Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with K

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


  see Cardiston
Kimberley (Kimberly)
King's Lynn
  see Lynn King's
Kirby Bedon
Kirby Cane

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[Page 93]
Kelling Holt H.     
Bayfield John   

Bloome Robert   

Downing Nicholas   

Lound William   

Turner Thomas, Clerk.Salthouse  

[Totals] 0055
Kenninghall Guilt. H.     
Barham William 

Brothers CorneliusWilby

Burlingham AndrewShelfhanger (Shelfanger)

Buxton FrancisN(ew). Buckenham

Davy Robert 

Foyster JamesBanham

Goodwyn Richard 

Groome Francis 

Onge RobertSnetterton

Pilgrim ThomasShelfhanger (Shelfanger)

Sayer JohnTibbenham (Tibenham)

Sayer William 

Stedman William 

Suckerman William 

Watson JamesBurston

[Totals] 151500
Ketteringham Humb. H.     
Atkins Edward, Esq; 

Bale JohnWicklewood  

Poll JohnCarleton. R(ode).

[Totals] 2211
[Page 94]
Kettlestone Gall. H.     
Branthwayt John, Clerk 

Dennis RichardWighton  

[Totals] 1111
Kimberly Fore. H.     
Brand ThomasL(ittle). Brandon

Park John 

Peterson JohnHingham

[Totals] 4300
Kirby Cane Clav. H.
Kirby Bedon Hens. H.
Aldis Henry, B.Alburgh

Baker Abraham, Clerk. C.Ditchingham  

Baker Samuel, Clerk. C.   


Blyth Henry, B.G(reat). Plumstead

Boonfellow Edmund, C.   

Branch Thomas, B.Castor (Caistor)

Brook Francis, Clerk. B.   

Browning Jonathan, C.   

Clark Samuel, C.   

Clark JohnElsing

Crick John, B.   

Ringer John 

Ringer JohnFoncett St. P.
(Forncett St Peter)

TURNER Sir CHARLES, Bt. C.Warham  

[Totals] 7781
Kirstead Lod. H.     
Doyley JohnBurghapton (Bergh Apton)  

Mickleburgh WilliamSeething

Whall John   

Whall John   

[Totals] 1133
[Page 95]
Knapton N. Erp. H.     
Allen ThomasEdingthorpe  

Allison Thomas   

Bilstone Edward, Clerk.Munsley, &c.(Mundesley)  

Bower John   

Flight John 
Tompson Jos.Gimmingham (Gimingham)  

Wright JohnPaston   
Wright JohnPaston

[Totals] 2157


  • 1. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.
  • 2. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Places with no voters

The following places :-   Kempston, Keswick and Kilverstone had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Note that many people still voted based on a freehold held elsewhere. An example of this is Whinburgh with no freehold entries but with the following :-

  • John Coleman, a Clerk (Clergyman) is under Hardingham (in Mitford Hundred) because he lives there but claims a vote because of a freehold in Whinburgh (Whinborough).

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter L.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

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