Norfolk: Tasburgh


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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TASBURGH, 8 miles S. of Norwich, is a village, on the abrupt acclivities at the confluence of three streams which form the small river Tas, Taus, or Tau, which flows southward to Norwich, and was once navigable up to the Roman siation [sic] here, called Ad Taum, occupying the summit of a lofty entrenched hill, which commands an extensive view of the surrounding country.

The entrenchment is of a square form, containing an area of 24 acres; and the foss and vallum may still be traced. In the centre of it stands the Church (Virgin Mary,) which has a round tower with four bells, and is said to have been built in 1380.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £8, is in the incumbency of the Rev. H. E. Preston, and patronage of Isaac Jermy, Esq., the lord of the manor, (fines arbitrary.)

The parish contains 527 inhabitants, and about 870A. of land, belonging to several proprietors, one of whom is William Gwyn, Esq., who has a pleasant seat called Tasburgh Lodge. The tithes were commuted in 1831, for £278 per annum.

The Rectory House, is a handsome mansion, erected a [sic] years ago, of white brick. Among the Roman coins found here at various periods, are several inscribed "IC. DURO. T."

The Poor's Land, 9A. 1R., is let for £13. 5s., a year, which is distributed in clothing and blankets. The Fuel Allotment, 6A. 2R. 14P., awarded at the enclosure, is let for £9 10s. a year, which is distributed in coals. The poor have also a yearly rent-charge of 40s., left by Robert Meek, in 1598; the dividends of £356. 15s. 6d. new 3½ per cents., left by Thomas Clabburn, in 1815; and the dividends of £45 three per cent. Consols, left by Miss Bateman, in 1828.


         Archer      Charlotte         tea dealer
         Cannell     James             beer seller
         Carpenter   John              butcher
         Cooper      Mrs. Jane         Grove Cottage
         Dye         Samuel            wheelwright and vict. Horse Shoes
         George      Zachariah         corn miller
         Gooch       James             schoolmaster
         Gwyn        Wm., Esq.         Tasburgh Lodge
         Holt        Thomas            National School
         Howlett     David             wheelwright
         Jacobs      Stephen           butcher
         Moore       William           vict. Bird in Hand
         Preston     Rev. Hy. Edmund   Rectory
         Warne       Thomas            gentleman
         Webster     Isaac             maltster
         Gore        Robert
         Millett     Adam
         Seaman      John
         Smith       Wm.
         Spurdeus    Wm.
         Stimpson    John
         Cooper      Sarah
         Duffin      Henry
         Alexander   Stpn.
         Garrard     B.                shopr.
         Warne       Richard

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