Norfolk: Voting Registers


Poll for East Flegg Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for East Flegg Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

East Flegg Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Caister next Yarmouth
Ormesby St. Margaret
Ormesby St. Michael
  with Herringby
Borough of YARMOUTH

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Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 45]
Amyas [Amis] ThomasCaisterJohn Cary
Crane WilliamCaisterWm. Crane
Edmunds WilliamCaister---
Fielding JohnCaister---
Mayes JohnCaister---
Church JohnHemsby, W. Flegg---
Crowe BenjaminFilby---
Crowe ThomasFilby---
Durrant JohnFilby---
Eade WilliamFilby---
Frosdike [Frosdyke] Robert [Edward]Filby---
Greene Robert [DR=Yarmouth]FilbySusannah Newell
Jay JohnFilbyJohn Snowley
Jermy [Jarmy] ThomasFilby---
Legge [Leake] JohnFilby---
Meek HenryFilby---
Narborough [Nalburgh] WilliamFilby---
Norfor [Norford] JohnFilby---
Sadler ThomasFilby---
Waters WilliamFilby---
Boult GeorgeHalvergate, Wals.Joseph Meek
[Page 46]
Carpenter JohnCaisterSamuel Gilham
Pettingale [Pettingall] John [DR=Filby]MautbyThomas Lines
Womack ArthurRunham, &c.Mark Green
Ormesby .  
Artis Thomas, Clerk.OrmesbyVicarage
Bell JohnOrmesby---
Brightman WilliamFilbyWidow Payne
Bunn JohnOrmesby---
Cater WilliamUpton, Wals.Joseph Browne
Church RobertOrmesby---
Cooper GeorgeOrmesby---
Edwards Matthew [DR=Yarmouth]OrmesbyMary Mills
Otty [Ottey] ThomasOrmesby---
Otty [Ottey] WilliamOrmesby---
Pank HenryOrmesby---
Shrimpling JamesOrmesby---
Smith JohnOrmesby---
Teasdale PeterFilbyWm. Dawson
Woolstone JohnOrmesbySamuel Woolstone
Crowe RobertRunham---
Fabb RichardRunhamThomas Cosley
Gymer SimonRunham---
Lowe RobertRunham---
Ralph EdwardRunham---
Smith WilliamRunham---
Liffen Jos[eph]. WaceRunhamJohn Benns
Bland EdwardStokesby---
Ellis RobertN(orth). Repps, N(orth). Erp.Benj. Golding
[Page 47]
Adams WilliamYarmouth---
Adkin Thomas, Esq;[-]Yarmouth---
Adkins ThomasYarmouth---
Ainge JosephYarmouth---
Aldred AllenYarmouth---
Aldred Edward [Edmund]Yarmouth---
Aldridge [Eldridge] JohnYarmouth---
Allen RobertYarmouth---
Ambler WilliamYarmouth---
Ames EdmundYarmouth---
Ames JosephYarmouth---
Armstrong ThomasYarmouth---
Arnold RobertYarmouthThomas Barber
Arnold SimonYarmouth---
Artis ArthurYarmouth---
Artis ThomasYarmouthB. Gimingham
Ashmull [Ashman] WilliamYarmouth---
Atkins [Adkins] PeterYarmouthHenry Norton
Audley HenryYarmouth---
Aycock WilliamYarmouth---
Aycop William [Not in Chase?]Yarmouth---
Backler JohnYarmouth---
Backler RobertYarmouth---
Bacon RichardYarmouth---
Bacon WilliamYarmouthSamuel Dowling
Baker JohnYarmouth---
Baker Richard, Esq;Yarmouth---
Baker ThomasYarmouth---
Baldrey [Boldra] JohnYarmouthWilliam Thomas
