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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883

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STOKE-FERRY is a large village near the navigable river Wissey, 7 miles E.S.E. of Downham, 14½ miles S.S.E. of Lynn, 10 miles S.W. by W. of Swaffham, and 88 miles N. by E. of London; at the junction of roads from Thetford, Brandon, &c. It is in Downham union and county court district, Lynn bankruptcy district, Clackclose petty sessional division, Methwold polling district of West Norfolk, Fincham rural deanery, and Norfolk archdeaconry.

It had 684 inhabitants in 1881, living on 2059 acres of land (only 1976A. 1R. 22P. is in the rate book, the balance being waste), and has a rateable value of £3787 15s. It has a large fair for horses, cattle, &c., on December 6; and much business is done at the wharf in corn, coal, malt, &c. Its corn market, formerly held on Friday, is obsolete. Its parish abounds in limestone.

Messrs. Paine & Brettale, solicitors, Chertsey, are lords of the manor, but the soil is mostly the property of Miss Harriet Hebgin, H.S. Winfield, A.R.H. Micklefield, and Richd. Harwin, Esqs. The bridge which crosses the river, where there was anciently a ferry, was repaired and widened in 1803. The present handsome iron bridge was erected in 1839. In the 32nd of Henry III. (1248), the abbot of Ely had a grant for a market and fair here. The profits of the ferry belonged to the abbott, who broke down the bridge soon after its erection; but the Hundred Court compelled him to rebuild it.

The CHURCH (All Saints) is a small edifice in the Early English style, and consists of nave, chancel, vestry, west porch, belfry, and one bell. The tower fell down in 1578. The church was thoroughly restored and partly rebuilt in 1847, at a cost of £1200. The pulpit, reading desk, lectern, and open benches are of carved oak, and in a gallery at the west end is a good organ. The west window is filled with stained glass. Here are tablets of the Etheridge and Robinson families.

The perpetual curacy, certified at £18, and now worth about £100, was augmented in 1779 and 1801 with £400 of Queen Anne's Bounty. The Lord Chancellor is patron, and the Rev. John McGill incumbent. The great tithes have been commuted for £247 per annum, and belong to the representatives of the late G.R. Eyres, Esq. The small tithes, £227 10s. a year, are the property of the Commisioners of Woods and Forests.

Here are two chapels belonging to the Wesleyans and Methodist Free Church. The Wesleyan chapel, which was erected in 1834 at a cost of £500, and provided with a gallery in 1854, at an outlay of £70, was entirely reseated in 1869 at a cost of £200, and now contains 250 sittings.

The SCHOOL now adjoining was built in 1876 at a cost of £400.

The old Poor's land was exchanged, at the enclosure in 1818, for 2R. 26P. held by the overseers, and 22P. used as a chalk-pit. The Fuel Allotment awarded at the enclosure, consists of 25A. 3R. 6P. in the East Fen, on which all the poor cut turf, &c.

The Free School was founded, pursuant to the will of James Bradfield, Esq., who, in 1807, left £250 for the erection of the school-house, and charged his estate here with the yearly payment of £25 to the master, for the education of 25 poor children of Stoke-Ferry and Wretton. The poor widows of this parish have the interest of £50, left by the Rev. J.H. Etheridge of Maidenhead, Berks.

POST viâ Brandon. Post Office at Mr. George Watson's.

         Ashley                       grocers, drapers, hatters, hosiers
           & Rudland                    and milliners
         ASHLEY      William          (A. & Rudland), and agt. for the
                                        Ntnl. Prvdnt. Life Office
         BENNETT     James Smith      carpenter
         BITSON      Matthew          bread and flour dlr
         BLOMFIELD   Spencer          chemist
         BOVILL      Thomas           grocer and draper
         BOYCE       Mrs Susan        vict. King's Arms
         BROCK       Jeremiah         hawker
         BROWN       Charles Wm.      schoolmaster
         BROWN       John Thomas      butcher
         CASE        Benjn.           plumber, glazier & pntr
         CATCHPOLE   Alfred           watchmaker
         CATER       William          baker and grocer
         CHADWICK    John             saddler
         COOK        John             farmer
         CROSS       William          beerhouse & bricklyr
         ELDERKIN    William          vict. Duke's Head, and farmer
         ETHERIDGE   Bradfield        (E. & B.)
         ETHERIDGE   E. & B.          corn, seed, hop, wool, wine, spirit, ale
                                        and porter merchants and maltsters
         ETHERIDGE   Edward           (E. & B.)
         ETHERIDGE   Mr Edward Wright Hawthorne villa
         FARRER      Miss
         FLATT       Mrs Elizabeth
         FLATT       William          farmer
         FRENCH      William          carrier
         GOOSE       Mr Robert
         HARVEY      Henry            farmer
         HARWIN      Mr Henry
         HEWSON      John             saddler
         HILL        John Bird        boarding school
         JAGGARD     Thomas Thorrold  tailor and woollen draper
         JAMES       Miss Margaretta  day & brdng. school
         JOHNSON     Alfred           blacksmith
         KING        William          saddler
         LARNER      Henry            blacksmith
         LOCK        John             victualler, Bell
         MARGARSON   Thos. William    veterinary surgeon and veterinary
         MICKLEFIELD Anthy. Horex     solr
         NIX         John             corn miller and farmer
         NUNN        James            beerhouse
         NUNN        James, jun.      horse dealer
         NURSE       James            bootmaker
         NURSE       William David    bootmaker
         OWEN        George           beerhouse, The Bridge
         PALMER      Ryfealyer        engineer and machinist
                       Desilon [sic]
         PICKFORD    Mrs Sarah
         POLLARD     Mrs Mtha. Kezia  grcr. & drpr
         POLLARD     Wm.              baker, flour dlr. & frmr
         POWELL      Charles          carpenter & whlwrgt
         PRIOR       John             farmer
         RICHES      Pymer            plumber, glzr. & paintr
         RICHES      William          carpenter
         ROLFE       Frederick
         ROLFE       John             marine store dealer
         RUDLAND     John James       (Ashley & R.)
         SALMON      Benjamin         farmer and carrier
         SCALES      John             corn merchant's manager
         SHARP       Rev. James       (Wesleyan)
         SPRINGFIELD Mr. William      Sparrow      [see note below]
         STEAD       Thomas           horse dealer
         STEELE      Mrs Elizabeth
         STEELE      Hy. Fredk.       surgeon, medical officer for Stoke-Ferry
                       M.R.C.S.,        district of Downham union, and Oxborough
                       L.R.C.P.         district of Swaffham union, and
                                        registrar of births and deaths of
                                        Fincham district of Downham union
         TIPPLE      William          plumber & glazier
         TOKELOVE    John             carpenter
         WATSON      George           hairdresser, stationer, fancy repository,
                                        pork butcher, postmaster, & agt. for
                                        the Westminster fire and general life
         WILLIAMSON  Alfred           horsebreaker
         WHISKERD    Robt. Fisher     brcklyr & bldr
         WHITE       -                bootmaker
         WINFIELD    Fred. Chas.      corn, coal, cake and seed merchant &
                                        maltster, The Bridge; h Crescent house
         WINFIELD    Mrs Mary Ann
         WINFIELD    Mr Samuel Henry  Hall

CARRIERS -- Wm. French, to Downham, daily; Benjn. Salmon, to Downham, Mon. and Fri.; Brandon, Mon. Wed. and Fri.; and Lynn, Tues. Thurs. and Sat

RAILWAY -- Downham and Stoke-Ferry

Note: In the original this is:
   Springfield Mr. William, Sparrow

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