Norfolk: Voting Registers


Poll for Depwade Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for Depwade Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

Depwade Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


  (Ashwell Thorpe)
Carleton Rode
  (Carlton Rode)
Forncett St. Mary
and Forncett St. Peter
Moulton All Saints and
  Moulton St Michael
  (Mourning Thorpe)
Stratton St. Mary
Stratton St. Michael

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 17]
Ashwell Thorpe  
Browne CharlesAshwellthorpe---
Browne ChristopherFundenhallThomas Meadows
Browne ThomasPulham, Ears.William Bloy
Francis ThomasTasburghRobert Fulcher
Gooch FrancisAshwellthorpeJohn Parker
Harmer ThomasDenton, Ears.Nath. Dunn
Huggins WilliamAshwellthorpeBernard Huggins
Riches JohnAshwellthorpeGregory Howes
Aldhouse [Aldiss] DanielWactonWilliam Dale
Long JohnAslactonEliz. Trivett
Smith WilliamAslacton---
Utting JohnAslacton---
Arnold JosephBunwell---
Bunn JohnBunwell---
Herne [Hearne] RobertTharstonNathan Skeet
Leatherdale RichardCarleton RodeRobert Edwards
Parke WilliamBunwell---
Carleton Rode  
Barton RichardCarleton Rode---
Bird SamuelCarleton Rode---
Buxton John, ClerkBunwellRectory
[Page 18]
Edwards RobertCarleton Rode---
Hardy JohnCarleton Rode---
Hardy WilliamCarleton Rode---
Julians WilliamCarleton RodeBenjamin Bernard
Kemp JohnCarleton Rode---
Kemp RichardCarleton RodeBenjamin Rowe
Lewell WilliamCarleton Rode---
Oakley Robert
[Not in Chase book?]
Carleton Rode---
Philippo JamesCarleton Rode---
Philippo ThomasCarleton Rode___ Fiske
Scott WilliamAshwell ThorpeWidow Welton
Smith RichardCarleton RodeJohn Bond
Forncet St. Peter and
St. Mary
Barton William, P.Tharston---
Browne Daniel, P. ---
Browne Thomas, P. ---
Everett RobertForncett St. PeterJohn Everett
Francis RobertHapton---
Hardy William, P. James Culham, &c.
Murrel[l] JohnBunwellEdmund Rice
Osborne John, P. ---
Parke John, P. ---
Ringer Wm. Beverley, P.
[Ringer Beverly William]
Welton John, P. ---
Chambers JohnFritton---
Durban GeorgeFritton---
Sowter JohnHardwickJohn Vipond
Salter PeterFundenhall---
Hart CharlesTasburghHenry High
Lee JosephHapton---
Blake HenryHardwick---
Copping EdwardHardwickThomasin Ward
Copping SamuelHardwickEdward Copping
Feltham [Felton] Richard [DR=Forncett] ---
[Page 19]
Howes [Howse] JamesHardwick---
Kemp DavidHardwickStephen Raven
Rose MatthewHardwickRichard Feltham
Spink ThomasHardwickJohn Smith
Tibbenham [Tibnam] ThomasHardwick---
Bensley JohnHempnall---
Bunn Charles [DR=Yarmouth]HempnallJoshua Willis
Carver JamesHempnallWm. Thirkettle
Cunningham LoammiHempnall---
Doyley ThomasHempnallJohn Stone
Durrant WilliamThurlton, Clav.John Watson
Parsons Joseph, ClerkHempnallVicarage
Rayner ThomasHempnall---
Richards James, jun.HempnallThomas Rayner
Stone RobertHempnall---
Thornley [Thornly] JohnHempnallRichard Watling
Warmoll CharlesHempnall---
Moulton All Saints, & St Michael.  
Bloome ThomasWactonHenry Carrington
Buxton James James Cock
Mourning Thorpe  
Goldsworth FrancisMorningthorpe---
Howes Thomas, ClerkMorningthorpe---
Salmon John, ClerkSheltonRectory
Westgate JohnSheltonJohn Mason
Wright FrancisHardwickEdward Copping
Stratton St. Michael & St. Mary.  
Allen Thomas ---
Barber Thomas, St. Mich. ---
Carver Charles Clerk Rectory
Dix JohnHempnallFrancis Neal
Hibgame Edward Cl.Stratton (St.) Mich(ael).Rectory
Hill SamuelSaxlingham, Hens.James Thurston
Horn Thomas, St. Mich. ---
Hotson Robert James Hotson
[Page 20]
Redgrave William, St. Mich. ---
Soley John, ClerkWactonRectory
Wright John, St. Mich.East Harling, Guilt.Ann Drake
Browne Charles, ClerkFrenze, Diss.Rectory
Browne John, ClerkTacolnestonJ. Browne, jun.
Browne John, jun.AslactonWilliam Cleveland
Fowler ThomasTacolneston---
Warren Thomas, ClerkTacolnestonRectory
Browne RobertTasburghRalph Nixon
Goward ThomasTasburgh---
Livock HenryTasburgh---
Nickless [Nichols] JohnTasburgh---
Tompson ---Yarmouth, E. Flegg.John Sewel
Woods JohnTasburghWidow Chittleburgh
Wright RichardTasburghElizabeth Hart
Becket [Beckett] JamesPulham Mary, Ears.Robert Chilvers
Beckett [Becket] JohnTharston---
Browne GeorgeHaptonMary Martin
Browne RobertTharston---
Browne ThomasTharston---
Wicks WilliamTharston---
Bale WilliamWymondham, Fore.Henry Rivett
Betts JohnTibenham---
Beverley [Beverly] MichaelPoringland, Hens.William Beverly
Blake WilliamCarleton RodeJohn Hardy
Chasteney [Chaston] ThomasCarleton RodeWilliam Lewell
Feltham [Felom] ThomasTibenham---
Longe RobertWacton---
Longe Robert, jun. [-]WactonJohn Hacon
Staff John, jun.WactonJohn Leeder
Youngs JohnBanham, Guilt.Richard Witham


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Depwade Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Diss Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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