Norfolk Voting Registers - 1734 Poll


Towns & Parishes beginning with T

A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, May 22, 1734 taken before William Woodley Esq., High Sheriff

The Towns are set in an alphabetical Order; and so are all the Freeholders under each Town.

Each Page consists of six Columns. The first contains the Names of the Resident Freeholders in each Town; the second, the Freeholds when different from the Place of Residency. The other four have the initial Letters of the Candidates Names set at Top, and the Black Lines drawn under them shew how every Freeholder voted.


This contains the following parishes where property was held. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Terrington St Clement
Terrington St John
Thorpe Abbotts
Thorpe Market
  (Thorpe Juxta Haddiscoe)
Thorpe St Andrew
  (Thorpe Episcopi)
Thorpe Parva
Thwaite All Saints
  (South Erpingham Hundred)
Thwaite St Mary
  (Loddon Hundred)
Tilney All Saints
Tilney cum Islington
  see Islington
Tilney St Lawrence
  see also Godwick
Tivetshall St Margaret
  (Tivettshall St Margaret)
Tivetshall St Mary
  (Tivettshall St Mary)
Toft Monks
Tofts, West
  [West Tofts]
  see also Newton, Trowse
Tuddenham, East
  [East Tuddenham]
Tuddenham, North
  [North Tuddenham]

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[Page 160]
Tacolnestone Dep. H.     
Archer JohnHempnall
Brown Edmund 

Brown John, Clerk.   

Brown John 

Brown JohnFundenhall

Brown Stephen 

Davy Robert 

Edwards JohnNorton

[Page 161]
Knipe Edmund, Esq; 

Knipe Edmund, Esq; 

[Totals] 9821
Tasburgh Dep. H.     
Bowen Evan. Clerk. 

Buck RichardSwardiston (Swardeston)

Dodd Henry 

Gurney JohnWicklewood

Livock Robert 

Nixon RalphWrenningham (Wreningham)  

[Totals] 5511
Tatterford Gall. H.     
Hill John 

Skipper John 

Stone John, Clerk. 

[Totals] 3300
Tattersett Gall. H.     
England Richard   

[Totals] 0011
Taverham Tav. H.     
Sotherton Thomas, Esq;   

Tompson JohnSt. Faiths (Horsham)  

Tompson LukeBunwell

[Totals] 1122
Terrington St Clemt.
and St. Johns Freb. M. H.
Allen William 

Green John, St. J.Warham  

Hidden John, St. J.   

Hopson John, St. J.   

Mease John, St. J. 

Mease Thomas, St. J. 

Philips John   

Winter John, St. J. 

[Page 162]
Wright Henry, St. J. 

Wright William, St. J. 

[Totals] 5555
Tharston Dep. H.     
Beckett John 

Bell William   

Brown Robert 

Brown ThomasTasburgh

Buck John 

Hinsby EdmundG(reat). Ellingham

Kedington Stephen 

Mear Robert 

[Totals] 7711
Thelveton Dyss. H.     
Bartram Robert 

Farrow Jonathan 

Thrower Isaac   

[Totals] 2211
Themilthorpe Eyns. H.     
Brett Nicholas 

Seaman John 

Williamson RichardBurnham West(gate).

[Totals] 3300
Thetford Shrop. H.     
Baxter George 

Bennett Thomas 

Bidwell Arthur 

Bidwell Thomas   

Broughton Thomas   

Broughton Samuel 

Burgess Samuel, Gent. 

Burrell John   

Church Villars 

Clarke George   

Clarke John   

[Page 163]
Clay Samuel 

Cocksedge Henry, Gent.   

Colman John 

Cordwell William   

Cross John   

Darnham Thomas   

Deyson Henry   

Ewen John   

Faulkner Alexander 

Faux Gregory   

Fox David   

Garnham William   

Gentleman HenryAttleburgh (Attleborough)

Grimes John 

Grimes William 

Hatch John 

Hill George 

Hunt John 

Johnson William 

Kettle Henry 

Kettle John, Gent. 

Kettle Samuel 

King Nicholas   

Lackford Thomas   

Loane ThomasKilverstone

Martin Robert, Gent. 

Miles Thomas 

Mobbs Robert 

Nunn John 

Nurse Edmund   

Ollet William 

Perkins William 

Prentice John 

Price John, Clerk. 

Salmon Thomas 

Saunders Thomas   

Scarnell ThomasAttleburgh (Attleborough)  

Shelford Leon. 

Ship Robert   

[Page 164]
Smith Matthew   

Sterne Peter   

Sterne Robert   

Talbott Robert   

Tompson RobertRoyden (Roydon)  

Walton JohnMunford (Mundford)  

Warner John   

Wright John 

[Totals] 31312727
Thornage Holt. H.     
Fesquit Francis, Clerk. 

