Norfolk: East Somerton


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

SOMERTON (EAST,) 8 miles N. by W. of Yarmouth, is a small, but picturesque hamlet and parish, now united with Winterton, its own Church (St. Mary,) having long been an ivy-mantled ruin. It comprises only 61 inhabitants, and about 800 acres of land, all belonging to that distinguished statesman, Joseph Hume, Esq., M.P., who purchased it in 1824.

Somerton House, now unoccupied, was built about the beginning of the 18th century, by J. Husband, Esq.; and its beautiful lawn, gardens, walks, and plantations, were much improved by the late J.B. Huntington, Esq.


         Womack   Mr. Wm.
         Womack   Arthur Lindoe  farmer
         Rogers   Lawrence       farmer
         Varley   Robt.          blacksmith

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