Norfolk: Tilney St Lawrence


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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TILNEY ST. LAWRENCE, 6½ miles S.W. of Lynn, and the same distance E.N.E. of Wisbech, is a large but scattered village and parish, which has increased its population since the year 1801, from 362 to 762 souls, and comprises 3,076A. 2R. 5P. of enclosed land, belonging to a number of freeholders, and partly lying in the same manors as Tilney All Saints, to which this is considered a parochial chapelry, - the benefice and tithes being in the same incumbency, patronage and appropriation; but the parishioners refused, some years ago to pay church rates to All Saints, having their own large CHURCH (dedicated to St. Lawrence,) to keep in repair. The latter appears to be as ancient as the former, and consequently, we should presume there is legally no other connexion between them, further than the consolidation of the livings. The glebe here is 5 acres, and the Church land 7½ acres. The vicar has here 3A. of land, left by John Crane.

A yearly rent charge of £2 was left to the poor, by Ellen Stallet, out of land, now belonging to the Sutterby family.

The Primitive Methodists have a small chapel here, and another at FEN-END, a hamlet partly in this parish. (See page 564 [which is the entry for Freebridge Marshland Hundred.)

Those marked + are at Fen-End, and * are land owners.

           Cullen      Mrs. Margaret    gentlewoman
           Gathergood  John             joiner, brick and tile maker,
                                          and lime burner
           Gilding     William          butcher
           Girdlestone William          plumber, &c.
           Hall        Joseph           saddler, &c.
           Johnson     John             carpenter
           Oliver      George           schoolmaster
           Riches      James            tailor
                           PUBLIC HOUSES.
           Andrews     John             Buck
           Stearn      George           Coach and Horses
           Bettinson   George           Plough, Smeeth
           Smith       Charles          Plough, Fen-End
              Beer Houses.                 Bricklayers.
           Cooke       Jno.,brewer      Elvey        John
           Elvey       John             Gathergood   Saml.
           Jacklin     John,(& tailor)  Gathergood   Robt.
           Patterson   James
              Blacksmiths.                 Corn Millers and Bakers.
           Mallows     John             Bullen       William
           Rickwood    James            Edge         John
                                      + Sutterby     Richd.
           Bailey      John             Munson       John
         * Bailey      Samuel           Pollyn       Robert
           Batterham   Wm.              Pollyn       Thomas
         * Bird        Robert        +* Pollyn       William
           Brooks      Lowden         * Prior        Jacob
         * Clements    John           + Prior        John
           Coe         Mrs.             Roofe        Mrs. F.
           Coe         Robert           Roofe        John
           Curtis      John             Sherwood     James
           Gathergood  Jph.           * Starr        John
           Failes      Cphr.         +* Sutterby     Daniel
         + Goddard     Cphr.          * Sutterby     George
         * Goddard     George         * Sutterby     John
         * Johnson     Richd.         + Terrington   Wm.
         * Josh        Isaac            Vincent      Robert
           Leary       William          Wales        William
           Metcalf     William
           Betney      Charles
           Cullen      Edward,
                         (& butcher)
              Shopkeepers.                 Wheelwrights.
           Collison    George           Johnson      John and William
           Cooke       John             Kitteringham W.
           Edge        John             Mountseer    Wm.
           Seaman      Richard,
                         (and butcher)

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