Pitcher     John
         1  Riches      Fras.
         1  Ringer      Michael
         1  Rix         John, High House
         3  Tash        Henry
         3  Tash        Robert
         3  Twiss       Joseph
         2  Vassar      Jabez
         1  Wigg        Wm.
         1  Wyatt       Thos.
            Grocers & Drprs.
            (* Ironmongers)
         3  Bunn        Eliz.
         3 *Bunn        Sarah
         5  Buskall     Goddard
         2  Harwood     Saml.
         2  Littleproud Sophia
         3  Lock        Stephen
         5 *Winkfield   Geo. Henry
            Plumbers, Painters, &c.
         2  Fuller      Robert
         1  Green       Charles Frederick
         3  High        Wm.
         3  Abell       George
         2  Skipper     Henry
         3  Backler     John
         2  Brett       John
         2  Clark       Wm.
         2  Harwood     Wm.
         2  Holman      Isaac
         3  Lock        Stephen
         2  Rumble      Thos.
         5  Watling     Geo.
         2  Clouting    John R. (& registrar)
         3  Emerson     Wm. Charles
         2  Cross       James
         3  Mendham     Ts. (sic)
         3  Sare        Wm.
         2  Tuck        James
         2  Clark       John
         3  Cox         Joseph

COACH from the Dog Inn, to London, M. W., and Fri. 8 mg; & to Holt, Tues., Thurs., and Sat. 6½ evg

CARRIERS to Norwich, Ths. Clark, Mon. & Thu.; & Peter Trollop, Mon. and Friday

To London, &c.
Deacon and Co.'s Van, from the Dog Inn, Tu. and Fri.; and Hacon & Ball's Van, from the White Horse, Monday and Thursday mgs

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