Norfolk: Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with B

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.i

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Babingley (Babingly)
u Banham
Barnham Broom
Barningham, Little
  [Litle Barningham]
    (Barningham, Parva)
Barningham Northwood
Barningham Town
    (Barningham Winter)
Barsham, East
  [East Barsham]
  (Basham, East)
Barsham, North
  [North Barsham]
  (Basham, North)
Barsham, West
  [West Barsham]
  (Basham, West)
Barton Bendish
Barton Turf
  (Barwick in the Brakes)
Beckham, East
  [East Beckham]
Beckham, West
  [West Beckham]
  (Beecham Weld)
Beeston cum Bittering
Beeston Regis
Beeston St Andrew
Beeston St Lawrence
Beetley (Beetly)
  (Beighton alias Boyton)
Belaugh (Beloe)
Bergh Apton (Burgh-apton)
Bessingham (Bassingham)
Billingford (near East Dereham)
Billingford (near Diss)
Bilney, East
  [East Bilney]
Bilney, West
  [West Bilney]
Bintry (or Bintree)
Bircham, Great
  [Great Bircham]
  (Burcham, Magna)
Bircham Newton
  (Burcham New)
Bircham Tofts
  (Burcham Tofts)
Bittering Magna
  [Great Bittering]
Bittering Parva
  [Little Bittering]
Bixton (nr Barnham Broom)
Blakeney (Blakney)
Blo' Norton
  see Norton, Blow
Bracon Ash (Bracon-ash)
Bradenham, East
  [East Bradenham]
Bradenham, West
  [West Bradenham]
Brandiston (and Guton)
Brandon Parva
Braydeston (Bradiston)
Breckles (Breccles)
Bressingham (Brissingham)
Bridgham (Bridgeham)
Briningham (Brinningham)
Brooke (Brook)
Broome (Broom)
Brumstead (Brunstead)
Buckenham, New
  [New Buckenham]
Buckenham, Old
  [Old Buckenham]
Buckenham Tofts
Burgh next Aylsham
Burgh - Mattishall
Burgh Parva
Burgh St Margaret
Burgh St Mary
Burgh St Peter
    (Whitacre Burgh)
  see also Wheatacre
Southburgh (Burgh South)
Burlingham St Andrew
    or Burlingham St Peter
    [North Burlingham]
    (Burlingham N.)
Burlingham St Edmund
    [South Burlingham]
    (Burlingham S.)
Burnham Deepdale
    (Burnham )
Burnham Market
    (Burnham Mar.)
Burnham Norton
    (Burnham Nort.)
Burnham Overy
    (Burnham Over.)
Burnham Sutton or Ulph
    (Burnham Ulp. or Sutt)
Burnham Thorpe
    (Burnham Thorp.)
Burnham Westgate

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

[Page 7]
Babingly, Febb. L. H.     
Scarffe WilliamDarsingham (Dersingham)  

[Totals] 0011
Dixon JohnSalthouse  

Harvey Benjamin, Clerk.Hunworth  

Long John   

Rush John, Clerk.   

Spurrell JohnBurlingham  

Wake RobertWretham  

Warnes Edmund   

[Totals] 0077
[Page 8]
Bacton, Tuns. H.     
Curtis JohnWhitton (Witton)

Howard Thomas 

Jones Timothy, Clerk.Stalham  

Maries Philip 

Rogers WilliamBrooke  

Sexton ThomasDillham (Dilham)  

Watts John 
[Totals] 4334
Bagthorpe, Gall. H.     
Fuller James   

Stringer John   

[Totals] 0022
Bale, Holt H.     
Claxton John   

Claxton Richard   

Gay Thomas   

Long John   

Starling William   

[Totals] 0055
Banham, Guilt. H.     
Baldwin Thomas   

Barber Christopher 

Betts JohnN(ew). Buckentiam
(New Buckenham)

Betts Osborn   

Betts Thomas 

Betts Thomas   

Chamberlain George 

Haylett Norris 

Hunt JohnCarleton Road (Carleton Rode)

Kiddall John 

[Page 9]
Kidman Charles, Clerk.Dyss (Diss)  

Leech William   

Palgrave William 

Philips Edward 

Rogers William 

Sherring John 

Steward William 

Towler JacobM(arket). Harling (East Harling)

Welham George 

Wharton George 

Woodcock RobertHockwold  

Youngs Robert 

[Totals] 161666
Banningham, S. Erp. H.     
Carter Humphry   

Drosier Edward    
Elden Philip   

Elden Robert   

Elden Samuel    
Elden William   

Howse Joseph   

Laws ThomasColeby (Colby)  

Morris Samuel   

Paul Benjamin, Clerk. 

