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Norfolk: Stoke Ferry


List of Photographs from "Stoke Ferry: the Story of a Norfolk Village"
by Doris E. Coates
[ISBN 0950687103, Harpsden Press, 1980]

This list has been extracted by Helen Robinson.

The captions are from the book, and the page numbers are in brackets.

01) Stokes Ferry High Street
(p23) C 1925, the Chemist shop is on the right, & the Tollgate Cottage can be seen in the centre.
02) The Old Crown Hotel
(p23) Upper High St, from the Church yard, showing the old Crown Hotel, with archway, Deanscroft & Park House C 1900.
03) Old Stokes Ferry Bridge
(p24) Drawing of, demolished in 1899. Courtesy Mr FT Bush
04) The New Crown Hotel
(p25) The new Crown Hotel C 1912.
05) The New Crown Hotel
(p25) C 1930, note replacement of Posting by Garage on the sign.
06) The Duke's Head Hotel & Canterbury House
(p26) C 1930.
07) The Bell Inn (Bluebell)
(p26) C 1920.
08) The Bell Inn Whittington
(p26) C 1910.
09) The Bull Inn Stokes Ferry
(p26) C 1930.
10) The Hall
(p27) Built in 1790 by J Bradfield (1977).
11) Manor Farm
(p27) Rebuilt in the 17th century or early 18th on the site of an earlier Manor house (1910).
12) Sale Notice
(p28/29) Sale notice map of Salmon's Farm (1890).
13) The Cobbles
(p30) An ancient Merchants House with Salmon's Farm on right (1977).
14) The Wharf
(p30) The wharf at Stokes Ferry bridge.
15) (as above)
showing storehouses & maltings (1977)
16) All Saints Church Stokes Ferry
(p55) Photograph courtesy Eastern Daily Press (1977).
17) All Saints Church Wretton
(p56) Photograph courtesy Lynn News & Advertiser.
18) Christchurch, Whittington
(p56) (1977).
19) Stokes Ferry Windmill
(p57) (1919).
20) (as above)
21) The Mill today
(p57) The remains of the mill today.
22) Oxborough Road Junction
(p58) Showing the Tollgate Cottage on the left C1930.
23) Craftsmen's cottages
(p58) In Oxborough Road C 1930.
24) Oxborough Road Junction
(p59) 1900 showing Hogge & Seppings Wine Store, Maltings & Brewery, destroyed by fire C 1909.
25) Bakery & Confectioner
(p59) And rebuilt by Henry White in 1910 as a Bakery & Confectioner.
26) English's Motor Cycles
(p60) Showing the English's business.
27) BP Filling Station
(p60) And BP Filling Station C 1932.
28) The Bonnett Family
(p61) The Bonnett family at the forge.
29) Riches Carpenters Yard
(p61) Mr GP Riches (on horseback) with his father, Mr George Riches. His brother (with bicycle) was a war casulty in 1916. C 1910.

The photographs were supplied by:

Mr & Mrs J Stocking -- Nos 1, 5, 7, 9, 22, 23, 28.
Mrs G Buckenham -- Nos 2, 48, 49, 50.
Mr E.W. English -- Nos 4, 27, 41, 42.
Mr & Mrs J Standing -- No 6.
Mr G.A. Murrell -- Nos 8, 32.
Mr G Coates -- Nos 10, 13, 14, 15, 18, 21, 34, 52, 53.
Mr & Mrs J Sim -- No 11.
Mr S Sharp -- Nos 19, 20, 38, 39, 40.
Mr B White -- Nos 24, 25.
Mrs E Wilson -- No 26.
Mr & Mrs R Bond -- Nos 29, 30, 31.
Dr. I.E. Allen -- No 33.
Mr J Steele -- No 36.
Mr E.F. Manning -- No 37.
Miss M English -- No 43.
Mr & Mrs W Cater -- Nos 44, 46, 51.
Mr Roger Warner -- No 45.
Mr F.T. Bush -- No 47.

See also the Stoke Ferry parish page.

Pat Newby
May 1999