Norfolk: Snarehill


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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SNAREHILL, one mile E. of Thetford, though united with Rushford parish, is an extra-parochial estate, containing 28 inhabitants, and anciently in two hamlets, called Great and Little Snarehill, the former comprising 1,666 acres of heath, and the latter 380 acres, on which is Snarehill House, the seat of H.C. Partridge, Esq., the owner of the estate, which lately belonged to Thos. Redhead, Esq. The house is a neat modern mansion in a beautiful park, on an acclivity above the small river Thet.

In the vicinity are twelve large tumuli, supposed to mark the site of the sanguinary battle between the Saxons and Danes, in which Edmund the king and martyr lost his life.

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