Norfolk: Stoke Ferry



Bibliography from "Stoke Ferry: the Story of a Norfolk Village"
by Doris E. Coates
[ISBN 0950687103, Harpsden Press, 1980]

This list has been extracted by Helen Robinson.


History of Norfolk Vol 1, 1781
Blomefield, Rev. Francis
History of Norfolk Vol 2, 1807
Blomefield, Rev. Francis
Norfolk Churches (Clacklose Hundred)
Bryant, Rev. T. Hugh, 1904
The Great Ouse
Summer, Dorothy
A Place in the Country
Turner, Barry
Victoria Histories of Norfolk, Vol 1
History of a Village Community - Methwold
Water transport in Norfolk
Published by Norfolk Heritage
Wissington Sugar Beet Factory
BSC Ltd, 1971
Home Grown Sugar
BSC Ltd, 1961
Norfolk in the Civil War
Ketton-Cremer, R.W.
The British Revolution 1750-1976
Parker, M.St. J. & Reid, D.J.
The Survival of the English Countryside
Bonham-Carter, Victor
The Drovers
Bonser, K.J.
Short History of the English People
Green, John Richard

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Pat Newby
December 2002