Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with S

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Saham Toney
  (Saham Tony)
Saxlingham Nethergate
Saxlingham Thorpe
Sco Ruston
  (Ormesby St Margaret)
Sea Palling
  see Palling
Shotesham All Saints
  (Shottisham All Saints)
Shotesham St Mary
  (Shottisham St Mary
      and St. Martin)
Shouldham Thorpe
  [Great Snarehill &
  Little Snarehill]
Snoring, Great
  [Great Snoring]
  (Snoring, Magna)
Snoring, Little
  [Little Snoring]
  (Snoring, Parva)
Somerton, East
  [East Somerton]
Somerton, West
  [West Somerton]
South Acre
  see Burgh South
  see Repps South
  (see also Palgrave)
Stoke Ferry
Stoke Holy Cross
Stokesby with Herringby
Stow Bardolph
Stow Bedon
Stratton St Mary
  (Long Stratton)
Stratton St Michael
Stratton Strawless
Swanton Abbott
Swanton Morley
Swanton Novers

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[Page 140]
Saham Tony Wayl. H.     
Baker HenrySnettisham

Beales George 

Bennett JohnHempnall

Brooks John 

Case ThomasFransham  

Curl William, Clerk. 

[Page 141]
Hardy William Ashill [See Note 2] 

Hill John 

Oldfield EdmundAshill

Sicklemore William 

Ward Edward 

Willmott Bell 

Wright William 

[Totals] 121211
Salhouse Tav. H.
Salthouse Holt. H.
Abraham Peter   

Buckenham Thomas   

Collings Robert   

Davy Robert, Tav. 

Dey Stephen 

Dunn Thomas   

Howse William   

Lewis Jonathan, Tav. 

Parr John, Esq;   

Pegg Thomas   

Rice Thomas   

Seames Thomas   

Southgate Francis   

Stanforth Henry   

Stanforth John   

Starling Thomas   

Walsingham Jos. Tav.   

Williamson John   

Young RichardBlakeny (Blakeney)  

[Totals] 331616
Sandringham Freb. L. H.     
Hoste James, Esq;   

[Totals] 0011
[Page 142]
Saxlingham Holt. H.
Saxlingham Net. Hens. H.
Saxlingham Thorp. Hen. H.
Baron John, D.D.D.N.Gimingham  

Beeting CharlesSharington (Sharrington)

Capon John   

Cockerell Robert 

Goodson Joseph   

Hubbard RobertFramingham  

Lane Joseph, Clerk. 

Lindsey John 

Morley James 

Sayer Anthony, N.   

Sayer JohnBrooke

Sherwood Tuthill, Clerk.   

Waller Samuel 

Watson Richard, N.   

[Totals] 7777
Saxthorpe S. Erp. H.     
Aldborough RobertAcle  

Allison StephenW. Dawling (Wood Dalling)

Balls ThomasW. Dawling (Wood Dalling)

Boulter Jos.   

Boulter Jos.   

Fisher Joshua   

Flight JohnMetton  

Hill Francis   

Humphry William   

Yaxley JohnHemstead (Hempstead?)  

[Totals] 2288
Scarning Land. H.     
Betts John 

Billing ThomasWalsingham  

Black Titus 

Brett Joseph, Clerk.Kimberly (Kimberley)

Chamberlain WilliamWestfield

[Page 143]
Clarke Edmund 

Clarke Robert 

Cooper RalphHardingham

Hastings William 

Lacey ThomasDeerham (East Dereham?)  

Ladle John 

Lombe John, Clerk. 

Mendham Jeremiah 

[Totals] 111122
Scole Dyss. H.     
Cowper Abraham, Clerk.   

Dickerson William 

Drane William   

Long John 

Meadows Robert 

Vice Nicholas   

[Totals] 3333
Scottow S. Erp. H.     
Blake Thomas, Gent. 

Drake RichardAshmenhall (Ashmanhaugh?)  

Dyball Robert 

Hannard ThomasSkeyton  

Hart Philip 

Poorson Henry 

Pycroft John   

Quaintrill William   

Raymers Jos. 

Saul SamuelGimmingham (Gimingham)  

Turrill Samuel   

York John   

[Totals] 5577
[Page 144]
Scoulton Wayl. H.     
Gallard RichardBunwell

Watson Wyatt 

[Totals] 2200
Scratby E. Fleg. H.     
Brown SimonOrmesby

Cope JohnOrmesby

Randall RobertFilby

[Totals] 3300
Sculthorpe Gall. H.     
Beesen Philip   

Chapman Nicholas   

Donne Robert, Clerk.Thornham  

Donne Thomas, Clerk.   

