Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with C

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Caister (near Yarmouth)
Caistor St. Edmund
Carleton, East
  [East Carleton]
  (Humbleyard H.)
Carleton Forehoe
  (Forehoe H.)
Carleton Rode
  (Depwade H.)
Carleton St Peter
  (Loddon H.)
Castle Acre
Castle Rising
Catton, Old
  [Old Catton]
Cockley Cley
Costessey  (Costesey)
Creake, North
  [North Creake]
Creake, South
  [South Creake]
Cressingham, Great
  [Great Cressingham]
  (Cressingham, Magna)
Cressingham, Little
  [Little Cressingham]
  (Cressingham, Parva)
  (Crostarick - Taverham Hund.)
  (Crostarick - Tunstead Hund.)
  Fulmodeston with Croxton
  (near Fakenham - Gallow H.)
  (near Thetford - Grimshoe H.)


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[Page 33]
Caistor Yarm. Fleg. H
Caistor St. Edm. Hens. H
Amis LukeWinterton

Bower William 

Clark Henry, St. Ed.Stoak H. Cr.
(Stoke Holy Cross)

Dean John 

Faucett Robert, Clerk. S. Ed. 

Fielding George   

Jacks John 

Minn Michael 

Nuthall William 

Olley Thomas 

Peak Robert 

[Totals] 9922
Caldecote Grim. H.     
Holden JohnHockwold &c.  

[Totals] 0011
Calthorpe S. Erp.     
Gay JohnAlborough  

Lubbock WebsterErpingham  

Sayer ThomasSaxlingham  

Wigget JamesWhitwell  

[Totals] 0044
Cantley Blof. H.     
Kettle Nicholas 

Kidball Simon 
Moor RichardBunwell

Pigg Christopher, Clerk.  
[Totals] 3302
Carbrooke Way. H.     
Buxton WilliamOvington

Chapman David 

[Page 34]
Durrant ThomasGarboldisham

George John 

Hall Joseph 

Hardy Michael 

Howling ThomasShipdam (Shipdham)  

Knobbs Stephen 

Lusher SimonBeetly (Beetley)  

Minns Peter 

Pagnel Thomas 

Pierson ThomasCressingham

Reeve John   

Stagg NathanielShipdam (Shipdham)

Thurrold Richard   

Towler James 

Trumps Thomas 

[Totals] 131344
Cardiston Eyns. H.     
Bulletast MatthewHackford  

Matthews EdwardReepham

Neal John 

Selth Samuel   

Selth Thomas   

[Totals] 2233
Carleton Rode {Dep. H.
Carleton Forehoe {Here. H. (Fore.)
Carleton, East {Humb. H.
Carleton St Peter {Lod. H.
Brighting Thomas, R. 

Briten John, R. 

Briten John, jun. R.Tibenham

Brereton Cuthbert, L. 

Brown Stephen, R.Foncet St. P.
(Forncett St. Peter)

Burgoll JohnHadscoe

Butcher Francis 

Carter HenryTibenham

Carter Richard, R. 

[Page 35]
Edwards Robert 

Elmer JohnWyndham (Wymondham)

Ellis Robert, St. Pet.Carlton, R.
(Carleton Rode)

Ellis William 

Hall Henry, St. P. 

Johnson Edward, B. 

Kemp John 
Kemp Richard, R. 

Knights Joseph, R. 

Lewell Thomas 
Meak Nicholas 

Oakely Thomas, R.Wyndham (Wymondham)  

Palmer Richard 

Parsons William, B. 

Philips ThomasLopham

Potter John, R. 

Riches John, R.Tibbenham (Tibenham)

Rouse John, R.   

Savery William, E. 

Tompson John, E.Gressenhall

Verdon James, Clerk. E.E. Deerham (East Dereham)

[Totals] 282622
Castle Acre Freb. L.     
Betts Benjamin 

Bilby Thomas 

Boulter Jeffery 

Coe FrancisShouldham  

Greenwood WilliamTompson (Thompson)

Hardman WilliamSt. Germains
(Wiggenhall St. Germain)

Harvey Thomas 

High Edw. 

Sommerstall Marmaduke 

Young John   

[Totals] 7733
[Page 36]
Caston Way Hund.
Cawston S. Erp. Hund.
Alby CharlesScarning

Athill Anthony   

Athill John   

Baldwin John   

Bayes ThomasBasham (Barsham)

Beck William 

Brett John, Cast. 

