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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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STOKE-FERRY is a large village, pleasantly situated near the navigable river Wissey, 7 miles E.S.E. of Downham, 14½ miles S.S.E. of Lynn, 10 miles S.W. by W. of Swaffham, and 88 miles N. by E. of London; at the junction of roads from Thetford, Brandon, &c. It has a large fair for horses, cattle, &c., on Dec. 6th; and a Hiring for Servants on the Thursday before old Michaelmas; and much business is done at the wharf, in corn, coal, malt, &c. Its corn market, formerly held on Friday, is obsolete.

Its parish, which abounds in lime-stone, contains 663 inhabitants, and about 1,900 acres of land, partly a cultivated fen, and mostly belonging to J.B.S. Bradfield, Esq., the lord of the manor, who has a neat mansion here. The bridge which crosses the river, where there was anciently a ferry, was repaired and widened in 1803. In the 32nd of Henry III., the abbot of Ely had a grant for a market and fair here. The profits of the ferry belonged to the abbot, who broke down the bridge soon after its erection; but the Hundred Court compelled him to rebuild it.

The CHURCH, (All Saints,) is a small neat fabric, with a belfry, and formerly had a tower, which fell down in 1578. The perpetual curacy, certified at £18, and valued in 1831 at £110, was augmented 1779 and 1801, with £400 of Queen Anne's bounty. The patronage, and the impropriate tithes, belong to the Crown, and the Rev. Henry Sims, B.A., is the incumbent. G.R. Eyres, Esq., is lessee of the great tithes.

The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here.

The old Poor's Land, was exchanged at the enclosure in 1818, for 2R. 26P., held by the overseers, and 22P. used as a chalk pit. The Fuel Allotment, awarded at the enclosure, consists of 25A. 3R. 6P. in the East Fen, on which all the poor cut turf, &c., for fuel.

The Free School was founded, pursuant to the will of James Bradfield Sanders, Esq., who, in 1807, left £250 for the erection of the school-house, and charged his estate here with the yearly payment of £25 to the master, for the education of 25 poor children of Stoke-Ferry and Wretton.

The POST OFFICE is at Sarah Cawthorne's, where Letters arrive at half-past 7 mornings; and are despatched at 7 evenings, by mail-gig, from Brandon.

Here is a Temperance, or Rechabite Society, numbering more than 40 members.

         Barton      William            gentleman
         Bennett     James              carpenter
         Blackburne  John Osbert        ale and porter brewer
         Bradfield   Jas. Bradfield
                       Sanders, Esq.
         Etheridge   Edward Wright      spirit, seed, & hop mercht.,
                                          chandler & maltster
         Etheridge   John Drosier       wine mercht.
         Everitt     Sophia             shopkeeper
         Goose       Robert             plumber, painter, &c.
         Green       Mrs. Han.
         Hastings    Mrs. H.
         Hastings    Mr. William
         Hill        John Bird          day & boardg. academy
         Land        Robert             grocer & draper
         Mayes       John               butcher
         Micklefield Roger              solicitor
         Micklefield Anty. Horrex Roger solr.
         Nunn        James              beer house
         Pigott      Richard            druggist, & agent to the Farmers'
                                          Ins. Office (& at Brandon)
         Salman      George             fishmonger & carrier
         Sanders     Mrs. Sarah
         Sims        Rev. Henry, B.A.   incumbent
         Springfield Wm. Sparrow        lime, &c. merchant
         Steele      Hy. Chas. Brown    surgeon, & registrar, (Lunatic Asylum)
         Watling     William            earthenware dlr.
         Watson      George             hair dresser
         West        Sarah              dress maker
         Whatnall    Richard            earthenware dlr.
         Winfield    Fdk. Wm.           corn & coal mert.
         Winfield    Henry Wm.          corn & coal merchant, & maltster
                        INNS AND TAVERNS.
         Wilson      William            Bell, (& baker)
         Brown       William            Bull
         Tindale     William            Crown
         Reynolds    William            Duke's Head
         Roberts     Henry              King's Arms
            Bakers.                        Boot & Shoemkrs.
         Lock        J. (& miller)      Goate      John, leather seller
         Pollard     William            Green      John
         Sly         Samuel             Nurse      James
         Wilson      William            Stevens    John
                                        Powell     J. (& shopr)
            Blacksmiths.                   Corn Millers.
         Larner      Young              Lock       John
         West        Richard            Pollard    William
            FARMERS.                       Tailors.
         Etheridge   Anthy.             Carley     Robert
         Harwin      John               Jaggard    William
         Hazel       William            Land       Robert
         Plumb       Henry              Vailes     Jno. Elvins, The Furlong
         Rolfe       Fuller
         Sharp       Susan
         Spinks      Edward
         Temple      William
         Winfield    Henry
            Saddlers.                      Wheelwrights.
         Hewson      John               Tokelove   William
         Upton       William            Williams   Henry
         COACHES & Carriers from Lynn to Bury, &c. call at the Inns.
            Carriers to Lynn, tu. th. & sat.
         Baker       George
         Salmon      George

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