Balls FrancisYarmouth---
Balls JohnHoveton St. John, Tuns.Michael Skedge
Barber JohnYarmouth---
Barber RobertYarmouth---
Barcham BachelorYarmouth---
Barnby John, Esq;Yarmouth---
Barnby John, jun.Yarmouth---
Barnby SamuelYarmouthJohn Fuller
Barnby WilliamYarmouthRobert Harvey
Barret [Barett] RobertYarmouth---
Barry [Berry] WilliamYarmouth---
Bateman PurvisYarmouthWilliam Rowling
[Page 48]
Bateman ThomasYarmouth---
Batty John [Bolter John?]Trimingham, N. Erp.Francis Newman
Bayley [Baley] SamuelYarmouthSamuel Curson
Beamont JohnYarmouth---
Beckett DraperYarmouthJohn Shreeve
Beevor MatthewHickling, Hap.John Burton
Bell JohnYarmouth---
Bennet [Pennent] ThomasYarmouth---
Benton RobertYarmouth---
Bird Thomas [DR=Filby]Yarmouth [DF=Filby]--- Bell
Birt [Beart] HenryYarmouth---
Birt JosephYarmouth---
Bishop SamuelYarmouthWilliam Morley
Blackbourne [Blackman] BenjaminYarmouth---
Blythe ThomasYarmouth---
Booth HenryYarmouth---
Boult [Bolt] Thomas [Edward]YarmouthThomas Fisher
Boult [Bolt] WilliamYarmouthJohn Boult
Boycat Samuel, Clerk.Whetacre (Wheatacre), Clav.Rectory
Boyce RichardYarmouth---
Bracey WilliamSouth Walsham, Wals.Benjamin Fearman
Bradford JohnYarmouth---
Brand JohnYarmouth---
Bray RobertYarmouth--- Johnson
Bream JohnYarmouth---
Bream SamuelYarmouth---
Breese [Breeze] JohnYarmouthJames Lawes
Brooks RobertYarmouth---
Brooks WilliamYarmouth---
Browne AnthonyYarmouth---
Browne FrancisYarmouth---
Browne JohnMartham, W. FleggWilliam Suffield
Browne JohnYarmouth---
Browne JohnYarmouth---
Browne RobertYarmouthHis Son
Browne ThomasYarmouthN. Knights, jun.
Browne William, Esq;Yarmouth---
Browne William, Esq;Yarmouth---
Browne WilliamYarmouthJohn Waters
Browne WilliamYarmouth---
Browne Wm. Williams
[Williams Wm. Browne]
Bullfinch [Bulfinch] RichardYarmouth--- Gardiner
Burridge Thomas
[Burrage Robert]
Burroughs [Burrows] WilliamYarmouth---
Burton JohnYarmouth---
[Page 49]
Burton [Buxton] WilliamYarmouthCharles Wright
Bushell [Bushel] ThomasYarmouth--- Loveday
Butcher HenryYarmouthMary King
Butcher William, Esq;Yarmouth---
Callow MichaelYarmouthWm. Cole
Calthorpe EdwardYarmouthJohn Bull
Capon ThomasYarmouth---
Capon WilliamYarmouth---
Carman ThomasYarmouthJames Norton, jun.
Carsey JohnYarmouth---
Carver RichardYarmouthHenry Jenkinson
Casement JohnYarmouth---
Chesnut [Chesnutt] ThomasYarmouthSarah Moyse
Chichely Henry [Rich.]Yarmouth--- Howes
Christmas JohnYarmouthRichard Harley
Church WilliamYarmouthJames Norfor
Clarke GeorgeYarmouthWm. Branfield
Clarke JohnYarmouth---
Claxton RobertYarmouth--- Woodrow, &c.
Clay JamesYarmouthJohn Hart
Claybourne [Clabon] GeorgeYarmouth---
Clifton FrancisYarmouthJoseph Smith
Clifton GabrielYarmouthJames Ellet
Cobb Edmund [Edward]Yarmouth--- Godfrey, &c.
