Norfolk: Voting Registers


Poll for Smithdon Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for Smithdon Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

Smithdon Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


Bircham Newton
Bircham Tofts
Great Bircham
Great Ringstead

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 131]
Haslewood [Hazlewood] WilliamNorth Tuddenham. Mit.Robert Burroughs
Sinclair [St._Clair] EdmundLetheringsett, Holt.Henry Hagon
Bircham Great & Tofts.  
Bowne [Brown] Daniel, T.Hindringham, N. Gr.Widow Stokes
[Page 132]
Carr Anth[ony], Cl.Testerton, Gall.Rectory
Holland EdmundWiggenhall P. Fr, M.Thomas Beckwith
Miller RobertBircham---
Beeston EdwardBrancasterThomas Foster
Carter JohnBrancaster---
Clarke JohnBrancaster---
Griggs ThomasSalthouse, Holt.Richard Cock
Hendry StephenBrancaster---
Hendry WilliamBrancaster---
Liddeman ThomasDockingThomas Ward
Parr WilliamTitchwellNicholas Thistle
Simpson GregoryWereham, Clac.Robert Boyden
Bacon GeorgeDocking---
Bird JohnDockingMatthew Bullen
Bobbet [Bobbitt] RobertDocking---
Christian Humphrey, Cl.DockingJames Fish
Cooper John, [sen.]Docking---
Cooper John, jun.[-]East Dereham, Mit.Joseph Alcock
Curtis PhilipDocking---
Dolman JohnHunstantonJeffery Dolman
Drew NicholasDocking---
Fish JamesDockingFrancis Dunn
Makemead EdmundDocking---
Mason RobertBurnham Ulph, Broth.William Mayes
Pitcher WilliamDocking---
Rayner RobertDocking---
Rose WilliamDocking---
Sharpe PhillipLynn, Fr. L.Charles Crawley
Short TimothyDocking---
Simonds [Simmons] NicholasDocking---
Smith Carlos [Careless]Docking---
Sparham RobertDocking---
Spooner RobertDocking---
Bambridge [Banbridge] CuthbertHeacham---
Bradfield [Bradford] RobertBintry, Eyns.Samuel Coe
Browne JohnHeacham---
Burrel[l] EdmundSnettishamRichard Lewis
Cropley FairborneHeacham---
[Page 133]
Daniel WilliamHunstantonEdmund Neave
Dearns [Dearnes] ThomasHeacham---
England WilliamHeacham---
Hill FrancisHeacham---
Makemead WilliamHeacham---
Poynter [Pointer] BenjaminHeacham---
Rolfe Edmund, jun, Esq;Heacham---
Wilton ThomasHeacham---
Wilton WilliamHeacham---
Young AlexanderHeachamThomas Walker
Holme, next the Sea.  
Holley JohnDereham, Mit.Samuel Rash
Holley John, jun.Holme---
Renaud [Rennet] SamuelHolme---
Thurlow GilesHolme---
Beverley WilliamHunstanton---
Jarvis SamuelHunstanton---
Mason WilliamHunstanton---
Norman AbrahamHunstantonRice Stocking
Pickerell JohnRingsteadRobert Thurlow
Stocking RiceHempton, Gall.Thomas Walker
Tilney JohnHunstanton---
Bell BenjaminIngoldisthorpe---
Hoste Theodore [Theodorus], Esq;IngoldisthorpeThomas Hoste
Ransome RobertIngoldisthorpe---
Weatherhead Tho[mas]. Cl.[-]IngoldisthorpeRectory
Ringstead with Chosely.  
Crisp WilliamWeasenham, Laun.Francis Hall
Castleton Edward, Cl(erk).
[Castleton Clark?]
Styleman Armine, ClerkRingsteadRectory
Wilkin[s] JohnBircham ToftsThomas Smith
Dunham EdmundBurnham Ulph, Broth.John Read
Dunham Wacey [Wasey]Bagthorpe, Gall.Robert Haycock
Lawes [Laws] EdwardSedgeford---
Poynter [Pointer] ThomasSedgeford---
[Page 134]
Roythorne [Reythorn] ThomasSedgeford---
Alty [Allty] ThomasBurnham N. Broth.Jeremiah Mitchel
Bell ChristopherSnettishamRobert Gathercole
Cock ThomasSnettisham---
Curtis James [DF=Heacham]SnettishamWilliam Paston
Fayres [Fairs] ThomasSnettisham---
Franklin[g] RichardSnettisham---
Gould [Gold] GeorgeSnettishamJames Tuck
Gould [Gold] RobertSnettisham---
Manser EdwardSnettisham---
Miller JamesSnettisham---
Osborne ThomasSnettisham---
Pescod [Peascod] MichaelSnettisham---
Sapey [Sapy] ThomasSnettisham---
Styleman Nicholas, Esq;SnettishamRobert Scarfe
Tinkler JamesRingstead---
Willis ChristopherHeachamJoseph England
Woods William, [sen.]Snettisham---
Howard WilliamStanhoe---
Meek [Mack] WilliamGreat Ryburgh, Gall.Thomas Sayer
Smith WilliamStanhoeWilliam Plumb
Bell ClementThornhamJohn Parsons
Collison JohnThornhamHenry Benton
Franklin RichardWalsingham, N. Gr.William Loyal
Hall JohnThornham---
Large WilliamDockingWilliam Sporne
Mace MichaelWells, N. Gr.Laurence Rouse
Overton WilliamThornham---
Pattern [Patron] MichaelSouth Creake, Broth.Francis Hubbard
Rose JohnDockingJohn Makemead
Woodrow JohnHoughton (St. Giles), N. Gr.Mrs. Purdy
Dracott WilliamThornhamEdmund Clarke
Thistle NicholasTitchwell---

Places with no voters

The following place :-
had no one who lived there and voted because of a freehold in the same place. Note that voters may still have lived there and voted because of a freehold held elsewhere.


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Smithdon Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Taverham Hundred.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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