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Poll for Grimshoe Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for Grimshoe Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

Grimshoe Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Buckenham Tofts
  (Buckenham Parva)
  or Feltwell St. Mary
  & Feltwell St. Nicholas
Hockwold cum Wilton
  (Hockwold & Wilton)
  or Santon House
Weeting with Broomhill
  or Weeting All Saints
West Tofts
  (inc. with Hockwold)

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Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 90]
Buckenham Tofts  
Fuller SamuelMundfordWm. Judd
Clarke ThomasMundfordEdmund Jacob
Dent PeterTottington, Way.Edmund Buswell
Feake [Feaks] RichardThetford, Shrop.John Reynolds
Atmore WilliamFeltwell---
Ayres [Eyres] JohnFeltwellJohn Herne
Clough Robert, Esq;Feltwell---
Eastgate CharlesFeltwell---
Eastgate JohnFeltwell---
Fuller [Fulcor] JohnFeltwell---
Fuller EdmundFeltwellWm. Eastgate
Grimmer Robert [from Hockwold?]Feltwell---
Grimmer [Grimwood] ThomasDownham, Clac.___ Ferra
Lancaster SamuelFeltwellThomas Lancaster
Pearson EdwardFeltwell---
Pearson FrancisFeltwell---
Pearson JohnFeltwell---
Pooley HenryFeltwell---
Pooley OsborneFeltwell---
Pooley RobertFeltwell---
Robinson JohnFeltwell---
Rolfe RichardFeltwell---
Russell ThomasFeltwell---
Spencer GeorgeFeltwell---
Stimson [Stimpson] JohnFeltwell---
Tokelove [Tokeley] WilliamFeltwellRobert Clarke
West ThomasFeltwell---
West ThomasFeltwellJohn Greene
West Thomas, jun.Feltwell---
[Page 91]
Whiteman AmbroseFeltwell---
Whiteman Ambrose jun.Feltwell---
Wright EdwardFeltwell---
Young ThomasMethwoldEdward Ewin
Young Thomas [*DR]FeltwellAnthony Killingworth
Hockwold with Wilton  
Adamson WilliamCrimplesham, Clac.--- Barham
Aggas StephenWilton---
Allison JohnWilton---
Ashley JohnHockwold & Wilton---
Clough Robert jun. Esq;FeltwellThomas Jacob
Curtis WilliamCarbrooke, Way.Daniel George
Denton John [DR=Stone Cagtoft]Feltwell---
Field WilliamHockwold & Wilton---
Field William jun.Wilton---
Fitt [Fell] JohnHockwold & Wilton---
Grimmer [Grimwood] RobertOld Buckenham, Shrop.Wm. Allday
James WilliamHockwold & Wilton---
Mack IsaacHockwold & Wilton---
Mandell RobertWilton---
Rolfe Joseph [DF=Feltwell]FeltwellJohn Rudland
Rudderham [Ruddram] JamesWilton---
Slipper JohnHockwold & Wilton---
Thornton GeorgeHockwold & Wilton---
Tompson [Thompson] ThomasHockwold & Wilton---
Walker ThomasHockwold & Wilton---
Walker Thomas, jun. [DR=Brandon]Hockwold---
Wolsey FrancisHockwold & Wilton---
High John [DR=Great Cressingham]Ickburgh---
Nelthorpe James, Esq;Lynford---
Boville [Basell] Philip [*DF]Methwold---
Brunton JohnMethwold---
Caney [Carey] John [*DR]FeltwellRobert Clarke
Capp GeorgeMethwold---
Clough --- Clerk [Rev. Mr.]MethwoldWidow Clarke
Cock [Cook] Abraham [DR=Hockwold]WeetingWilliam Cock
Constable JohnMethwold---
[Page 92]
Flatt JohnMethwold---
Flatt RobertMethwold---
Gordon AbrahamMethwold---
Gordon HenryMethwoldJoseph Mitchell
Greenacre ThomasMethwold---
Horne Christopher [*DF]FeltwellJames Horne
King Robert, jun.Methwold---
Newton JohnMethwold---
Patch WilliamMethwoldRobert Skill
Philips JohnMethwoldJohn Constable
Porter ThomasMethwold---
Rolfe RichardMethwold---
Rumball ThomasMethwold---
Scull RobertMethwold---
Young AlexanderMethwoldJohn Newton
Young RichardMethwoldThomas Young
Young ThomasMethwold---
Young WilliamMethwoldJohn Newton
Corke JohnMundford---
Judd WilliamMundford---
Spinks ThomasMundford---
Tuddenham JohnMundford---
Wright MatthewMundfordJohn Gore
Barsham [Basham] RobertStoke (Ferry), Clac.Henry Tingay
Beales [Bales] FrancisStoke (Ferry), Clac.Thomas Blowers
Bennet JosephNorthwold---
Brightwell WilliamDiss, DissThomas Bird
Carter JohnStradsett, Clac.--- Spinks
Crane ThomasNorthwold---
Dye JohnNorthwold---
Edwards JohnNorthwold---
Feltwell ThomasShouldham, Clac.--- Stannard
Greene William, Clerk [*DR]MethwoldVicarage
Harwood John [*DF]Northwold---
Ketteringham WilliamNorthwold---
Morley WilliamNorthwold---
Nurse JohnNorthwold---
Oram Richard, ClerkNorthwoldRectory
Payne RobertNorthwold---
Pitcher FrancisFoulden, S. Gr.John Reynolds
[Page 93]
Robinson [Roberson] WilliamNorthwold---
Sewell IsaacNorthwold---
Smith RichardNorthwold---
Smith RobertNorthwold---
Smith WilliamNorthwold---
Stead ThomasNorthwold---
Turner WilliamNorthwold---
Young RobertNorthwoldSamuel Rosier
Gore JohnAshill, Way.John Beloe
Weeting with Bromehill.  
Ashley JamesCockley Cley, S. Gr.--- Thompson
Fawkes [Folks] JohnWeeting---
Gore JohnWeeting---
Jacob FrancisWeeting---
Jacob Robert [*DR]WeetingThomas Jacob
Jacob ThomasWeeting---
Leech ValentineLittle Fransham, Laun.John Powley
Neale WilliamWeeting---
Sheffield RichardWeeting---
Willet AnthonyWeeting---
Willet JacobWeeting---

Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Stanford, Sturston and West Tofts
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place. Note that voters may still have lived there and voted because of a freehold held elsewhere.


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Grimshoe Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Guiltcross Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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