Cobb JohnRepps, W. FleggJohn Bullock
Cock [Caulk] JohnYarmouth---
Cock PhilipYarmouthJohn Greene
Cole WilliamWorstead, Tuns.Thomas Berry
Coleby JohnYarmouth--- Hunter
Coleby JohnYarmouth---
Coleby [Colby] Nathaniel, [sen.]Yarmouth---
Conyers ThomasYarmouthThomas Lakey
Cooke BenjaminYarmouthWm. Bultitude
Cooke CharlesYarmouth---
Cooper HenryYarmouth---
Cooper HenryYarmouth---
Cooper JohnYarmouthThomas Liddle
Cotman John, Esq;Ormesby, East Flegg---
Covill WrightYarmouth---
Crabtree EdwardYarmouth---
Creed WilliamYarmouth---
Crewe [Crow] WilliamYarmouth---
Croskill HenryYarmouth---
Cross GeorgeYarmouth---
Crouchin [Cronchin] RichardYarmouth---
[Page 50]
Crowfoot [Crowforth] JohnYarmouth---
Curson [Custance?] JohnYarmouth---
Curtis JohnYarmouth---
Cusaude MatthewYarmouth---
Dade ThomasYarmouth---
Daniel RichardYarmouth---
Davey [Davy] MatthewYarmouth---
Davey [Davy] ThomasYarmouthJohn Seagoe
Davey [Davy] WilliamYarmouth--- Hickson
Dawson JamesYarmouth---
Dawson WilliamYarmouthRobert Grinling
Deeker AbrahamYarmouth---
Dereham Simon [Deerham Simeon]Yarmouth---
Dick WilliamYarmouth--- Bell
Ditcham JohnYarmouth---
Ditcham SamuelYarmouth---
Ditcham [Ditchans] WilliamYarmouth---
Dowson BenjaminYarmouthSam. Woolsey
Drake AdamYarmouth--- Neale
Drake JohnYarmouth---
Draper BenjaminYarmouth---
Draper JohnYarmouth---
Draper WilliamYarmouth---
Drury Edward [Edmund]YarmouthMatthew Wallis
Dunn John, [sen.]YarmouthJohn Howes
Dunn John, [jun.]Yarmouth---
Durrant JohnYarmouthSamuel Lewis
Durrant Joseph [Job]Yarmouth---
Durrant Robert BoultYarmouth---
Durrant WilliamYarmouthJohn Furness
Durrel [Durell] CharlesYarmouth---
Dye JohnYarmouth---
Dye JohnYarmouth---
Eaton ChristopherYarmouth---
Eaton WilliamYarmouth---
Eldridge JohnYarmouth---
Eldridge ThomasYarmouth---
Eldridge WilliamYarmouthJohn Slight
Ellis ThomasYarmouth---
Ellis WilliamYarmouth---
Emms SamuelYarmouth---
Errington [Herrington] GeorgeYarmouth---
Farry JohnYarmouth---
Fielding BenjaminFreethorpe, Blo.A Holdsworth
Fish JohnYarmouth---
[Page 51]
Fish NathanielYarmouth---
Fisher John, Esq;Yarmouth---
Fisher JohnYarmouth---
Fisher William, Esq;Yarmouth---
Fisher WilliamYarmouthHenry Hurst
Forder [Foddar] WilliamYarmouthJohn Christmas
Foster [Forster] HenryYarmouth---
Foster [Forster] TeneyYarmouth---
Fowler JohnYarmouth---
French Crane JamesYarmouthNath. Hunt
French JohnYarmouth---
Frost MeadowsYarmouth---
Fuller JohnYarmouth--- Nicholson
Fuller Richard, Esq;Yarmouth---
Fuller ThomasYarmouth---
Fyson GeorgeYarmouth---
Garwood [Garrod] ThomasYarmouthWilliam Bull
Gibbs BenjaminYarmouthJohn Oliver
Gibbs WilliamYarmouth---
Gilman [Gilham] JohnYarmouth---
Gimingham RobertYarmouth--- Wright, &c.