Ellis JohnL(ittle). Snoring  

Gentleman Thomas 

Keed John   

Newill William   

Wright Richard   

[Totals] 1188
Sedgeford Smyth. H.     
Bird Thomas   

Collins Allen 

Collins RobertFring

Elgar Edmund 

Lake Robert 

Laws Edward   

Mason FrancisBurnham  

Smith RobertFring  

[Totals] 4444
Seething Lod. H.     
Barnes John 

Beelow JohnN(orth). Burlingham

Boyce John 

[Page 145]
Cooper John 

Kerrison Roger 

Knights Robert 

Osborne Edward, Esq; 

Smith JohnWootton  

Smith SamuelRedenhall

Tillett JamesAlborough

Tower John 

Wade William 

[Totals] 111111
Setch Freb. L. H.     
Allen AndersonTerrington St. Cl(ement).  

[Totals] 0011
Sharrington Holt. H.     
Beck William 

Fish Robert 

Kirby Jos.Wood Dawling (Wood Dalling)  

Loads John 

Loads John 

Middleton Robert 

Mott James 

Parker William   

Pleasance RobertBronton, &c. (Brinton?)

Reeves Daniel 

Landland [sic Sandling?] Daniel 

Watson John 

Workson John 

[Totals] 111122
Shelfanger Dyss. H.     
Fisher Francis 

Freeman John 

Pain George   

[Totals] 2211
[Page 146]
Shelton Dep. H.     
Bottermure RobertBillingford

Futter Robert, Gent. 

Shuckford Samuel, Clerk.   

Tostick HenryHardwick  

Ward John 

[Totals] 3322
Sheringham N. Erp. H.     
Brown Charles   

Cook ThomasSheringham &c.  

Cooper Laurence   

Crass Nathaniel   

Flower Cook   

Harman Jonathan   

Hook Nicholas   

Hook Robert   

Jennys Edmund   

Moneyman HenryBarningham  

Oakes Zephaniah   

Priest Joseph   

Syllis RobertCromer  

Wells James   

Worstead William   

[Totals] 001515
Sharnbourne Smith. H.     
Sharpe JamesSandringham  

Tweedy John 

[Totals] 1111
Shimpling Dyss. H.     
Mead SamuelBurston

[Totals] 1100
Shipdham Mitt. H.     
Able Anthony 

Alcock Edward 

[Page 147]
Barnes Robert 

Bullock Thomas, Gent. 

Coker William 

Crask William 

Denn Thomas 

Godfrey Hugh 

Hansor Jacob   

Hullyard Jeremiah 

Lucas Gibson   

Masters Thomas 

Nunn John   

Pike WitheHorseford (Horsford)

Pretheroe Owen 

Pretheroe William 

Rolling John 

Stagg James, Clerk. 

Stagg Nathaniel 

Stagg Samuel, Clerk. 

Symonds Thomas   

Townsend Thomas, Clerk.   

Warnes Thomas 

Young Abraham 

[Totals] 191955
Shottisham All Sts.
St Mary and St. Martin.
Hens. H.
Berney William, Clerk.New Flatman
(Newton Flotman)

D'Oyly William, Gent. 

Fenn John, St. M.Shottisham (Shotesham)  

Fellows William, Esq;   

Girdlestone Thomas, All Sts.   

Manistree John, Clerk.   

Moss MartinFoncet St. M.
(Forncett St. Mary)

Mingay William   

Utting Thomas 

[Page 148]
Watts Jos. 

Welton John, All Sts.   

[Totals] 4477
Shouldham and Shouldham
      Thorp. Clack. H.
Baxter John 

Baxter Thomas 

Beckett John, Sen. 

Beckett John, Jun. 

Dewson Nicholas 

Hasting RobertSh. Thorp. (Shouldham Thorpe)

Hibkin Robert 

Holman JohnLutcham (Litcham)

Irish Leonard 

Lampson John 

Lang Robert 

Peacock Matthew 

Starkins Robert 

Thorp Henry 

Wright ThomasNorthwold

[Totals] 151500
Shropham Shrop. H.     
Barker John, Esq; 

Barker William 

Bedingfield JohnSnetterton

Brown William 
Brown William   
Buckle WilliamShrop. & Rou.
(Shropham & Roudham?)

