Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with O

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Oby   (see also
  Ashby with Oby)
Ormesby St Margaret
Ormesby St Michael
Oxwick with Pattesley
  (see also Pattesley)

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[Page 126]
Oby W. Flegg Hund.     
Williams William, Clerk.Honing

[Totals] 1100
Ormsby St Mary St. Mich.
E. Flegg Hundred. [See Note 1]
Andrews Richard 

Artis Thomas, Clerk.   

Barnes John 

Bearaway Thomas 

Clews John   

Glover ClementScratby

Goffen John 

Goffen William 

Grapes Solomon 

Holmes Robert 

Johnson Robert 

Nichols ThomasScratby

Royce Thomas 

Rush Abraham 

Sillis Thomas 

Symonds Cotton, Esq; 

[Totals] 151522
Overstrand N. Erp. H.     
Boardman ThomasGimmingham (Gimingham)  

Rogers Joseph   

Rogers Thomas   

Salmon RobertS(outh). Repps  

[Totals] 0044
Ovington Wayl. Hund.     
Atkins Edward 

Howling John 
Howling John   
Mallat Robert 

Ward RalphShipdam (Shipdham)

Whiteman Thomas 

[Page 127]
Womack HenryCarbrook(e)

Wright Thomas 

[Totals] 7610
Oulton S. Erp. H.     
Bell John   

Bell Thomas   

Bell William   

Bullemer Timothy, Clerk.   

Burrell William   

Burton Thomas 

Coveny AbrahamFoulsham  

Matthews John 
Stockings Richard   

[Totals] 2178
Outwell Clack. Hund.     
Bell Beaupree, Esq; 

Hill Robert 

Hopkins Thomas 

Oldmeadow Thomas 

Scales Thomas 

Thew William   

[Totals] 5511
Oxburgh S. Green. Hund.     
Gibbon Robin   

Hopkin James [See Note 3]Barton  

Merriton John, ClerkSaham Tony, &c.
(Saham Toney)

Parkin Charles, Clerk   

Sutton JohnBarton Bend(ish)  

[Totals] 0055
Oxnead S. Erp. Hund.     
Rump JohnSkyton (Skeyton)
[Totals] 1001
[Page 128]
Oxwick Land. Hund.     
Laurence ThomasBrisley

Purdy JohnWhissonsett

[Totals] 2200


  • 1. St Mary looks like an error for St Marg(aret).
  • 2. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.
  • 3. Probably Barton Bendish but could be Barton Turf?
  • 4. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter P.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

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