Godfrey SamuelYarmouth---
Godsman RobertYarmouth---
Goldspink JosephYarmouth---
Goose RichardYarmouth---
Gorston Thomas [Not in Chase]YarmouthWm. Gooch
Gosker [Goskar] WilliamYarmouth---
Gowing JohnYarmouthHis Daughter
Greene SamuelYarmouth---
Greene ThomasYarmouthThomas Richardson
Greenwood WilliamYarmouthCharles Wigget
Greenwood WilliamYarmouth---
Grey Anthony CooperYarmouth---
Groome IsaacThurlton, Clav.James Pickers
Gurney RichardYarmouth---
Guyton RobertYarmouth---
Haggardy [Haggerday] JohnYarmouthJohn Weeds
Hall JohnYarmouth---
Hall WilliamYarmouthThomas Rayner
Hammond JamesYarmouth---
Hammond ThomasYarmouth---
Harrington [Errington] JosephYarmouth---
Harrington [Errington] SamuelYarmouthEmpty
Harrison JohnYarmouth---
Harrison RobertYarmouth---
[Page 52]
Hart JohnYarmouth---
Hastings JosephYarmouth---
Hatch [Heach] ThomasYarmouthPhilip Robkins
Hay HenryYarmouthWm. Jarvis
Hazell [Hazel] JohnYarmouthDavid Dyke
High JohnYarmouthHugh Withels
Hirst SamuelYarmouth---
Howes ThomasYarmouth---
Humphrey [Humphry] ThomasYarmouthAnn Armstrong
Hunt NathanielYarmouth---
Hunter WilliamYarmouth---
Hurnard RobertYarmouth--- Parsons, &c.
Hurrel [Horrie] JohnYarmouthBen Browne
Hurry JohnYarmouth--- Curteis, &c.
Hurry SamuelYarmouthJohn Crombie
Hurry ThomasYarmouth---
Hurry Thomas, jun.Yarmouth---
Hurry WilliamYarmouth--- Taylor
Jackson JosephYarmouthRobert Walker
Jenkinson CharlesYarmouthThomas Freeman
Jex EdwardYarmouthAmbrose Walker
Jex HenryNorton Sub(course). Clav.Wm. Clarke
Johnson RobertYarmouth---
Johnson ThomasYarmouth---
Ives John, [Esq;]Yarmouth---
Ives JohnYarmouthWidow Ives
Kett WilliamYarmouth---
Kirby RichardYarmouth---
Kirkman PeterYarmouthThomas Peak
Knapp FrancisYarmouth---
Knight NathanielYarmouth--- Eldridge, &c.
Lachwell [Sacheverell?] JohnYarmouth---
Lammas LeonardYarmouthEdward Fuller
Lancaster RobertYarmouthWidow Clarke
Lane BenjaminYarmouth---
Lane MeadowsYarmouthCharles Ingram
Lawrence JohnYarmouthJohn Moore
Laycon JohnYarmouthWm. Woodbine
Leath ThomasYarmouth---
Lewis [Lewes] WilliamYarmouthWm. Nicholls
Lindefield [Landerfield] FrancisYarmouth---
Lindoe WilliamYarmouthThomas Watson
Linkley ChristopherYarmouth---
Lone SpencerYarmouth---
Love JohnRunham, E. FleggRichard Fabb
[Page 53]
Lucas Richard Gay, Cl.Mawtby (Mautby), E. FleggRectory
Lucas Gibson, Esq;Filby, E. FleggJohn Church
Madderson [Maddison] WilliamYarmouth---
Mallet WilliamYarmouthJohn Daniel
Manby JohnYarmouthWidow Manby
Manclarke ---- Cl.Pulham, Ears.Isaac Tyrrel
Manclarke ColmanYarmouth--- Creake
Manclarke RogerYarmouthThomas Manclarke
Manclarke ThomasYarmouth---
Manclarke ThomasHorsey, Hap.Wm. Wright
Manning ThomasYarmouth---
Marsh [Mash] John, [jun.]Yarmouth---
Martin JohnYarmouthJames Dixon