Bullock WilliamBanham

Coe JohnWyndham (Wymondham)  

Dent John 

Dunham Robert 

Grimmer Thomas 

Hardy Michael 

Hilton RobertRockland

Leverett John 

Pinner John 

[Page 149]
Pinner RobertAttleburgh (Attleborough)

Rands Robert 

[Totals] 151421
Sisland Clav. H.     
Batchelor MathewRaveningham

Briting JamesLoddon

[Totals] 2200
Skeyton S. Erp. H.     
Barber Samuel 

Pratt HammondCaston  

Watts JohnGresham  

Sloley Tuns. H.     
Clark John   

Dorcheson [Gotterson] Stephen [See Note 1] 

Garwood William   

Hubbard John 

Mack Thomas   

Money RichardWorstead  

Press ThomasTrunch  

Primrose Samuel 

Smith Samuel   

Spilman Mundeford, Clerk.   

Street [Thrett?] Thomas [See Note 1]   

Troney [Trorey] Robert [See Note 1] 

[Totals] 4488
Smalburgh Tuns. H.     
Annison JohnBarton

Bloom William 

Clarke Francis 

Eastgate William   

Flaxman WilliamHappisburgh   
Hennant WilliamDilham  

Jackson John, Sen. 

[Page 150]
Lilley Thomas 

Oram Richard, Clerk.   

Taylor Joshua [Joseph] [See Note 1] 

Taylor Stephen 

[Totals] 7734
Snetterton Shrop. H.     
Goddard Thomas, Gent. 

Neech Nicholas, Clerk.   

Nurse George 

Oakes Nathaniel   

Rush EdwardEccles  

[Totals] 2233
Snettisham Smyth. H.     
Alcock John 

Bird Richard 

Botham Edward 

Botham John 

Bretton John 

Cobb Robert   

Cock Richard 

Collins ThomasGrimstone

Crisp Thomas 

Dobson John 

Fayer Thomas 

Franklyn Richard 

Gold Henry 

Hendry Nicholas 

Kerr Archibald, Clerk. 

Manser Edward 

Minns WilliamMassingham

Palmer William   

Pescod Michael 

Styleman Nicholas, Esq; 

Styleman Robert, Gent.N(orth). Repps

Suffolke Thomas   

[Page 151]
Willis Christopher 

Woods William 

[Totals] 212133
Snoring { M. N. Green. H.
      { P. Gall. H.
Barnes Matthew, P. 

Clarke Thomas, M.   

Clarke William, M. 

Cork William, P. 

Dobson John, M.Hindringham

Favors John, M. 

Franklyn Christopher, P. 

Hudson John, Parva. 

Lane Benjamin, Par. Clerk. 

Leech John, P.   

Matlis Richard, M.   

Rix Henry, P.   

Strangleman William, P.Fulmodestone

Worship Robert, M.   

Wright John, Par. 

Wright John, Par. 

Wright Thomas, M.   

[Totals] 111166
Somerton { E.
& W. } W. Fleg. H.
Clarke Thomas, W. 

Dyball Humphry 

Harrison William, E. 

Lusher John, E.Yarmouth

Tilney ThomasHemsby

Williams John, W. 

[Totals] 6600
[Page 152]
Southery Clack. H.     
Canham John 

Collins JohnSporle

[Totals] 2200
Southacre S. Green. H.     
Brooklebank William, Clerk.   

Greenwood RobertCastleacre  

[Totals] 0022
Southwood Bloff. H.     
Emeris John 

[Totals] 1100
Sparham Eyns. H.     
Copeman EdwardLyng  

Hudson JohnStanfield  

Hunt James, Clerk. 

Murrell WilliamYaxham  

Rodham John   

[Totals] 1144
Spixworth Tav. H.     
Bott James, Clerk.   

Duckett HenryReymerstone

Long Francis, Esq; 

[Totals] 2211
Sporle S. Green. H.     
Burton EdwardWatton

Buskall MatthewS(outh). Pickenham

Etteridge John 

Fairclowers RobertGately (Gateley)

Gibbs Nicholas 

Nelson Thomas   

[Totals] 5511
[Page 153]
Sprowston Tav. H.     
Gales JohnBodham

Harmer John   

[Totals] 1111
Stalham Hap. H.     
Bane John   

Barnes John   

Drake John   

Gaines SamuelYarmouth

Gay WilliamHickling  

Hunt John   

Johnson John   

Juler John   

Pycroft Thomas   

Read John   

Worts John, Clerk.Knapton  

[Totals] 111010
Stanfield Land. H.     
Clarke Edward 

Claxton Edmund 

Hodson Edmund 

Jarvis John, Clerk. 

