Norfolk: Tilney All Saints


These people are from the Tilney All Saints Parish Church of All Saints Marriage Registers 1685-1754
where the abode is not Tilney All Saints

This list has been extracted by, and is copyright ©, Sally Cutler and Gwen Gall, 2001.
         Groom                   Abode
         ALLISON    Rich'd       Babingly
         ALTON      John         "Islington,NFK"
         AYLMER     George       Stoak (poss Stoke Ferry)
         BANFORD    Thomas       Gedney Hill
         BERNAT     Daniel       St.Germans
         BONE       John         "St.Margarets, Lynn Regis"
         CANN       John         Kings Lynn
         CLARKE     William      Terrington St.Clement
         COE        Will         "Mildenhall,  SFK"
         CUDDING    Thomas       "Trinity Parish Ely, CAM"
         DECK       Will         Whittington
         DEXTER     George       Lynn Regis
         DORNEL?    John         Terrington St.John
         FARRAR     Edw          "Islington, NFK"
         FARROW     Tho          "Islington, NFK"
         FLAXMAN    John         Lynn
         GARNER     Henry        Terrington St.John
         GREY       Jno          "March, Isle of Ely, CAM"
         HEATON     Wm           Kings Lynn
         HILL       Rob          Clenchwarton
         HOLIDAY    Will         Clenchwharton
         HOUGHTON   Rowland      Kings Lynn
         JOHNSON    John         Walpole St.Peters
         LISTER     William      Terrington St.John
         LITTLE     John         Walpole St.Peters
         LOCKSMITH  John         "Islington, NFK"
         LOKER?     Daniel       "St.Margarets,Lynn"
         LUNN       Christopher  St.John
         MANN       Godfrey      "Upwell, CAM"
         MASON      Thomas       "Ely, CAM"
         MASSINGHAM John         St.Johns
         MIDDLETON  Edward       Lynn
         NEWEL      Henry        Kings Lynn
         NIXON      Will         Terrington St.John
         NORTH      Will         Terrington
         OLDMAN     Jno          "Islington,NFK"
         PALMER     John         Tilney St.Lawrence
         PAUL       Henry        Terrington St.John
         PENNINGTON Tho's        Kings Lynn
         SKEET      Thomas       Gt.Dunham
         SPARROW    John         Lynn
         TEMPLEMAN  Will         Leverington
         TROTT      John         "Bury St.Edmunds, SFK"
         UPWOOD     Thomas       Terrington St.Clement
         WEST       Charles      Tilney All Saints       
         WHITBY     John         Gt.Massingham   
         WOODS      Rob't        Kings Lynn      
         WRIGHT     Richard      Terrington St.John      
         WRIGHT     John         Terrington St.John      
         Bride                   Abode
         ACRES      Ellen        "Upwell, CAM"
         ADLER      Elizabeth    St.Germans
         ASHLEY     Elizabeth    "Wisbech, CAM"
         ATKINS     Mary         "Islington, NFK"
         BASS       Mary         Walpole St.Peters
         BENTON     Frances      "Wisbech,CAM"
         CANNONS    Ann          Kings Lynn
         CANOBY     Sarah        Terrington St.Clement
         CARTER     Mary         Tilney St.Lawrence
         CARTER     Martha       Kings Lynn
         CHESNUTT   Mary         West Lynn
         COLE       Susan        Tilney St.Lawrence
         COOK       Amy          "Islington, NFK"
         COOKER     Elizabeth    Shouldham
         FARROW     Sarah        "Islington, NFK"
         FLOWER     Ann          "Wisbech, CAM"
         GARNER     Alice        Tilney St.Lawrence
         GREIF      Anne         "St Margarets, Lynn Regis"
         HARPLEY    Mary         Stoak Ferry (Stoke Ferry)
         HATFIELD   Sarah        Lynn
         LACK       Amy          Tidd St. Giles
         LINCOLN    Hannah       Kings Lynn
         MONEY      Anna         Kings Lynn
         NOBLE      Sarah        Holbridge
         ODEY       Mary         Walpole
         PENNINGTON Jane         Lynn Regis
         RUDKIN     Anne         Lynn
         SAVAGE     Eliz         Kings Lynn
         SKEET      Sarah        Tilney St.Lawrence      
         WARD       Elianer      Terrington St.Clement   
         WIGGIN     Ann          Kings Lynn.     
         WINTER     Eliz         Terrington St.John      
         WORSHIP    Sarah        Terrington St.John      
         WRIGHT     Margaret     Terrington      
         YOUNGS     Elizabeth    "Elme, CAM"     

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