[Totals] 1179
Barford, Fore. H.     
Clowe Randall   

[Totals] 0011
Barney, N. Green. H.     
Hudson IsaacThurlton

Riches JohnThursford

Riches Thomas   

[Totals] 2211
[Page 10]
Barnham Broom, Fore. H.     
Allen RichardGarvestone

Andrews JohnDeepham (Deopham)

Bennett Timothy 

Fyson WilliamHingham  

Gordon William, Clerk. 

Hardy John 

Hipkin SamuelGriston

Hubbard Stephen   

Redd [sic] Thomas 

Stephens WilliamMorley

[Totals] 8822
Barningham, Par. S. Erp. H.
Winter Barningham, al. Town
      Barningham Northwood Barningham N.
      Erp. H.
Christmas Thomas, P. 
Grey John, Clerk.   

Hardey Val. P.   

Iver Robert, T.S(outh). Repps  

Page Thomas   

Plane Thomas, P.    
Preston MartinBale

Whitacre Jerem. 

Willimott John, P.S(outh). Creak(e)  

[Totals] 3257
Barton All Saints }
Barton Bendish     } Cla. H.

Barton Turff. Tuns. H.
Amis Jos. Turff. 

Barnard Thomas Ju. [See Note 1]Horstead

Briston JohnGooderstone

Butter Robert   

Clipperton Thomas Ju. [See Note 1]Hingham  

[Page 11]
Cousins Thomas, Bend. 

Crask Joseph, Clerk, Bend.   

Deker JamesWhitton (Witton)

Etheridge Robert, Turf. 

George James, Turff. 

Hurrey John Turf. 

Moor John, Esq; Turf.Cantley

Nethercoat Jonathan, Bend.   

Rounce Samuel, Bend. 

Sewell Richard   

Steward John, Turf.E(ast). Ruston  

Steward RichardHilborough  

Sutton Francis   

Ward Joseph, Clerk.L(ittle). Dunham   
Watts James Turf. 

Whiteman William, Bend.   

Whitfield Addison 

[Totals] 1212910
Barwick in the Brakes,
    Smith. H.
Thurston John, Esq; 

[Totals] 1100
Basham, East /West /North, Gall. H.     
Morley Charles, Esq; W.   

Playford NicholasN(orth). Walsham  

Reynolds ThomasReedham

Rutely William, N.   

Wright John 

[Totals] 2233
Bassingham, N. Erp. H.     
Bridges Ruben   

England Charles   

Fox NicholasColeby (Colby)  

[Totals] 0033
[Page 12]
Bawburgh, Fore. H.     
Baker John 

Chambers Samuel 

Peters JohnNewton (Flotman)  

Spawle JohnHempnall  

[Totals] 2222
Bawdeswell, Eyns. H.     
Beckham BenjaminWeston (Longville)

Breese Matthew 

Buck Robert 

Edlington Henry 

Gurlington James   

Hammond Val. 

Rippengall Barth. 

Spicer Henry 

Tayler John 

[Totals] 8811
Bayfield, Holt H.     
Williams RichardLetheringsett  

[Totals] 0011
Beckham, East, N. Erp. H.
Beckham, West, S. Erp. H.
Crow William, W.   

Custance MarkBarningham  

Emeritt Jos. W.   

Harmer Thomas, E.Bodham  

Tower William, W.    
Warnes George, E.Hindolveston

Warnes Samuel, W.   

Wright Matthew, W.Great Snoring

[Totals] 2256
[Page 13]
Bedingham, Lod. H.     
Blomfield John 

Gunnes JohnPulham

Parsons Jos. Clerk. 