Mann John 

Mason William 

Milk John 

Sands Thomas 

Symonds William 

[Totals] 9900
Stanford Grim. H.     
Murrell MarkKirby Bedon

Rogers JohnRingland  

[Totals] 1111
[Page 154]
Stanhoe Smith. H.     
Dennis John   

Howard Edward   

Howard John   

Wilson John, Esq;   

[Totals] 0044
Stanton Shrop. H. [See Note 6]     
Allen ThomasThetford  

Youngman SamuelLopham

[Totals] 1111
Starston Ears. H.     
Barber James   

Brabon Henry   

Corbeard Thomas 

Creak Daniel 

Lincoln John   

Manning Thomas, Gent.   

Moor JohnLoddon

Roberts Robert 

Stilligfleet [sic] Fairfax, Cler. [See Note 7]Alborough (Aldborough/Alburgh?)

Tuthill John   

[Totals] 5555
Stibbard Gall. H.     
Durrant John   

Smith John   

[Totals] 0022
Stifkey N. Green. H.     
Allen Christopher   

Beck JohnTwyford  

Carnaby Nathaniel   

Isaac Peter   

Lynn Samuel   

Mann Francis   

[Page 155]
Newbigen Edmund   

Wilson William, Clerk.   

[Totals] 0088
Stoke Ferry Clack. H.
Stoke H. Cross. Hens. H.
Brook John, Ferry.   

Brokesby Villars, H. Cross. 

Burn Adam, Ferry.Fincham  

Busby Luke, Ferry.Hilburgh (Hilborough)  

Eldridge William 

Fairchild Francis, Ferry.   

Fox HenryNorthwold

Groome William, Ferry.Northwold  

Hutton ThomasBunwell &c.

Largent George, Ferry.   

Philips George, Ferry.   

Tingey Henry, Ferry.   

Yallop John, H. Cross. 

[Totals] 5588
Stockton Clav. H.     
Gillings John 

[Totals] 1100
Stokesby E. Fleg. H.     
Buscott SamuelS. Repps

Cannon JosephHappisburgh

Ellis RichardN. Repps  

[Totals] 2211
Stow Bard Clack H.
Stow Bedon Way. H.
Battey Robert, Bard.Feltwell

Bruce Thomas, Bard.Grimplesham (Crimplesham)

Carter Edward, Bedon. 

Eagle William, Bedon. 


Hawthorn John, Bed.Hingham

[Page 156]
Heazel Edmund, Bed.Rockland

Smith James, Clerk. Bed. 

Thomas Edward, Bard.Wormgay (Wormegay)

[Totals] 9900
Stradsett Clack. H.     
Harvey William, Clerk.   

Pilgrim Richard   

Say Robert 

[Totals] 1122
Stratton St. Mary's &
St. Mich. Dep. H.

Stratton Straw. S. Erp. H.
Barber Thomas, St. M. 

Brown John, St. Mary.Aslacton

Ebbets John, St. Mary. 

Hudson George, St. Mary.   

Killet William, St. Mich.Tharston

Kybird John, St. Mar. 

Leamon Henry, Str.Belaugh

Leamon Robert, Str.Havenningham

Marshom Robert, Esq;Buxton

Marsham Thomas, Esq; 
Middleditch Giles, St. Mar. 

Pettingall Thomas, St. Mar. 

Readgrave Isaac 

Solly John, Sen. Clerk. 

Solly John, Jun. Clerk.L(ittle). Cressingham

Stannard JohnWrenningham (Wreningham)  

Vynn Richard 

[Totals] 151422
Strumpshaw H.     
Black William   

Goffin Richard   

Leverington MathewAttleburgh (Attleborough)

Pickering Gilbert, Clerk. 
Saunders James   

[Page 157]
Springall William   

Wright John 

[Totals] 3244
Stodey Holt. H.     
Bambridge Edmund 

Britif Charles, Fsqr;[sic]   

Daglass James 
Naylor WilliamSwanton  

Paul Henry 

[Totals] 3223
Sturston Grim. H.     
Bullock William 

Clark OsmondBanham

[Totals] 2200
Suffield N. Erp. H.     
Bond RobertAntingham  

Bullock Zach.   

