Norfolk: Southrepps


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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SOUTHREPPS, a village 19 miles N. of Norwich, 5 miles N.W. of North Walsham, and 4½ S.E. of Cromer. The parish comprises 2081 acres, and contained, in 1841, 853 inhabitants: its present residents are:-

         Baker     James             lime burner
         Baker     James             shoemaker
         Barcham   William           grocer & draper
         Bensley   James             tailor
         Blogg     Wm.               'Crown' (& butcher)
         Burrell   George            parish clerk
         Carter    James             baker
         Chapman   John              butcher
         Copeman   Rt.               joiner & cabinet mkr.
         Ducker    John              butcher
         Duncan    Robert            miller
         Foulger   Robert            shoemaker
         Glover    Capt. George
         Glover    Ven. Archdeacon
                     George, A.M.,
         Goulden   Benjamin          grocery dealer
         Gray      Joseph            blacksmith
         Green     Priest            wheelwright
         Harmer    William           bricklayer
         Hurn      John              miller
         Love      Brooks            baker
         Lubbock   John              gardener
         Mower     Robert            'Vernon Arms' (& shoemaker)
         Pike      Robert            gardener
         Plumbly   Jas. S.           registrar of births & deaths,
                                       & clerk to Erpingham Union
         Rowling   William           grocer & draper
         Seago     Mrs. Mary Ann
         Sharpen   Jas.              vet. surgn. (& beer retlr.)
         Temple    J.                painter, plumber, & glzr.
         Temple    William           tailor
         Temple    William           wheelwright
         Woods     Christopher       saddler
         Woods     Samuel            shoemaker
         Carter    James             Martins   William
         Cooke     John              Painter   Edmund
         Glover    George            Starling  Samuel (and lime burner)
         Haddon    Leonard           Storey    J.
         Hewitt    Robert            Theobald  George

CARRIER to Norwich, Summers, Fri.

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