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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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STALHAM, a large and handsome village, with a Post Office, 8½ miles S.E. of North Walsham, and 14½ miles N.E. by N. of Norwich, includes within its parish 679 inhabitants, and 1759A. of land, exclusive of 33A. of roads and water. A little south of the village, are two wharfs, or staiths, with corn warehouses, coal yards, &c., on the Broads, which are navigable hence to Yarmouth.

Miss Brooke is lady of the manor of Linford and Wilds, and the Rev. Richard Johnson is lord of the manor of Stalham Hall. They are also impropriators of most of the great tithes, and owners of the chief part of the soil; and the rest belongs to the family of Cooke, and several smaller proprietors.

The Church is a fine Gothic edifice, dedicated to St. Mary. The chancel was rebuilt in 1827. The living is a vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £5; but it was augmented in 1753, with £200 of Queen Anne's Bounty, and has now a good residence, with 6A. 1R. 12P. of glebe. The Marquis Cholmondeley is patron, and the Rev. James White, M.A., incumbent. The rectorial tithes have been commuted for £557. 11s. 10d., and the vicarial for £194 per annum. About 480 acres are free of great tithes.

Here is a National School, built in 1841, and a small Methodist Chapel.

The Poor's Allotment, 72A. 34P., awarded under the enclosure act of 47th George III., is partly used for cutting fuel, and partly let for about £30 a year. In 1626, John Riches left for the poor £10, which was laid out in the purchase of a house, which was sold by the overseers for £80. In 1634, Thomas Smith left a house and land, to pay yearly £5 to the poor, and 13s. 4d. to the vicar. Including an allotment of 3A. 18P. awarded to it at the enclosure, the property now belonging to this charity consists of a house, stable, blacksmith's shop, and 7A. of land, let for £22 per annum, the whole of which, except 13s. 4d. to the vicar, is distributed among the poor. In 1718, Catherine Smith left six acres, called the Long Closes, to the vicar, for reading prayers every Wednesday and Friday in Lent, but subject to the yearly payment of 16s. for the poor, and 4s. to the clerk for cleaning her monument.

The POST OFFICE is at Mr. Miles Fenn's, where letters arrive at 11 morning, by foot post from Coltishall, and are despatched at 1 afternoon.

         Allcock    Geo.             saddler
         Allcock    Eliz.            shopr
         Baker      Benj.            ironmonger, &c
         Baker      Wm.                   [see note below]
         Billham    John & Wm.       basket maker
         Bond       John             cooper
         Boorne     Wm.              gent [see note below]
         Brooke     Miss Susanna     Hall
         Bulley     Wm.              blacksmith
         Burton     Jonth.           corn & coal merchant,
                                       and lime burner
         Clark      Richard          butcher
         Clayton    Mr Wm.
         Clowes     Wm.              surgeon and registrar
         Cook       Wm.              corn merchant, miller, and
                                       compound manufacturer
         Cook       Mrs Spha
         Cory       Charles          corn miller
         Crowe      Wm.              baker and flour dealer
         Fenn       Miles            glover and grocer
         Fenn       Thos. Miles      vict., Swan
         Fitt       Thomas           saddler
         Gibbs      Valentine        coal dealer
         Gidings    George           earthenware dealer
         Gott       John             bricklayer
         Gray       James            gardener & seedsman
         Hockley    Thomas           chemist & drugt
         Juby       Wm.              cattle dealer
         Keeler     Samuel           joiner
         Lacey      Robert           veterinary surgeon
         Lack       Thomas           tailor
         Le Frank   James            gig maker, &c.
         Martin     Jas.             agt. to Rev R. Johnson
         Parr       Sarah            boarding school
         Pestell    Peter            joiner & clothes dlr
         Pestell    John Balls       plumber, glazier, paper hanger, &c
         Richardson Robert           smith & farrier
         Rust       Wm.              wheelwright, &c
         Savage     James            butcher
         Siely      Miss Har.
         Silcock    John             wine, spirit, and corn merchant
         Silcock    Richard Boardman grocer, draper, &c. and agent
                                       to Norwich Union Fire Office
         Smith      David            gent
         Spanton    Humphrey         glazier & pntr
         Swann      Robert           glazier and painter
         Ulph       Robert           watch maker
         Watts      Robert           vict. Maid's Head
         Webb       John, Esq.       Stalham Hall
         West       John Merriman    gentleman
         White      Rev James, M.A.  vicar
            FARMERS.                    Shoemakers.
         Cook       Robert           Culley     Benjamin
         Harvey     Samuel           Grimes     John
         Harvey     Robert           Snelling   Charles
         Slipper    John Armine      Starling   James
         Stannard   Samuel           Trory      Robert

COACH from the Swan to Norwich, Mon. Wed. and Sat. 7 mng.
Vans, &c. to Norwich, Yarmouth, &c. on market days.

Note: in the original, this is:
     "Baker Wm. & Boorne Wm., gent"

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