Plummer Robert 

Stone Robert, Esq; 

Thorpe John 

Withitoll EdmundHempnall

[Totals] 7700
Beecham Weld, Clack. H.     
Harvey John, Jun.   

Hye William   

Woods Andrew   

[Totals] 0033
Beeston cum Bittering, Land. H.
Beeston Regis, N. Erp. H.
Beeston St Andrew, Tav. H.
Beeston St Lawrence, Tuns. H.
Archer Mich. Tun:Erpingham

Bedingfield John, Esq;Caister

Carter EdmundWicklewood

Creamer Francis   

Gaging William 

Goss ThomasRuncton  

Harmer JohnSwafield

Herring Robert 

Hill Roger 

Holmes John 

Mitchell Henry 

Newman John 

[Page 14]
Preston Jacob, Esq; Ju [See Note 1] 

Rudd John 

Ward Jos.   

[Totals] 121233
Beetly, Land. H.     
Farrow EdmundReepham

Ferrar Hammond   

Flatt Edmund 

Rudbey Thomas 

Sangringham [sic] Robert 

[Totals] 4411
Beighton alias
Boyton, Walsh. H.
England RichardAcle

Fowler Samuel   

Green JohnN. Runham  

Nudd Robert   

Sadler Thomas   

[Totals] 1144
Belaugh alias Beloe, S. Erp. H.     
Chaplyn Gregory 

Cope ThomasY. Caister (Yarmouth)

Dean Bambridge, Clerk. 

Juby Thomas 

Larwood NathanielW(est). Beckham
Leeds RobertBawdeswell  
Rayner DobbsRingland

Simpson WilliamCawston

Woods ThomasWorstead

[Totals] 8711
[Page 15]
Besthorpe, Shrop. H.     
Brown WilliamTompson (Thompson)

Carver Phillip, Clerk.   

Childerhouse WilliamMorley B(otolph).
(Morley St. Botolph)

Morley JamesDeepham (Deopham)  

Osborn Edward   

Potter John   

Potter John, Jun. 

Raven John 
Ripper JohnShropham

Shaw Charles, Esq;   

Webster AndrewMorley

[Totals] 5467
Bexwell, Clack. H.     
Read BaronDearham (Dereham
East? or West?)

[Totals] 1100
Billingford, Earsh. H.
Billingford, Eyns. H.
Bayly George 

Bell Richard 

Bush James 

Coe HenryElmham

Francis John, Clerk. 

Hall HenryYaxham

Jeffery John 

[Totals] 7700
Billockby, W. Fleg. H.     
Skinner RobertSomerton  

[Totals] 0011
[Page 16]
Bilney East, Land. H.
Bilney, West Freb.
Easter William, E. 

Hillyard John, E.   

[Totals] 1111
Binham, N. Green. H.     
Bird JohnScarning  

Mountford JohnHindringham  

[Totals] 0022
Bintry, Eyns. H.     
Aldborough William 

Bell ThomasHockering  

Bradfield RobertHildolveston (Hindolveston)

Brett Elias 

Brookes JohnW(ood). Norton

Green Christopher 

Parker Thomas   

Perry RobertWorstead

Tery ThomasHoulsham (Foulsham?)

[Totals] 7722
Bixley, Hens. H.     

[Totals] 1100
Bixton, Fore. H.     
Warnes JamesEdgefield

[Totals] 1100
[Page 17]
Blakney, Holt. H.     
Aldborough EdmundSwaffham  

Beavis Tobias, Sen.   

Beavis Tobias   

Bond Daniel   

Brown Sammuel   

Burningham Robert   

Caster Thomas   

Chatt RobertWells  

Colthorpe Henry   

Cranfield Richard   

Crofts Francis   

Crofts Thomas   

Donn William   

Elliot Thomas   

Everett HenryCley  

Farthing Robert   

Foster WilliamHingham

Holley FrancisE(ast). Tuddenham

Hook Thomas   

Kittwood John   

Leeds John   

Matson JohnWells  

Patrick Richard   

Springall John   

Springall John   

Starling Thomas   

Yarham William   

[Totals] 222525
Blickling, S. Erp. H.     
Cubitt Thomas   

Gallant Thomas, Clerk.   