Flack Thomas   

Kendall NicholasSheringham
Perkins Christopher, Gent. 

Pile BenjaminStodey (Stody)  

Sands William 

[Totals] 4323
Thornham Smith. H.     
Brandford John [See Note 1]Budd's (?)  

Briggs John   

Costyn Robert   

Dracott William   

Duffin FrancisHunstanton  

Fenn NicholasHoughton  

Overton William   

Skippon Robert   

[Totals] 0088
Thorp. Abbots. Ears. H.
Thorp. jux. Hads. Clav. H.
Thorp. Market N. Erp. H.
Thorp. Norw. Blof. H.
Thorp. Parva Dyss. H.
Bardon Thomas, M.N(orth). Repps.  

Bartram John, M.N(orth). Repps.  

Capper Edward, Clerk. N.   

Clipperton Robert, M.Bacton  

[Page 165]
Jessop John, N. 

Lubbock Richard, M.   

Mickleburgh Henry 

Morley Joseph 

Reyner John, N. 

Selfe Thomas, N.Wood Dawling
(Wood Dalling)

Smith William, N. 
Swann Robert, M.   

Wiggett Edward, M.   

Woodrow Thomas, N.   

[Totals] 6599
Threxton Way. H.
Thuxton Mitt. H.
Filby JohnGarboldisham  

[Totals] 0011
Thrigby. E. Fleg. H.     
Mace JohnYarmouth

Smith Joshua, Esq; 

Todd ThomasWinterton

[Totals] 3300
Thurgarton N. Erp. H.     
Rickey John   

Spurrell John   

Spurrell William   

[Totals] 0033
Thurlton Lod. H.     
Batcheler Henry 

Batcheler WilliamLangley

Chandler Isaac 

Hunt RobertAcle

Lake Robert   

Pell William   

[Page 166]
Sayer John   

Watson John 

[Totals] 5533
Thurn. W. Fleg. H.     
Coots ThomasS(outh). Walsham  

Marsden Thomas   

Myhill JohnSomerton  

[Totals] 0033
Thurning Eyns. H.     
Athill James 

Elwin Caleb, Esq; 

Elwin Fountain, Esq; 

Elwin Peter, Esq;   

Moys Theophilus   

[Totals] 3322
Thursford N. Green. H.     
Burrell Nathaniel, Clerk.   

Edge John 

Empson RichardHenningham (Honingham)  

Fox Edward 

Fox William 

Porter Philip 

Warnes John   

[Totals] 4433
Thurton Clav. H.     
Cobb William 

Cook RobertHalvergate

Ellis Richard 

Horne Richard 

Utting Samuel   

Yallop ThomasBrundall

[Totals] 5511
[Page 167]
Thwayte S. Erp. H.
Thwayte Lod. H.
Baldry Reynold   

Barrett PeterHorstead  

Hook Richard, Clerk.Aldby (Aldeby)  

How John   

Swann John   

Woolmore Mathew   

Woolsey John   

[Totals] 0077
Tibbenham Dep. H.     
Blomfield RobertBunwell

Graty Robert 

Moor RobertBunwell

Philips Jonas 

Sherring Robert 

Taylor Thomas 

Taylor ThomasCarlton Road
(Carleton Rode)

[Totals] 7700
Tilney All Sts.
& St Laur. Freb. M. H.
Allen WilliamWalton  

Copsey Thomas, St. L..   

Green Mathew, All. Sts.. 

Hallowell Samuel, St. L..   

Hart Arthur, St. L..   

Jewson Thomas, St. L..   

Johnson John, All. Sts..   

Irish Roger, St. L.. 

Lampsan Edmund, St. L..   

Maryan Vincent, St. L.. 

Moor Thomas, All. Sts..   

Poston John   

Regby Thomas, St. L..   

Southgate L'Estrange, St. L..   

[Page 168]
Southgate Matthew 

Whiteman Henry, St. L..Terrington St. J.
(Terrington St. John)

[Totals] 551111
Titchwell Smith. H.     
Andrews Edward   

Bamston Jos. 

Briggs RobertThornham  

Short John   

Smith William   

Wissen Thomas   

[Totals] 1155
Tittleshall Land. H.
Tivettshall St Mar.
(&) St Marg. Dyss. H.
Barham John, St. Mary.Foncett (Forncett)  

Bassett William, St. Marg. 

Bayfield Thomas, Tit.Wickmere  

Budworth Luke, Clerk. Tit.   

Bodham Thomas, Tit.   

Bolton Robert, St. Marg.Dickleburgh

Bransby John, St. Marg.Thurton  

Brett Thomas, St. Marg.Scarning

Bulling John   

Buxton Thomas. St. Marys.   

Chapman James, Tit.   

Copping Charles, Tit.   

Gardiner John, St. Marys.   

