Norfolk: Thorpe St Andrew


Census: 1801

Thorpe St Andrew (also known as Thorpe Episcopi) is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1801 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 228/105] is on two separate sheets of paper. One sheet [numbered Page 1] contains those living in Thorpe Hamlet and the other sheet [numbered Pages 2 and 3] headed Thorpe next Norwich contains the rest of the parish population.

Note that Thorpe Hamlet became part of the City of Norwich in 1852 when it was constituted as a separate ecclesiastical parish.

Name Index

The census contains the following names with the Page number in brackets which may contain more than one occurence of the name.

Allison (3)
Andrews (2)
Balls (2)
Barnes (2)
Baxter (2)
Berney (3)
Blyth (1)
Boast (1)
Brinded (2)
Brown (3)
Bunton (2)
Cannell (1)
Cannum (1)
Carter (2)
Cattermoul (3)
Clark (3)
Collins (2)
Colombine (2)
Colyer (3)
Crancher (1)
Dale (2)
Davey (2)
Daynes (1)
Duffield (3)
Dye (2)
Feak (2)
Gallant (2)
Gooch (1)
Green (2)
Grimble (2)
Hammond (3)
Harbard (1)
Harmer (2,3)
Harvey (2)
Hastings (2)
Helcot (3)
Houghton (3)
Hovell (3)
Howton (1)
Humfrey (2,3)
Jessup (2)
Kiddell (3)
King (1)
Lawse (2)
Leath (1)
Leman (3)
Lemon (3)
Lincoln (2)
Mallet (2)
Martin (3)
Mason (2)
Matthias (2)
Midleton (1)
Moon (3)
Newman (1)
Newton (2)
Ninham (2,3)
Olby (2)
Overed (2)
Partridge (2)
Plow (3)
Postle (2)
Rayner (3)
Reeve (2,3)
Rix (2)
Robinson (2)
Rodwell (3)
Rose (2)
Rudd (1)
Sampson (2)
Smith (2,3)
Southwell (2)
Stannard (3)
Stout (3)
Suffield (1)
Thompson (3)
Warne (2)
Weed (3)
Wells (1)
White (3)
Wicks (1)
Winter (3)
Worton (2)

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Heads of Households and trades

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

  • Names = "Heads of households"
  • Hou = "Inhabited Houses"
  • Fam. = "No of Families living in that house"
  • Un = "Houses uninhabited"
  • M = "Males" [Note Females first on Page 1 & second on 2 and 3]
  • F = "Females" [Note Females first on Page 1 & second on 2 and 3]
  • M+F = "Total of Male and Female columns"
  • Ag = "Persons chiefly employed in Agriculture"
  • Tr = "Persons employed in Trade and Handicrafts"
  • Oth = "All Other Persons not in two preceding classes"
  • Tot = "Total of previous 3 occupation columns"

The 1801 Census Document

It contains the following information :-

Particulars of the Population of the Hamlet of Thorpe, & of the Town of Thorpe next Norwich taken 10th March 1801 according to the Directions of an Act of Parliament, these to be kept by the Churchwardens of Thorpe next Norwich
also Particulars for July 1811 of the Town of Thorpe next Norwich & of the Hamlet of Thorpe.

[Page 1] - Thorpe Hamlet 
Suffield Henry 111-34-----
Daynes William11-12-----
King Wm11-12-----
Harbard Robert11-22-----
Wells Josh11-24-----

in 18011717-3539741855174

in 181111141
2 Bldg

[On the reverse side] March 10th 1801 The Account of Population taken by
Joseph Wells       Overseer
Thorpe Hamlet


[Page 2] 
Thorpe next Norwich
10th March 1801
Harvey John11-41115-11415
Postle Willm11-3363-36
Lincoln Widow11-112-112
Mason Willm11-3710--1010
Smith John & Warne Rachel12-5510-1910
Overed Thos11-2241-34
Rix Mary11---22-22
Lincoln James11-314-134
Dye Sarah11--33--33
Colombine Peter11-257--77
Green Willm11--44--44
Andrews Edwd11-1121-12
Robinson John11-134--44
Partridge Jere:11-134--44
Carter Willm11-3251-45
Mallet Samuel11-2462-46
Hastings -11-1-1--11
Bunton John11-325-235
Jessup & Humfrey12-2461146
Reeve Edwd11-4482158
Davey Willm11-3471-67
Harmer Martha11--11--11
Robinson Robt11-112-112
Matthias Jas Vincent11-7815--1515
Worton Richd11-235-235
Balls John11-4153115
Gallant Edwd11-213-123
Smith Robert11-2241-34
Rose & Lawse12--22--22
Brinded Junr & Grimble12-6410-3710
Collins Robert11-6284138
Barnes Widow11-3252-35
Newton Saml: & Ninham12-64102-810
Olby John11-112-112
Southwell Wm11-3141-34
Feak Thos11-1121-12
Baxter -11-1231-23
Sampson Thos11-4261-56
Dale Robert11-549-369
Brinded Wm11-112-112
Robinson Wm11-224-224

Carried Forward4146-1011162172824165217
[Page 3] 
Brought Forward4146-1011162172824165217
Lemon David---448-268
Winter Widow11--11--11
Moon James11-2241-34
Martin Willm11-123--33
Rayner Thos11-3361-56
Plow William11-325-325
White William11-7815-11415
Cattermoul Robert11-246-246
Houghton Henry11-639-189
Weed John11-5611-2911
Helcot --112461-56
Leman Barnabas11-134-134
Colyer Edward11-213-123
Duffield Edward11-5162-46
Humfrey Richard11-336--66
Rayner John & Brown12-4482-68
Stannard John & Berney12-78155-1015
Thompson James11-1121-12
Poor's House17-101121651021
Smith William11-224-224
Ninham Widow11-123--33
Rodwell Edward11-3581-78
Allison Israel11-3-33--3
Hovell John11-4481-78
Kiddell Edward11-4374-37
Reeve Roger11-2132-13
Hammond Widow11-1451-45
Harmer John11-3361-56
Stout Joseph11-4481-78
Clark Robert11-4261-56

In 18017184520021741762

John Robinson


[End of Census Document]

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