Howse John   

Killer SamuelStalham  

Langweed WilliamBurston  

[Page 18]
Matchin JamesStalham  

Park JohnHeverland (Haveringland)  

Sandells JohnCaston  

Smith James   

Smith Sheld.   

[Totals] 001010
Blofield, Blo. H.     
Brown ThomasRunham

Brown William   

Church ThomasLingwood  

Dover James, Clerk. 

Francis John   

Heath William, Clerk.S(outh). Walsham
Horner Francis   

Lamb Edward   

Lines Richard   

Ward Richard   

Whaytes JohnS(outh). Burlingham  

Wollingy JohnBillockby  

Wright Robert   

[Totals] 321010
Bodham, Holt H.     
Cooper Samuel   

Custance John   

Frankland Thomas   

Hipkins JohnHolt  

Norris JohnN(ew). Walsingham
(Little Walsingham)

Otty John   

Otty William   

Pearson Thomas   

[Totals] 0088
[Page 19]
Bodney, S. Green, H.     
Astley JamesCockley Cley  

Leegood BenjaminHorningtoft  

[Totals] 0022
Booton, S. Erp. H.     
Claxton Robert, Gent.   

Fox William 

Hutchinson Thomas   

Smith Francis 

[Totals] 2222
Boughton, Clac. H.     
Hackings Robert 

[Totals] 1100
Bracon-ash, Humb. H.     
Blasier AaronBunwell

Brumstead John 

Brumstead William 

Nevil Edmund 

Thurlow Thomas, Clerk.  
[Totals] 4501
Bradenham, E. W.
S. Green. H.
Barkham Joseph, EHelgay (Hilgay)  

Bird William, W. 

Chivlers (sic) Henry, E [See Note 2]W(est). Brade(nham)

Clemens Matthew, EHale (Holme Hale)

Clemens William, E 

Cresser William, E 

[Page 20]
Fenn Henry, W. 

Fenn Henry, Jun. W. 

Goodwyn William, W.Hale (Holme Hale)

Green William, W.W(est). Lexham

Guy John ---Shipdam (Shipdham)

Hart Robert, E. 

Hodgson John, W.E(ast). Brad(enham)

Munshaw William, W. 

Nelson Edmund, E. Clerk.   

Orten Thomas, W. 

Topping Henry, W. Clerk. 

Whitby John, W. 

[Totals] 161622
Bradfield, Tuns. H.     
Allen Daniel 

Brigg BosomCromer  

Brown NicholasSharrington  

Buller Francis 
Grime ThomasSwafield  

Hipps Francis [Not Rated]   

Riddle Thomas   

Rowland James [} same]   

Rowland James [} person]   

[Totals] 1178
Bradiston, Blof. H.
Brandiston Eyns. H.
Burrows Thomas   

Cooper RobertBurnham M(arket).  

Cotton JohnStrumpshaw  

Elden Thomas 

Furse Joseph   

[Totals] 1144
[Page 21]
Bramerton, Henst. H.     
Black John, Gent.   

Houghton John, Esq;   

[Totals] 0022
Brampton, S. Erp. H.     
Clark Rowland, Clerk. 

Curson William 

Herring John 

Marsham John 

Powell George 

[Totals] 5500
Brancaster, Smith, H.     
Barret FrancisLynn  

Clerk Edward   

Creamer Robert, Clerk.   

Curtis William   

Faircloth RobertHolm(e)  

Fenn NicholasN(ew). Walsingham
(Little Walsingham)

Fenn Robert 

Foster ThomasHeacham  

Frost Robert   

Gray Henry 

Hendry StephenBurnham N(orton).  

Large JohnThornham  

Moore WilliamGillingham

Peapes George   

Porter Simon   

Shall Edmund   

Smith Edward   

Thistle Nicholas   

Willis Thomas 

Witherby James 

[Totals] 551515
[Page 22]
Brandon, Fore. H.     
Bays Abraham, P. 

Brewster JohnThetford  

Brewster ThomasFeltwell  

Brown Peter   

Cadney JohnHockwold &c.

Cushion Hezekiah, P.Hardingham

Morton Thomas, P. 

Pyles Thomas, P. 

Tead John, P. 