Martin John [Not in Chase]Yarmouth---
Martin Thomas, Esq;Yarmouth---
Martin Thomas, Clerk.YarmouthWm. Franklin
Mason Edward [Edmund]Yarmouth---
Mason JohnYarmouth---
Master JohnYarmouth---
Masters [Master] MarkYarmouth---
May JohnYarmouth--- Cross
Mayes HenryYarmouthHis Son
Middleton BenjaminYarmouthB. Middleton
Middleton Benj. jun.YarmouthHis Father
Middleton ThomasYarmouth---
Miller BaconYarmouth---
Miller John [Not in Chase?]Yarmouth---
Miller RichardYarmouth---
Miller WilliamYarmouth---
Missenden Thomas, Cl.Woodton, Lod.Rectory
Moon RobertYarmouth---
Moore JohnRepps, W. FleggThomas Francis
Morley HildebrandYarmouth---
Morris JohnYarmouth---
Morse ThomasYarmouth---
Moy Raynham [Moyce Rainham]Moulton (St Mary), Wals.John Stratford
Moyse Ridhard [Richard] [Esq;]Yarmouth---
Moxon JohnYarmouth---
Neale ThomasYarmouth---
Neale WilliamYarmouth---
Neave BenjaminYarmouth---
Nelson PeterYarmouth---
Newson [Luson] Robert, Esq;Whetacre (Wheatacre) ,Clav.Jer. Day
Nichols WilliamYarmouthPhil. Rooks
Nicholson NathanielYarmouth---
Nicholson Nathan. jun.Yarmouth---
[Page 54]
Nightingale SamuelYarmouth---
Nobbs WilliamYarmouth---
Nolborough [Nalborow] JohnYarmouth---
Norfor John [Esq;]Yarmouth---
Norfor KendallYarmouth---
Norton ThomasYarmouth---
Norton WilliamYarmouth---
Orfeur JohnYarmouth---
Page WilliamYarmouth---
Paget SamuelYarmouthZech. Andrews
Palgrave WilliamYarmouth---
Palmer AmbroseYarmouth---
Palmer JohnYarmouth---
Palmer Nathaniel, [sen.]Yarmouth--- Fuller
Palmer Nathaniel, jun.Yarmouth---
Palmer William Danby [Denby]Yarmouth---
Parr WilliamYarmouth---
Parsons [Paston?] JohnYarmouthWidow Swallow
Phinn [Fenn] WalterYarmouth---
Pickers ThomasYarmouthWm. Browne
Pidgeon JohnYarmouth---
Pidgeon SimonYarmouth--- Linstead
Pitts ThomasYarmouth---
Plane JacobYarmouthWm. Stone
Playford JohnYarmouthThomas Evans
Playford SamuelYarmouth---
Plowman GeorgeYarmouthJames Dale
Plowman RobertYarmouthJohn Bromidge
Plummer WilliamYarmouth---
Pope JohnYarmouth--- Wright
Poynter [Pointer] RobertYarmouth---
Pretheroe [Pritheroe] SimonYarmouth---
Priestly Theoph[ilus].Yarmouth---
Ramey John, Esq;Yarmouth---
Ramey JosephYarmouth--- Woods
Ransome JosephYarmouth---
Rastall [Restall] ThomasYarmouth---
Ray LawrenceYarmouth---
Rayner [Ranney] WilliamYarmouthPhil. Pigge
Riches AbelYarmouth---
Riches GeorgeYarmouth---
Riches ThomasYarmouth---
Riddlesdale [Riddlesdell] JohnYarmouth---
Rivett JohnWortwell, Ears.Henry Payne
Robinson JohnPawling (Sea Palling), Hap.Jane Harrison
[Page 55]
Robkin PhilipYarmouth---
Robson JohnYarmouthHenry Browne
Russell HenryYarmouth---
Sadd William [DR=Norwich?]YarmouthWilliam Bateman
Salter JohnYarmouth--- Godfrey
Sandcroft [Sancroft] JamesNorth Burlingham, Blo.James Miles, jun.