Cockman JohnAntingham  

Flemming William Hen. Esq;Watton  

Howes JohnFelmingham  

Lawrence John 
Riches EdmundHorstead  

Staynes John   

Symmonds JohnBradfield  

[Totals] 1089
Surlingham Hens. H.     
Bart Thomas 

Brown Samuel 

Grey Robert 

Johnson RobertSaxlingham  

Newman John   

Smouton Stephen   

[Totals] 3333
[Page 158]
Sustead N. Erp. H.     
Bond JonathanS. Reeps (South Repps)  

Sibbs Richard 

Sinclair Patrick, Clerk.   

[Totals] 1122
Sutton Hap. H.     
Appleton EdmundBrumstead  

Brown John   

Cossey Thomas   

Custance WilliamWormgay (Wormegay)  

Palmer WilliamG(reat). Ormesby

Vipond BenjaminLynn Regis  

[Totals] 1155
Swafield Tuns. H.     
Bartram James   

Bartram Richard 
Beck James   

Green Matthew   

Harmer Nicholas, Gent. 

King James   

[Totals] 2145
Swaffham S. Green H.     
Alderson JohnNorthwold  

Bodham Edward 

Bringloe John, Jun.Wyndham (Wymondham)

Chandler RichardCley  

Chapman Edward 

Charles Jos. Clerk.S(outh). Pickenham
Collins Thomas   

Cross Thomas 

Crow Robert, Gent.N(orth). Pickenham  

Dalton JohnCockley Cley

Glenn Henry 

Hainsworth LukeBeeston  

[Page 159]
Harvey John   

Large George   

Large William 

Mason Thomas 

Metcalfe Thomas   

Newell John 

Orm James 

Porther HenryWearham (Wereham)  

Ram Thomas   

Rayner Fairfax   

Raven John   

Theodorick Thomas 

Tilson SimonGooderstone

Wabey WilliamW. acre (West Acre)

Young BenjaminFlouden (Florden?)

[Totals] 15141213
Swannington Eyns. H.     
Adcock Felix 

Allen Thomas 

Bear Thomas 

Bladwell Charles, Gent.   

Case Henry 

Neale Barnard   
[Totals] 4421
Swanton. Abbotts S. Erp. H.
Swanton Morley. Land. H.
Swanton Novers Holt. H.
Bradfield Robert, M. 

Bey Thomas, N.   

Cooper SamuelSkeyton  

Cooper William, A.Worstead  

Dew John, N. 

Freeman Edward, M.N(orth). Tuddenham

Hindry Edward, N.   

Ingledow William, M.Crownthorp(e)

Lemon RobertSkeyton  

[Page 160]
Neeve Charles, Clerk. M. 

Parham Peter, Gent. M. 

Pigg Thomas, N.Dunham

Rix Peter, M. 

Roe Richard, M. 

Trinke ThomasHaverstone (?)

Turner Francis 

Waller Jos., N.Croxton  

Wilson Samuel, M. 

[Totals] 121266
Swardiston Humb. H.     
Cannell James 

Grand John 

Hudson Arthur 

Lovell John Tasburgh [See Note 4 **]     
[Totals] 3300
Sydistrand N. Erp. H.
Syderstone Gall. H.
Bacon Nicholas   

Berford George, Clerk.  
Burcham JohnN(orth). Repps, &c.  

Clipperton John   

Everard RobertCromer  

Jacomb George, Clerk Syders.   

Rye James   

Savory Henry   

[Totals] 0177



  • 1. Words in [] were corrections in ink.
  • 2. Ashill is an unusual middle name. Be aware that printers sometimes make mistakes and this might be his place of Freehold?
  • 3. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.
  • 4. No votes cast. Is Tasburgh in wrong column?
  • 5. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.
  • 6. Santon is in Grimshoe Hundred not Shropham as printed.
  • 7. Surname spelling varied and below are some alternatives which are to be found in the other Norfolk Poll Books which may refer to the same families :- Stilligfleet/Stillingfleet

Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Salle, Sco Ruston, Shereford, Shingham, Great Snarehill, Little Snarehill and Swainsthorpe
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Note that many people still voted based on a freehold held elsewhere. An example of this is Whinburgh with no freehold entries but with the following :-

  • John Coleman, a Clerk (Clergyman) is under Hardingham (in Mitford Hundred) because he lives there but claims a vote because of a freehold in Whinburgh (Whinborough).

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter T.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

See also the main Voting page and the main 1734 Poll Book page.

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