Gibbs Charles, Cl. St. Marys.   

Goodwyn William, St. MaryNorton Sub. C.
(Norton Subcourse)

Haylett Thomas, Tit.G. Gressingham
(Great Cressingham)

Kemp William, Tiv.   

Lincoln John, St. Marg.Shelton  

Money EdmundStanhow (Stanhoe)  

Morecraft Jos. Tit.   

Riches HenryAcle  

Seales John, St. Marys.   

Smith William, St. Marys.   

[Page 169]
Staff Robert, St. Marys.   

Sutton Samuel, St. Marys.   

Whitby John, Tit.   

[Totals] 442222
Toft Monks Clav. H.     
Barton William 

Barcham Jos. Sen.   

Sharmon EdwardBedingham

[Totals] 2211
Thomson Way. H.     
Atmere Robert 

Barker Daniel 

Barker Matthew 

Barker Thomas 

Barker William 

Dexter Michael 

Lister Henry 

Lister William   

Osborn Henry 

Rust Robert 

Wright RobertOvington

[Totals] 101011
Topcroft Lod. H.     
Buxton Thomas   

Chastenny John 

Gobbett James 

Grimmer Phinehas [sic]Alburgh  

Harvey RobertBrook(e)

Smith George, Esq;   

Tanner William, Clerk. 

Wigg Francis   

[Totals] 4444
[Page 170]
Tottenhill Clac. H.     
Eldred James [See Note 2]Magdalen  

[Totals] 0011
Tottington Way. H.
Tuttington S. Erp. H.
Allen James, Tutt. 
Everson John 
Pearson Robert, Tutt.    
Pearson Robert, Tutt. 
West Robert 

Winnett William, Tutt.   

[Totals] 4122
Trimingham N. Erp. H.     
Bayfeld JohnHanworth  

Blyth Robert   

Plumly RichardN(orth). Repps  

Thorey WilliamTrunch  

Throrey WilliamTrunch  

[Totals] 0055
Trowse Newton Hens. H.     
Barker ThomasCaston

Braham EllisDenton

Bussey WilliamCatfield

Clipwell Thomas 

Dennington WilliamShimpling  

Draper RobertDeepham (Deopham)  

Low FrancisClaxton

Smith ThomasYelverton

[Totals] 6622
Trunch N. Erp. H.     
Armes IsaacS(outh). Repps  

Bane Robert   

Bond JohnAlby  

Boyer JohnSwafield  

[Page 171]
Cockman JohnSwafield  

Harmer Robert 

Howse John   

London WilliamNorton S. Cr.
(Norton Subcourse)

Mason John   

Primrose William   

Steward Jeffery   

[Totals] 111010
Tuddenham, N. & E. Mitt. H.     
Bayfield George, E. 

Brook James, E.Hardingham  

Bunn John, N. 

Bunn Robert, E.Hockering

Codnam John, N. 

Edwards Francis, N.   

Gooch John, E. 

Howes John, E.Carlton (Carleton)

Howlett John, N. 

Kerr James, E.N(orth). Walsham  

Mann William, N.   

Parker John, E.Moulton  

Prior Henry, Clerk. 

Rutton Robert, E. 

Sylam Matthew, N. 

Woodrow John, N.Hingham

Woodrow Thomas, N.Bawdeswell

[Totals] 121255
Tunstall Walls. H.     
Flixton WilliamHardingham

[Totals] 1100
Tunstead Tuns. H.     
Davy ForbyGressenhall

Gay WilliamNeatshead (Neatishead)

Johnson Richard   

Pull DanielHappisburgh  

[Page 172]
Richards JohnAshmenhaugh (Ashmanhaugh)

Rix William   

Smith John   

Walsingham John   

Watts William 
[Totals] 4356
Twyford Eyns. H.     
Farmer EdwardL(ittle). Ryburgh

Holl Aug. Jun. 

Purland Thomas 

[Totals] 3300


  • 1. "Budd's" is where in Norfolk?
  • 2. The nearest "Magdalen" is "Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen" but there is also "Pulham St Mary Magdalen"
  • 3. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.
  • 4. All the Hundreds and Candidates together with their abbreviations are to be found on the main 1734 Poll Book page.

Places with no voters

The following places :-   Testerton, Toftrees and West Tofts had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place.

Note that many people still voted based on a freehold held elsewhere. An example of this is Whinburgh with no freehold entries but with the following :-

  • John Coleman, a Clerk (Clergyman) is under Hardingham (in Mitford Hundred) because he lives there but claims a vote because of a freehold in Whinburgh (Whinborough).

The Poll book continues with Towns and Parishes beginning with the letter U.

Towns and Parishes

The book contains the following (where "A" is Acle to Aylsham etc.):-

  Outside Norfolk (By County)Uncertainties

See also the main Voting page and the main 1734 Poll Book page.

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