Brown Thomas, Clerk.   

Cater Anthony, Cast. 

Dewing August.   

Dewing Martin   

Dewing Thomas 

Dewing William   

Durrant Thomas, Cast. 

Ellis Robert, Cast.   

Garrison ThomasChedgrave

Gilman Andrew, Cast. 

Gilman John, Cast. 

Gooch George, Cast. 

Hook John, Cast. 

Jude Robert   

Pearson Richard, Cast.L(ittle). Ellingham  

Ranger John   

Riches John 

Salter Robert, Cast. 

Saffery Matthew   

Smith Jonathan, Cast. 

Sowell AdamItteringham

Springall John, Cast.Rockland  

Tilly William 

Turner Thomas, Cast. 

Westby Edmund   

Wood James 

Wayward John, Cast. 

Wayward Oliver, Cast. 

[Totals] 21211414
[Page 37]
Catfield Hap. H.     
Ames RobertHickling  

Ames RobertHickling  

Balls RichardHapsburgh (Happisburgh)  

Callow JohnYarmouth  

Cook Robert   

Crispe Samuel   

Lacey Richard   

Nicholls JohnWinterton

Steward Miles   

Wells GeorgeCatfeild and H. (Catfield)  

[Totals] 1199
Catton Tav. H.     
Dey Thomas 

Doughty JohnN(orth). Repps  

Harris JamesBoughton

Larwood JohnRoughton  

Love PeterAlby  

Masters William   

Middleton WilliamSomerton

Pardo ChristopherN(orth). Repps  

Wilkins JohnLammas

[Totals] 4455
Chedgrave Clav. H.     
Bradford Stephen   

Connold Samuel, Clerk.   

Ellis ThomasThurton

Fodder Charles 

Gilbert Thomas 

Pratt RobertLoddon

Utting HenrySurlingham

[Totals] 5522
[Page 38]
Clench-Wharton Freb. M.     
Davy Mark   

Forster Francis 

Warden John   

[Totals] 1122
Cley Holt H.     
Bately Francis 

Baynes Henry   

Blofield RobertFoulsham  

Bond EdmundFulmodeston

Coble PeterE. & W. Brad.
(East Bradenham & West Bradenham)

Formsby Francis   

Frammingham Robert 

Gennis RobertBlakney (Blakeney)  

Hye William   

James John   

Jay FramminghamHolt  

Millican GeorgeMorton  

Money Richard 

Pigg AndrewWhison Sett. (Whissonsett)

Reader ThomasHindringham  

Reave Daniel   

Rogers Thomas   

Rook ChristopherHunworth  

Royall John   

Royall John   

Sturgess Robert   

Sturgess William 

Ward Jos. Clerk.   

Wells WilliamSherringham (Sheringham)  

Wortley CharlesWells  

[Totals] 661919
[Page 39]
Cockley-Clay S. Green.     
Box Robert   

Fish Christopher   

Throw James   

[Totals] 0033
Cackthorpe N. Green     
Rice Henry, Clerk. 

[Totals] 1100
Colby S. Erp. H.     
Bullman John   

Caston JeremiahDilham  

Clarke JohnBanningham   
Fox ThomasN(orth). Walsham  

Peascod Thomas    
Roper JohnErpingham  

Rowse Thomas   

[Totals] 0057
Colkirk Land. H.     
Ellot John   

Hewes George, Clerk. 

Kelsall Henry, Esq;   

Secker Thomas   

Utbar Thomas   

[Totals] 1144
Coltishall S. Erp. H.     
Bayly Cloudsly 

Bell William 

Brown John   

Burroughs Gilbert D. D.Horstead  

Howard James 

Ives John 

[Page 40]
Moon ChristopherHickling

Perkins Valentine  
Plumstead Edmund 

Steel James 

Wells John 
Wells Robert 
[Totals] 10724
Colton Fore. H.     
Briggs ClementHonningham (Honingham)

Brown John, Esq;   

Daveney Henry 

Parlam Thomas 

Vincent Richard   

[Totals] 3322
Congham Freb. L.     
Pigg ThomasG(reat). Massingham  

[Totals] 0011
Corpusty S. Erp. H.     
Money StephenBriston

[Totals] 1100
Costesey Fore. H.     
Gunton Benjamin 

[Totals] 1100
Riches John 

[Totals] 1100
Coulston al. Colveston Grim. H.     
Glascock ThomasHockd. & Wil.
(Hockwold cum Wilton)

[Totals] 0011
Cranworth Mitt. H.     
Howell WilliamNeckton (Necton)

Hudson John 
Saltier Nathaniel, Clerk. 

