Norfolk: Snettisham


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

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The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

         Bedingfeld  (family)
         Curl        Jacob
         Dalton      R.F.G., Esq.
         Hall        Anthony
         Hamilton    J. de Courcy, Esq
         Hill        Mrs.
         Le Strange  H.S., Esq.
         Preedy      Charles, Esq.
         Pretty      James
         Styleman    Nicholas

There are memorials in the church to the Styleman, Hamilton and Cremer families, and to:

         Bridgewater Mrs.
         Campbell    Mrs.
         Carye       Sir Wymond
         Dawes       Mr. J.

POST OFFICE at John Winlove's. Letters despatched, via Lynn, at 5 p.m. This is also a Money Order Office and Savings' Bank.

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

         Baney       Mrs Susannah
         Beck        Mr. Charles
         Booty       James Brightwell     schoolmaster
         Bridgwater  Rev. Hy. Hugh, M.A.  curate
         Butcher     Edwin                corn miller
         Campbell    Capt. Wm. Chas. Jas. Hall
         Chilvers    Jonas                joiner & cabinet maker
         Clarke      Robt. J.             chemist & insurance agt
         Coldham     Rev. John, M.A.      Vicarage
         Cooper      John                 farrier & horse clipper
         Daw         George               cattle dealer
         Davy        Miss Lucy Jane       The Lodge
         Emmerson    Geo.                 vict. Royal Hotel
         Gamble      James                farm bailiff
         Gowing      Joseph               druggist, stationer, and
                                            insurance agent
         Gregory     Pleasance            bonnet mkr. & shopkr
         Inkson      Thomas H.            station master
         Jarvis      Ann                  millnr
         Lawson      Geo.                 saddler
         Lewis       Lambert Charles      butcher
         Margetts    Mrs Sarah
         Marriott    J. & R.              merchants, & Narborough
         Moulam      Wm.                  vict. Rose & Crown (posting)
         Nicholls    Mr James
         Parsons     Chas. Wm.            earthenware dealer
         Parsons     John                 victualler, Plough
         Phillips    James                carpenter
         Pratt       James                corn and coal dealer
         Smith       Thomas               veterinary surgeon
         Smithbone   Wm.                  glover
         Snell       Chas.                shopr.
         Styleman    Mrs Emilia           The Hall
         Turner      Geo.                 coal dlr. & vict. Compasses
         Walker      Ts.                  gardnr.
         Watson      Mr Hy. John
         White       Simon                coast guard
            BAKERS.                          BEERHOUSES.
         Belding     John                 England    George
         Savory      Thomas               Gutteridge Robert, (and butcher)
         Wagg        W. (& confctr)       Parsons    Robert
         Winlove     John, (and
            BLACKSMITHS.                     BRICKLAYERS.
         Groom       William              Bowman     Rayner
         Lee         John                 Jarvis     James
         Matsell     John
         Potter      John
         Barnard     Hy. Park             Monument   Parnell
         Beck        Jno. (auctnr)        Moulam     William
                       Red barn           Page       Charles
         Dasborough  John (and coal       Parsons    James, (&
                       dealer)                         water bailiff)
         Joyce       James                Spinks     Osbert, Inmere farm
         Margetts    Stephen              Wells      Henry
            GROCERS, DRAPERS,
            WINE DLRS., &c.
         Curson      Robert
         Lambert     Jno. & Jas.          (& ironmongers)
            PLUMBERS, &c.
         Houghton    Edward
         Margetts    Henry
         Margetts    Stephen and Son
         Booty       J. Brightwell
         Daw         Barbara
         Lubbock     Robert               Free Grammar
         Daughty     James                Parochial
         Santy       Miss Hannah
            SHOEMAKERS.                     TAILORS.
         Belson      Richard              Denny      William
         Cooper      William              Parsons    George
         Elyard      Zachariah            Turner     Robert
         Hipkin      Edward
         Parsons     William
            SURGEONS.                       WHEELWRIGHTS.
         Davies      Thomas               Chilvers   William
         Flockton    Rowland              Reynolds   Thomas

To Docking on Tues.

Jas. Ward to Lynn, Tuesday, Thurs. and Saturday

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