Willet ThomasWeeting

[Totals] 7733
Breccles, Wayt. H.     
Baylis Richard 

Huddebull [sic] Joseph 

[Totals] 2200
Bridgeham, Shrop. H.     
Andrews Joseph 

Dickenson John 

Edwards Edmund 

Juby RobertM(arket). Harling
(East Harling)

Sayer William 

[Totals] 5500
Brinningham, Holt H.     
Locksmith Robert 

Whitacre Jerem. Vide ** [See Note 7]Barningham    
[Totals] 1100
[Page 23]
Brinton, Holt H.     
Barwick Robert 

Bircham Benjamin 

Bond EdmundBurlingham

Brereton William 

Cary EdwardSherringham (Sheringham)

Laws Samuel 

Lynn William 

Phoker Robert   

Pinchin GeorgeFoulsham

Shorting Nathanael, Clerk. 

[Totals] 9911
Brisley, Land. H.     
Athow Robert 

Athow Robert 

Blanch Robert, Jun. 

Fox Barnaby 

Giles Sylvanus   

Goodwin Edmund 

King Robert 

Moreton Joseph 

Selby Christopher, Clerk.Bitteringham P(arva).
(Little Bittering)

Shippen WilliamS(outh). Raynham

Spence Thomas 

[Totals] 101011
Brissingham, Dyss. H.     
Clayton Humphry, Clerk. 

Fish John   

Fulcher Thomas, Gent. 

Lycence William 

[Page 24]
Piddock William 

Pleasance Anthony 

Read JohnScole

Rust William 

Sippins William 

Ellener Thomas 

[Totals] 9911
Briston, Holt H.     
Athow Richard 

Baldwin James 

Bartrum Joseph 

Bentsley William 

Buck John 
Cates John, Sen. 

Chastner WilliamHolm(e)  

Constable Thomas 

Emery James 

Garret Robert 
Hill Henry 

Jarvis Benjamin 
Jay Willian (sic) 

Johnson Joshua   

Judy John 

Judy Roger 

Ives Thomas   

Nichols Thomas 

Page Benjamin 

Page Joshua 

Plumstead JohnEdgefield
[Totals] 181437
Burston, Dyss. H.     
Brown JohnSisland  

Eaton JohnScole

Emery William 

Saunders John 

Thaxter Thomas 

[Totals] 4411
[Page 25]
Brockdish, Ears. H.     
Barret CharlesDickleburgh  

Chapell John 

Cunningham John 

Dale Thomas 

Fish Nathaniel 

Fisher Allen, Clerk. 
Fisk Edmund 

Harper Benjamin   

Harper Richard 

Theobald Henry 

Tubby Richard, Esq; 

Wright ThomasAlburgh

[Totals] 10923
Brook, Clav. H.     
Blake William 

Corbould John   

Doyne Thomas   

Fowle Thomas, Esq;   

Garrod JohnYelverton  

Groom Charles   

Kerrison John   

Seaman Thomas, Gent. 

Wigg EdwardBedingham

[Totals] 3366
Broom, Lod. H.     
Batho Samuel, Clerk.Kirby Lane (Kirby Cane)  

Bird John   

Fowle John, Esq;   

Fuller John   

George Robert   

Lane JohnTopcraft (Topcroft)  

[Totals] 0066
[Page 26]
Broomsthorpe, Gall. H.     
King WilliamE(ast). Rudham  

[Totals] 0011
Brundall, Blof. H.     
Gant WilliamRanworth

Tuck SamuelAshby

[Totals] 2200
Brunstead, Hap. H.     
Burrage George   

Cubitt RobertHoning  

Lusher John   

[Totals] 0033
Buckenham-Ferry, Blof. H.
Buckenham, N. and O., Shrop. H.
Algar John, O. 

Ayston John, N. 

Baker Samuel, O. 

Barber John, N. 

Barker John, N.Banham

Batley William, N. 

Baxter Benjamin, N. 

Baxter Humphry, O. 

Blake Thomas, N. 

Bliss John, N. 

Braken William, N. 

Canham William, O. 

Colman William, N. 

Coot William, N. 

Crow John, N. 

Flanner John, Gent. N.Tibenham

Fuller Benjamin, N.Banham

Gedge John, O.   

