Norfolk: Voting Registers - Poll 1714


A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, Feb 18, 1714-15



[Names] [Abbreviation] Votes Elected
Sir Ralph Hare, Bart H. 2840 No
Erasmus Earle, Esq; E. 2635 No
Sir Jacob Astley, Bart A. 3059 Yes
Thomas De Grey, Esq; G. 3183 Yes

[Printed by Henry Cross-grove, 1715]

The Poll Book contains the following information :-




There are several Towns in the County of NORFOLK of the same Name, which lye in different Parts of the County; as Beeston in Taverham Hundred; Beeston in North-Erpingham Hundred; Beeston cum Bittering in Landitch [sic, ie. Launditch] Hundred; Beeston Saint Laurence in Tunstead Hundred; which are not distinguish'd in the Original Poll-Books: And therefore to avoid mistakes, the Freeholds of all the Beestons are put under the general Title of Beeston; and the like for other Towns of the same Name.



But where Distinctions are made in the Original Poll-Books, they are here observ'd, by annexing the initial Letter of the Distinction to the Person's Name.

The Towns are set in an Alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of Six Columns. The First contains the Names of the Freeholders under each Town; the Second, the Place of their Residence, (when different from that of their Freehold) the other Four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

S T U W Y  
Uncertainties -County Freeholders resident in Norwich-

[Page] 274 Norfolk POLL, 1714

Summ of Hare Earle Astley Grey
  A     81     65     93   112
  B   299   297   361   357
  C   149   134   146   167
  D   162   155   162   162
  E     63     52     84     91
  F   109   102   109   116
  G     73     71     95     94
  H   310   279   225   228
  I     19     17     30     31
  K     36     26     16     19
  L   135   129   251   255
  M   123   119   100   204
  N     53     49     33     37
  O     41     33     32     38
  P     38     34     30     55
  Q       -       -       1       1
  R   106     99   218   223
  S   308   285   320   326
  T   176   163   174   184
  U     31     31     10     10
  W   325   305   307   322
  Y   189   177   251   259
  Uncertain     14     13     11     12

  TOTAL 2840 2635 3059 3183


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the places in the book. With each section a list of places with their standard spelling is given. If that in the book differs then it is given in brackets () following. The reverse in true in the transcription of the actual Poll Book so that places are found with a search.
  • 2. Docking Hundred parishes are included under Smithdon.
  • 3. Page numbers in the book are numbered [iii], [iv], [v], 6, 7, etc. with "Uncertainties" finishing on page 273. These are followed by the tables of statistics (page 274) listed above. The book concludes with voters residing in Norwich contained on pages 275 to 283.

Searching this Poll Book

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The following abbreviations are used for the Hundreds throughout the Poll Book. Note that some may vary slightly from those given below eg. Mitt/Mitf both indicate Mitford.

Abbreviation Full-Name
Blof H. Blofield
Brot H. Brothercross
Clack. H. Clackclose
Clav. H. Clavering
Dep. H. Depwade
Diss H. Diss
Dock. H. Docking
E. Fleg. H. East Flegg
Ears. H. Earsham
Eyns. H. Eynesford
Fore. H. Forehoe
Freb. L. H. Freebridge
Free. M. Freebridge
Abbreviation Full-Name
Gall. H. Gallow
Grim. H. Grimshoe
Guilt. H. Guiltcross
Hap. H. Happing
Hens. H. Henstead
Holt H. Holt
Humb. H. Humbleyard
Land. H. Launditch
Lod. H. Loddon
Mitf. H. Mitford
N. Erp. H. North
N. Green H. North
Abbreviation Full-Name
Norwich City of
Shrop. H. Shropham
Smith. H. Smithdon
S. Erp. H. South
S. Green. H. South Greenhoe
Tav. H. Taverham
Thetford Borough of
Tuns H. Tunstead
Wals. H. Walsham
Wey. H. Wayland
W. Fleg. H. West Flegg
Yarmouth Borough of
Great Yarmouth

Examples of Norfolk Poll Book entries (for Dunston) show what information is available for a typical small village.

See also the main Voting page and the county elections page.

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