[Totals] 3200
[Page 41]
Creake, N. (&) S. Broth. Hund.     
Alcock Robert, S.   

Angell Thomas, S.   

Barber Robert, S.Foulsham  

Bullock Thomas, N. Clerk.   

Clarke Edmund, N.   

Curson Robert, S.   

Dent David, S.   

Docking John, N.Burnham Ov(ery).  

Elmer John, S.   

Elmer Michael, S.   

Fowle John, N.   

Fox Edward, S.   

Glover Robert, S.Titleshall  

Goodwyn William, N.Holkham  

Hagrin Robert, N.   

Hooke Robert, S.   

King John, S.   

Kirby Henry, N.   

Murrell Jos. N.   

Nurse William, S.   

Pattern Michael, S.   

Pawditch Thomas, N.Burnham  

Shales Philip, S.S(outh). Burgh (Southburgh)  

Skippon John, S.   

Spelman Edward, S.   

Thurlow John, S.   

Toll William, N.   

Twinley William, S.   

Wells Robert, N.   

Woodcock Edmund, S.   

[Totals] 003030
Cressingham, M. P.
South Greenh. H.
Alcock John, P.   

Alderton Richard, M.   

Butters Edmund, P. 

Chamberlain Ed. Clerk. M.   

[Page 42]
Clark John, M.Whisonsett (Whissonsett)  

Emerson John, P.   

Emerson Thomas, P.   

Fisher Thomas, M.Smalburgh (Smallburgh)  

Holman Nich. M.   

John's William, M.   

Lake Thomas, M. 

Leggett Robert, M.   

Lobb Thomas, Esq; M.   

Pratt John, P.   

Wademan James, P. 

Wase Clement, M.   

[Totals] 331313
Crimplesham Clack. H.     
Bellamy Edward   

Harpley James   

[Totals] 0022
Cringleford Humb. H.     
Charles JamesHow(e)

[Totals] 1100
Allen Robert   

Bennett Richard,   

Bulwer James   

Chaplin Francis   

Collins Peter   

Cook John   

Cook John   

Coke William   

Copland Richard   

Fox Robert   

Frarey John   

Frarey Robert   

Frarey Nicholas 

[Page 43]
Hackerson Thomas   

Haskins John   

Hurst John   

Kett RobertHingham  

Kirby John   

Kirby Samuel   

Miller John   

Pain RichardCromer & R.  

Paul Thomas   

Ransome Henry   

Ransome Robert   

Riches William   

Rooke John   

Smith Richard   

Sussell John   

Webb Robert   

Willemott James   

Wyndham Francis, Esq;   

[Totals] 113030
Crostarick (Crostwick) Tav. H.
Crostarick (Crostwight) Tuns. H.
Bacon JoshuaWyndham (Wymondham)  

Slipper JohnHorstead

Turner William, Esq;Ingham  

[Totals] 1122
Crownthorpe Fore. H.     
Adcock John 

Buckle William  
Harvey John 

Thurston Stephen 

[Totals] 3401
Croxton (with Fulmodeston) Gal. H.
Croxton (near Thetford) Grim. H.
Dover JamesAttleburgh (Attleborough)

Harkwood EdwardE(ast). Harling

[Totals] 2200



  • 1. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.
  • 2. Castle Rising had NO one who voted for this poll because it elected its own MP's.

Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Choseley, Claxton, Clippesby, Colney and Cranwich
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Note that many people still voted based on a freehold held elsewhere. An example of this is Whinburgh with no freehold entries but with the following :-

  • John Coleman, a Clerk (Clergyman) is under Hardingham (in Mitford Hundred) because he lives there but claims a vote because of a freehold in Whinburgh (Whinborough).

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter D.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

See also the main Voting page and the main 1734 Poll Book page.

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