Gibbs Thomas, O.Dyss. (Diss)

[Page 27]
Gibbs William, N. 

Gillman Samuel, jun. G. N.Barnham Broom

Gibbs William, jun. N. 

Goddard John 

Greenwood William, G. N. 

Harvey Robert, Esq; O. 

Hewitt John, O. 

Jolly Henry, O. 

Kemp Christopher, N. 

Kettle John, O.Roudham

Knotly Thomas, N. 

Lysseyman James, N. 

Maidman William, N. 

Mather John, N. 

Minns Anthony, N. 

Ong William, N. 

Palmer John, O.Carleton

Palmer Robert, N. 

Parker Adam, O. 

Pilgrim John, O. 

Poll John, N. 

Pottle Joseph, N. 

Pretheroe Thomas, N. 

Rant Mieux, Esq; O. 

Rushmere John, N. 

Smith William, N. 

Spencer John, N. 

Stone Robert 
Stone Robert, Clerk. N.Bunwell

Tollis John, N. 

Twayte John, N. 

Wager Thomas, N. 

Walpole John, N. 

Weld Thomas, O. **     
Welham John, Gent 

Woods Josias, N.Shelfhanger (Shelfanger)

[Page 28]
Wright Thomas, O. 
Yell Thomas, N.Carlton Road (Carleton Rode)

[Totals] 555322
Bunwell, Dep. H.     
Baldwin James, Clerk.   

Blake John 

Blake Thomas 

Brown PhilipTacolneston

Buck Peter 

Cann Stephen 

Edwards Robert   

Filby JamesCarleton

Filby John 

Gallard Richard, Sen. 

Recher RobertCarleton

Ward Richard 

[Totals] 101022
Burcham Mag.}
Burcham Tofts} Smith H.
Burcham New.}
Coe John, M.   

Dersly Thomas, Clerk. M.Houghton  

Haverson Thomas, Tofts   

Humphry John, M. 

Humphry Thomas, ToftsThornham  

Michil John, M.   

Miller William, NewBurcham M(agna).
(Great Bircham)

Nicholls Richard, M.G(reat). Ryburgh  

Storey Thomas, ToftsFring  

Todd Robert, New   

Youngs William, N.Fring  

[Totals] 111010
[Page 29]
Burgh-apton, Clav. H.     
Athow Christopher   

Athow Robert, Clerk.   

Bell Robert   

Blanks ChristopherKirby Bedon  

Blanks John, Clerk.Seething  

Cook John   

Cook Thomas 

Denny Freeman   

Fenn JosephS(outh). Walsham  

French Richard, Clerk.   

Hill ThomasLongham

Horn HenryLangley

Killington Henry   

Palmer Henry   

Plummer JohnBedingham  

Ward Richard   

[Totals] 331313
      Burgh St Mary - Flegg W. [See Note 6]
      Burgh St Margaret - Flegg W.
      Burgh next Aylsham - S. Erp. H.
      Burgh South - Mitford H.
      Burgh Whitacre (St. P.) - Clav. H
      Burgh Matishall, &c. - Mitford H.
Barret Benjamin, South. 

Brady Thomas, St. P.Aldby (Aldeby)

Burr Matthew, Ayls 

Calthorpe John, St. P. 

Cope John, Esq; Whit.   

Durrant Thomas, Fleg.Filby

Filby MilesCrownthorp(e)

Houghton John, Fleg. 

Hunn John, Fleg.Acle

Lemman Robert, Fleg. 

Liston Henry, St. Pet.Aldby (Aldeby)

Marshall John, St. Pet. 

Marshall Samuel, Fleg. 

[Page 30]
Meacher George, Fleg.Martham

Middleton William, South. 

Moor William, Fleg. 

Norton Robert, Mats.M(arket). Dearha(m).
(East Dereham)

Rowell John, SouthMorley

Sewells Thomas   

Sewells William, Fleg. 

Sherman Thomas, St. P.Toft Monks

Sherman William, St. P.Whitacre All-S(ts).

Sutton Peter, South 

Slark StephenHingham

Walpole Jos. Mat. 

White Robert, Clerk, Fleg. 

Willis John, Fleg. 

