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Poll for Guiltcross Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for Guiltcross Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

Guiltcross Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.

Blo' Norton
  (Blow Norton)
East Harling
  (Harling East)
North Lopham
  (Lopham North)
  - Great and Little
South Lopham
  (Lopham South)
West Harling
  (Harling West)

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Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 93]
Barber WilliamCarleton (Rode), Dep.William Turner
Betts ChristopherBanhamJoseph Chapman
Betts JohnNew Buckenham, Shrop.Overseers of the Poor
Bidwell JamesBanham---
[Page 94]
Calver RobertBanham---
Chenery ThomasBanhamRobert Woods, &c.
Clarke JohnThetford, Shrop.William Talbot
Foster [Forster] JohnBanham---
Fuller JohnBanham---
Fuller RichardBanhamRobert Loveday
Gilbert RobertBanham---
Gooch JohnBanhamWidow Kiddle
Hunton [Hunting] ThomasBanham---
Kerrich John, Cl.BanhamRectory
Loveday [Lovedy] RobertBanham---
Mickleburgh Matt[hew].BanhamPhilip Watling
Phillips RobertKenninghallJohn Reeve
Phillips WilliamBanham---
Porret[t] JohnBanham---
Shearing [Shering] GeorgeBanham---
Steward WilliamBanham---
Syder ThomasBanham---
Watson HenryBanham---
Wells HenryBanham---
Witham RichardN(ew) Buckenham, Shrop.John Reynolds
Blo Norton  
Andrews ThomasBlo Norton---
Fordham JosephBlo Norton---
Fordham ThomasBlo Norton--- Hudson
Peck RobertBlo Norton---
Smith Francis [DR=Diss]Blo Norton---
Bate JohnGarboldisham---
Beart [Bert] ThomasBlo NortonJohn Clarke
Browne RobertNorth LophamRobert Carman
Coke [Cook] JohnNorth LophamRobert Boyce
Coleman GeorgeSouth LophamWilliam Leeder
Dove JohnBlo Norton---
Garner [Turner] PhilipGarboldisham---
Grice JamesThetford, Shrop.--- Howard
Harrold [Harrill] ThomasGarboldisham---
Hawes [Hawys] JamesGarboldisham---
Howes JohnGarboldisham---
Jermany [Germany] ThomasGarboldisham---
Molineux Crisp, Esq.GarboldishamJohn Oaks
Robinson William, Cl.GarboldishamRectory
Rudlock JohnGarboldisham---
[Page 95]
Scarley [Scerly] ThomasGarboldisham---
Taylor RobertGarboldishamGeorge Colman
Tillott LeonardGarboldisham---
Tucke IsaacGarboldisham---
Harling East.  
Adams CharlesEast HarlingJohn Darnham
Bransby JohnEast Harling---
Bunnet HenryEast Harling---
Bunnet RobertEast Harling---
Garnham JohnEast Harling---
Palmer JohnEast Harling---
Pridmore [Pridemore] ThomasEast Harling---
Woodcock CharlesEast Harling---
Barnham [Barham] WilliamKenninghall--- Huggins
Cock ThomasKenninghall--- Cramp, &c.
Dix CharlesKenninghall---
Foyster JohnKenninghall---
Green JohnKenninghall---
Knivett JohnFundenhall Dep.Robert Crane
Osborne GeorgeKenninghall---
Palmer John [*DF]North Lopham---
Pawlet[t] William, Esq;Lynn, Fr. L.Joseph Heard
Pilgrim JohnBridgham, Shrop.John Bream
Watson YullBurston, DissJohn Large
Wilthy ThomasKenninghallSarah Wilthy
Lopham North  
Beales [Bales] StephenNorth Lopham---
Carman RobertNorth Lopham---
Clarke JohnNorth Lopham---
Dickerson ThomasNorth Lopham---
Doe JamesNorth Lopham---
Gooch EdmundNorth LophamJames Hackford
Gooch JohnNorth Lopham---
Jarret [Garrett] ThomasGarboldisham---
Lovick [Lovack] JohnNorth Lopham---
Lovick RobertBressingham, Diss.John Smith
Rolfe WilliamBanhamJohn Betts
Slapp JohnNorth Lopham---
Wadkins ThomasNorth LophamJohn Kent
Wharton George [*DR]Garboldisham---
Womack RobertNorth Lopham---
[Page 96]
Worlidge [Wallege] RobertNorth Lopham---
Worlidge [Wollage] ThomasNorth Lopham---
Lopham South  
Cock WilliamSouth LophamRobert Flack
Coleman TimothySouth LophamRobert Dove
Drake ThomasSouth Lopham---
Huggins RobertSouth Lopham---
Mayhew NathanielSouth Lopham---
Merton [Murtin] SamuelNorth Lopham---
Outlaw RichardSouth Lopham---
Potter Amyas [Amis]South Lopham---
Pratt JohnSouth Lopham---
Collins JohnEccles, Shrop.---
Rushford with Snarehill  
Beck WilliamCawston, S. Erp.Christopher Savage
Buxton John, Esq;[DR=Shadwell]Tibenham, Dep.Mary Lincoln
Salter WilliamRockland All Saints, Shrop.John Munnings

Places with no voters

The following places :-
    Gasthorpe, Riddlesworth and West Harling
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place. Note that voters may still have lived there and voted because of a freehold held elsewhere.


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Guiltcross Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Happing Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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