Sarum [Searum] EdmundYarmouth---
Sayers ChristopherYarmouth---
Seagoe William [Richard]Yarmouth---
Seales Thomas [Francis]Yarmouth---
Shreeve HenryYarmouth---
Siely [Seely] JohnYarmouth---
Silvers JohnYarmouthSamuel Athow
Simmons [Seaman] SamuelYarmouth---
Sly JamesYarmouth--- Booth
Smith JamesYarmouth---
Smith JobYarmouth---
Smith JohnYarmouth---
Smith John, [sen.]Yarmouth---
Smith John, jun.Catfield, Hap.Martin Bubbin
Smith RobertYarmouth---
Smith RobertYarmouth---
Smith SimonYarmouth---
Smith WilliamYarmouth---
Smith WilliamYarmouth---
Sparshall JosephYarmouthEdward Fuller
Sparshall ThomasGreat Ellingham, Shrop.John King
Spelman [Spilman] Whales [Wales]Yarmouth--- Wright
Spence ThomasYarmouth--- Davidson, &c.
Spencer JohnYarmouth---
Spratt JamesYarmouth---
Springall JohnYarmouthW. Browne Williams
Spurgeon JohnYarmouth---
Steele SamuelYarmouth---
Stimpson PeterYarmouth---
Stone ThomasYarmouth---
Swinden HenryYarmouth---
Symonds JohnYarmouth---
Symonds NathanielYarmouth---
Taylor AnthonyYarmouth---
Taylor BraceyYarmouth---
Taylor JohnYarmouth---
Taylor JohnYarmouth---
Taylor WilliamYarmouth---
Thacker JamesYarmouth---
[Page 56]
Thurse [Thurst] RobertYarmouth---
Tolman [Tolver] SamuelYarmouthBracey Taylor
Tompson [Thompson] GeorgeYarmouthJonathan Scase
Tompson [Thompson] JamesYarmouthWilliam Ramey
Tompson [Thompson] JohnYarmouth---
Tompson Thomas, [jun.]Yarmouth---
Tremear [Tremere] WilliamYarmouth---
True WilliamYarmouth---
Tubby HenryYarmouth---
Turner Francis, [Cl.]Haddiscoe, Clav.John Ellet
Turner Francis, jun.YarmouthHis Father
Turner ThomasYarmouthWilliam Allen
Vout JohnYarmouthThomas Sewel
Urquhart David, Esq;Yarmouth---
Wakeman Giles, Esq;Yarmouth---
Ward HenryYarmouth--- Smith
Watts JohnErpingham, S. Erp.Charles Dack
Watson ThomasYarmouth---
Watson ThomasYarmouthPeter Stimpson
Weeds SamuelEast Ruston, Hap.John Weeds
Wells GeorgeYarmouth--- Browne
Wells JohnYarmouthMeadows Lane
Wells RobertYarmouth----
Wetherill [Weatherell] WilliamYarmouth---
Wheeler JohnYarmouth---
White Edward, Clerk.Yarmouth----
White RobertYarmouthRobert Harling
Whitesides JohnYarmouth--- Parsons
Wiley RichardYarmouth--- Peek
Wilkinson WilliamYarmouth---
Williams RobertYarmouth---
Williamson BellYarmouth---
Wilson JohnYarmouth---
Winn [Wynn] GeorgeYarmouth--- Symonds
Witton ThomasYarmouth---
Wollard [Woollard] WilliamYarmouth---
Woodbine WilliamThurlton, Clav.William Horne
Woodcock WilliamYarmouth--- Fuller
Woods JohnYarmouth---
Woods JohnYarmouth---
Woolmer RobertThrigby, E. FleggMartha Browne
Woolsey [Wolsey] SamuelYarmouth---
Worship WilliamYarmouth---
Worship William, jun.Yarmouth---
Wright CharlesYarmouthGeorge Cutmer
[Page 57]
Wright JohnYarmouthFrancis Bullock
Wright SamuelYarmouth---
Wright SamuelYarmouth---
Yates [Yeates] AndrewYarmouth---

Places with no voters

The following place :-
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place. Note that voters may still have lived there and voted because of a freehold held elsewhere.


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

East Flegg Hundred is followed in the Poll book by West Flegg Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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