Woolsey John, Ayl.Ingworth  

[Totals] 252533
Burlingham, N. }
Burlingham, S. } Blof.
Burkins James, Esq;   

Hakin BenjaminTivetshall  

Heath ThomasBlofield

Man John   

Piggon Thomas, N.   

Read John, S.Limpenhoe  

Sudderby William, N. [See Note 3]St. I. M. Land.  

[Totals] 1166
Burnham Dep. Mar. Over.
Nort. Thorp. Ulp. or Sutt.
Westgate, Brother-cross, H.
Andrews ThomasWells  

Averitt Robert, Ov.   

Barham Edmund, West   

Barton Nich. Mar.   

[Page 31]
Beeston Thomas, Ov.   

Bell John, D.   

Bell John, N.   

Bell Robert, N.   

Beverly William 

Billen John, W.   

Bird John, N.   

Blyford Robert, G.Grimstone  

Brown Thomas   

Burton John, Th.   

Burton Isaac, W. 

Burton Nicholas, W.   

Chapman Robert, D.   

Coppey John, N.Wighton  

Cressey John, W. 

Curtis Robert, O.Swanton  

Dixon William, O.B. Dep. (Burnham Deepdale)  

Drake Rice, D.   

Dunn Thomas, N.   

Emerson IsaacTitchwell  

Faircloth Richard, O.   

Fish John, N. 

Gibson David, M.   

Gibson John, D.   

Girdlestone William, T.   

Goggs George, T.Harpley  

Gold Robert, W.   

Graves Gowen, Clerk. O.B(urnham). St. Andr(ew).  

Groome Thomas, jun. Clerk.   

Guybon William, W. 

Hall Henry, M.   

Hatton Robert, S.   

Hewitt Andrew, W.   

Hogan Thomas, W. 

Jeggs William, N.   

Ives Asley   

Lake Edmund, D.   

[Page 32]
Leverington Joseph, M.   

Magnus John, T.   

Mawl Thomas, N.   

Miles Robert, D.   

Monsey John, M.   

Overman Thomas, D.   

Overman William, D.   

Pearce Matthew, O.   

Pitts John, O.Weasenham  

Reyner Thomas, O.   

Reynols William, W.   

Sley Thomas, O,   

Smith Benjamin, D.   

Smith Robert, D.   

Smithson Thomas, U. Clerk.   

Stoughton Henry, D. 

Stoughton Roger, D.   

Stoughton Thomas, D.   

Sutton John, W. 

Temple Thomas, T.Gunthorpe  

Tuck John, W.   

Twiddy William, S.   

[Totals] 885555
Buxton, S. Erp. H.     
Callow Cuthbert 
Dunning John 

Garret JohnSkeyton

Knights Benjamin, Clerk. 
Marsham HenrySkeyton

Meakins William   

Porrett Cuthbert 

Rump Jos. 
Wright Richard   

[Totals] 7425



  • 1. "Ju"? written in pen - assumed to mean "Junior"?
  • 2. This looks like a typesetting error and it should be "CHILVERS"?
  • 3. "St. I. M. Land" may be "St James Marshland"?
  • 4. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.
  • 5. Burgh Parva (next to Melton Constable) church is dedicated to St Mary but is in ruins.
  • 6. Burgh St Mary near Fleggburgh had a church dedicated to St Mary but it is in ruins.
  • 7. "**" means no votes printed.
  • 8. "[]" brackets enclose a comment written in ink.
  • 9. Surname spelling varied and below are some alternatives which are to be found in the other Norfolk Poll Books which may refer to the same families :- Peapes/Peyps?, Redd/Read, Sangringham/Sandringham, Shall/Shaw


Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Barmer, Bawsey, Bittering Magna, Bittering Parva, Bowthorpe, Buckenham Tofts, Burgh Parva in Holt Hundred (see Note 5) and Bylaugh had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Note that many people still voted based on a freehold held elsewhere. An example of this is Whinburgh with no freehold entries but with the following :-

  • John Coleman, a Clerk (Clergyman) is under Hardingham (in Mitford Hundred) because he lives there but claims a vote because of a freehold in Whinburgh (Whinborough).

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter C.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

See also the main Voting page and the main 1734 Poll Book page.

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